December 17, 2018

BLOGMAS // Things I Want To Do More Of In 2019.


It's still December, but everybody is already talking about setting goals for 2019, getting an early start and basically planning an approach for the new year. You guys know I'm all about self-improvement and being productive. However, I have yet to reach that level of commitment. I'm just sitting here making the most of what's left on 2018, relaxing, enjoying my summer and watching Christmas movies. 

Having said that, I can't help but wonder about the next year and the things that I would like to work on - even if I'm not ready to set specific goals yet. So,  in that spirit, I thought it would be cool to share here on the blog some of the things I want to do more of in 2019. These are just areas I want to work on during the next year, there's absolutely nothing set in stone - yet!

go to the beach // I live about 10 min away from the beach and I work about 50 steps away from the ocean - I counted once. However, I don't take full advantage of it. I hardly ever go for a swim or even for a light walk on the boardwalk. This is definetly something I'm planning on changing!   

exercise // In 2018, I got my health in order. I started eating better, I put together a workout routine that I love and followed it, I set weight loss goals and I even achieved some of them. However, exercising still feels like a chore to me. So, when I'm not up to it, I simply don't do it and that is something that needs to change. I don't have a plan yet, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. 

learn // This year I got my first real adult job. As you can imagine, I was so excited and full on commited to it. I tried my best to do the best work I could. However, being so fucsed at work made me neglect other areas of my life, like studying and learning new things. In 2019, I'm planning on applying for a masters program or doing some sort of post-graduate course.

travel // If you follow me on IG, you already know that I did quite a lot of traveling this year. I went to NY in February and I also went on 4 little weekend getways with my boyfriend. We visited a bunch of different cities in our own state and had a lot of fun together. However, I want to do more! I want to explore different places and see the world. 

internet stuff // 2018 was (still is, kinda) the year I really committed to my online presence. Before, I always saw blogging and my social media as a hobby - something I was interested in, but that would never be my full time job. In 2019, I want this to change. I want to take all this "internet stuff" seriously because it truly brings me so much joy. Working on my blog and being creative is when I'm the happiest! I don't know if this blog will ever evolve to something more, but I'm not ruling that out yet!

What do you want to do more of in 2019?

W H E R E  T O  F I N D  ME  

Thank so much for reading and come back soon!



December 10, 2018

BLOGMAS // Links I'm Loving - Christmas Edition.

It's been a while since my last Links I'm Loving, so I thought it would be cool to bring them back for blogmas. In today's post we have a little bit of everything. Don't we always? We're talking about blogger burnout, Christmas movies, writing and ethical shopping. Yes, I know.. there's a lot of stuff! Let's get right to it!

The Ultimate Christmas Movie List // I don't know about you guys, but I take Christmas movies very seriously. They're a crucial element of this season. I watch one almost every night leading up to Christmas, so I can never have too many. I found this list on Twitter, I believe. And as soon as I opened the link, I knew I had to share it here on the blog. If you're looking for new options, this link will give you 50! 

Blogger Burnout // If you're blogger attempting blogmas, you know all too well what blogger burnout feels like - specially if you've been on the blogging game for years and years. There comes a time when you feel like you've talked about all the topics in the world and there's nothing else interesting or creative in your brain to share. We all go through it! Maybe this link will help you out when the time comes. 

30 Day Writing Challenge // One of my goals this year was to write more - not only on the blog, but as way to express my creativity. Needless to say, I didn't do any creative writing this year. So, like every human being on this planet, I only decided to do something about this goal during the last month of the year! HA! Anyway, I found this challenge with 30 writing prompts. I thought it was cool. If you're trying to write more, maybe you'll find it helpful! 

6 Ethical Stores You'll Love As Much As Zara // So, I've been Christmas shopping these past few days and let me tell you something: it's hard to find ethical, low waste, interesting gift options online (and in stores too). I don't want to buy stuff just for the sake of giving something as gift. I want to buy smart items (or experiences) my friends and my family members will actually enjoy and use. So, while browsing online for ethical brands, I found this blogpost on Pinterest! I just had to share it. If you're trying to be more a more ethical shopper, you should definitely go check it out!

Do you have any cool links to share with us?

W H E R E  T O  F I N D  ME  

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December 8, 2018

BLOGMAS // The Ultimate Christmas Playlist.


I don't know about you guys, but once November rolls around I pull out my Christmas playlist. I know it might be early to some of you, but I can't happy. I just love listening to these songs on my way to work or at the gym, they make otherwise boring tasks more joyful and they just put me in a good mood - which, with everything that's been going on lately (you can read all about it here), has been hard to come by.

I don't mean to brag, but this playlist has been carefully curate to ensure maximum festive feelings to anyone that listens to it. As you might expect, there's a lot of Michael Bublé so don't say I didn't warn you. I'm also a big fan of the classics. I mean, they're considered classic for a reason, right?  

All I Want For Christmas - Whitney Duncan
Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes
Jingle Bells - Michael Bublé feat. The Puppini Sisters
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Michael Bublé
Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Bublé
Winter Wonderland - Michael Bublé
Underneath The Tree - Kelly Clarkson 
Please Come Home For Christmas - Kelly Clarkson
My Favorite Things - Kelly Clarkson
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams
Last Christmas - Wham!
Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande
Jingle Bell Rock - Daryl Hall & John Oates 
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
Bring Me Love - John Legend

That's it for today, guys! Let me know on the comments if I missed any of your favorites. When it comes to Christmas songs, the more the better, right? If you'd like to check out last year's playlist, you can click right here! There are a couple of repeats, but I tried really hard to branch out and included some new songs this year!

What's your favorite Christmas song?

W H E R E  T O  F I N D  ME  

Thank so much for reading and come back soon!