March 5, 2014

Learning Apps !

When my boyfriend first told me about the possibility of him moving to China, after I stopped hyperventilating, questioning why God was doing this to me and googling everything about Shanghai, I started downloading apps to learn Mandarin. Not that I think that I can learn the most difficult language in the world (in my humble opinion) using an app, but I thought : heey, why not check it out ! - And that's problably what goes in my mind everytime I hear about something new. 

So there I was 2 in the morning on my couch downloading apps from my kindle App Store. All I did was type in "language learning apps" and choose from the huge variety they have. So, from my personal experience I think you can find some really good apps for learning new languages.

Of course you will need to pair it with some other things, like musics, movies and books but if you want to learn it and you don't feel like going to classes or you just don't have the money right now and you already invested on a Kindle or an Ipad or another electronic device of some sort, I think they are a good alternative. 

So, on with the apps ! Aaaah, and just something you should keep in mind, they are all FREE, I don't know why but I just cannot pay for apps. 
  •  Duolingo : The first person who recommend this for me was my ohsomodernandtechnological dad. And although I was very skeptical about it at first, the app is actually very cool. It's just like playing a game, you can keep scores, you need to pass the levels to unlock the next one, you can share it with your friends on facebook and everything. It is very easy to use, I mean my mom could figure it out alone and the woman needed a team to learn how to use an iPhone. You can also use it directely on their website : This on is by far my most used one, and I use it mostly to keep the french alive in my brain. 
  • Babbel : This one has a very similiar approach to Duolingo. There is not much left to say other than you should try both and see the best one for you. You can download the app or just go in their website either  :
  • China Finance : Now this one is totally direted to people that need the language to work. It teachs you the currencies, numbers, countries and more. It's extremely ease to use and even if you don't want the chinese to work you can still enjoy it, because as I said before they have the numbers and etc.. 
  • iTunes UNow this one I didn't get it from kindle of course and is not just targeted to learning languages but is still very awesome. I'm gonna try to explain it but I don't promise anything because I think it is very complex. To begin you can go in their catalog and choose some classes and papers and download it in your iPad (if you have one and you want to try this app I suggest it because it has a lot of different features that are better to use in a bigger device) and start the studying. They have some big name universities like Harvard and Oxford. And the best part I think is that is free and you have access to lectures and material that people out there are paying a lot of money to get.  

Another thing that I wanted to mention is a book that I got, again for free on kindle and I think is very useful. I don't know if you can find it in other places but I stumbled across it on the kindle store and thought I give it a go. I think the name says it all : " How to speak german in 90 days " by Kevin Marx. The book gives you a different lesson everyday and I'm finding it very helpful.

So, I hope this helps anyone that is trying to learn new languages or just trying to use their iPhones, iPads and kindles to other things ohter than instagram, facebook and twitter. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very avid user of all of those, besides twitter (nothing against it, just not for me). 

And also if you have any suggestions on other apps I would love to hear !   

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive day (blogging is productive right ?? right ?? I would like to think so.)

                                                                          Michele Mattos 

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