March 22, 2014

Loosely translated

When I decided that I was going to write a blog, one of the many questions that came to my mind was : In what language ? Now, to make things clear, I'm a brazilian, who studied english and traveled to the USA her whole life, who lived in France for 6 months and who has a spanish boyfriend with whom she speaks english (and sometimes portuguese) with. That's a mess ! 

Since I decided to make my blog public, one of the things that was holding me back from sharing it with my friends and family was the fact that it's in english (so silly, right ?). So, I thought it would be best to talk about why I chose to do it like this before people start to think that I hate my country and that I desperately want to live in the USA (I woould live there, but I'm also very grateful for my country and for all my friends and family that live close to me here). 

So, if you are interested, here are my reasons : 

1) Share. I wanted this to be something that I could share with everybody and if I wrote it in portuguese the number of people who would be able to read this would decrease, a lot. And also, my boyfriend would have to put an increadible amount effort into reading this, and given that, after me, he's one of the most excited people about the blog, it just wouldn't be fair. 

2) Connect. One of the main reasons I think that anyone starts to write a blog is to connect with other people, to send a message out there and hope that someone is listening, actually reading. And although I would very much like to speak more than 4 languages, and to also be able to write in all of those languages, I can only do that in english and portuguese. Also, I suppose that in the world there are more people who speak english. 

3) Practice. Being a student of International Relations I need to speak english, it is not an option, it's almost like an obligation. Blogging about my life sounded like a good idea to practice and to keep the language alive in brain. Aaaah, and if I'm making any mistakes throughout the blog, please let me know on the coments. 

4) Like. The majority of things that I like and that I want to share with the world are in english. Like books, movies, songs, youtube videos, apps and even traveling information is easier to find in english. 

I think these are all the reasons (right now I can't think of any others).

I hope everyone is having a great day and thank you so much for taking time of your day to read my blog. 

Just one more thing, please share your thoughts on the coments. I really want to know everyone's opinion about the blog. 

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