March 30, 2014

Blogging is hard

I have to admit that before I started doing it myself I used to think blogging was something easy, fun and fast. I couldn't believe when all these famous bloggers said: I'm sorry for the lack of posting, I had a busy week. When I read this I immediatly thought : Seriously, how hard it is to do a blog post with 2 or 3 pictures about the cool things in your life ? 

And now I'm here to say: It is very hard. Because is not a matter of just sitting on your chair and writting something and then getting some cute pictures from your computer (well, you can do that, but I don't think a lot of people would enjoy it !). I would say that the difficult part is creating content. 

Creating content is not just taking pictures of your nails and outfits and posting them straight from your iPhone. Ooooh, no ! You have to do a lot of things before posting. Just on the top of my head I can think of a lot of steps before publishing. Choose what you want to blog about, creat the content, take the pictures, choose the pictures, edit the pictures (the part the I most struggle with), write the post, promote the post and hope that people out there like it. 

Sometimes after you did all of those things and went through all of that work, you even find some people that don't have anything better to do than to leave hate comments on your page. Let me tell you, is not easy ! 

I know that the way I'm putting it in this post it looks like blogging is harder than curing cancer. I'm not saying that, I'm just saying that it's harder than I thought it would be, but it's also a lot cooler. I'm really liking it so far ! 

So, to make this post a little more positive I've put together a couple of the blogging tips that I learned in the short time that I've been doing this and you if you know any other tips or tricks for new bloggers (like me, for example) please share it on the comments, they will be very much appreciated. 

#1) Editing. 
Before you freak out about not knowing how to use photoshop and thinking you are a useless person, try these alternatives and tell me what you think about them. 

Photoscape : this is a picture editing program and it's way way way easier to use than photoshop. You can do all sorts of collages, cut pictures in the way you want, add texts and all that jazz. To start using it all you have to do is download the programe here (for free) and install it in your computer. As I said, super easy ! 

PicMonkey: this one is a photo editig website, so you don't have to download anything. You just go on their website and have fun creating collages (that's why I use it), adding filters and everything else. I saw yesterday this very cute post on 21 Rosemary Lane about creating new things on PicMonkey, you can check it out here.

Fotor: just like that last one, this is an online editing website and it also looks a lot like PicMonkey. I think you should just try both of them and pick one that you feel more comfortable using, because if you get serious about blogging you are going to be using this a lot. 

Pixlr: to be completely honest I don't really like this one. But I did some research and some people were saying very cool things about it. I think (more like, I'm sure) that I'm the problem, I just can't get it to work, if you can please let know. But to explain a little about the website, to me it looks like a online photoshop and it is really useful if you need to do some blogging when you are away from your own notebook. 

#2) Social Media Icons: these little guys kicked my ass yesterday. I stayed the whole day in the computer just trying to make this little things to work. If you don't know, they are the pink icons on the right that have the pinterest, intagram and facebook logos and if you click on them they will send you right to my pages. They're not essential but they do give a nice touch to your blog. 
So, I didn't make them, I got them for free on this amazing blog called Every Little Polish, the owner of the blog made them available (watercolor and geometrical) to everyone for free (talk about being nice) and she even put a tutorial on how to install them. Although her tutorial was very good and helpul I found an easier code to put them already side by side, just like you can see on my page. You can follow the steps here on this blog and it is super easy. 
All you are going to need a website to give you the URL to your image, like Imageshack

#3) Side bar : if you are using Blogger like I am and you get very annoyed with that side bar, I found in another blog a very quick way of changing the color of that. Is not so easy like the other changes that I said before, but if you have patience (something that I don't have a lot of) and take your time it is not impossible. 

So guys, those are the tricks that I learned so far (you can see that I did my reaserch in many different blogs). It's not a lot, but they are the ones that I tried and worked for me. Again, if you have any other please let me know, as a new blogger I really do appreciate it. 

Thnaks for reading and I hope to see you on my next post. 


  1. hey this is ssooo helpful! I have just started out my blog and this is going to help so much! I would love it if you could give me any more tips? my blog is
    thank you so much x

    1. Hiiii,
      I'm really glad I could help and that you enjoyed the post. Wish you all the best in your new blog ! And I will do soon a new post on blogging tips as keep learning more !
      Have a great day !