April 2, 2014

Studying tips for college !

As the end of my college life approches and the pile of work that I have to do increaseas by the second (seriously, I start writing a paper and 3 seconds of writing makes me remember more 10 things that I still have to do for the end of the week) I decided to put together some tips that I learned over this 4-year-journey.

Just to you a little more information about myself, my major is in International Relations so the advice that I'm gonna be sharing here is good for people who have a lot of reading, writting and analysing to do. If you are a Physics or Chemistry major, I don't think I can help you a lot (the only math I can do these days is taking 70% off the sales rack) but I think this post may still be helpful to you if you're a big procastinator like.

So, if you feel like reading the advices of a big procastinator who truly learned from her mistakes, here they are: 

#1) STOP PROCRASTINATING: I know that it's extremely hard to make yourself start a work on monday when the deadline is actually on friday. But accompany me in this thought: Let's say that you keep postponing the work you have to do until wednesday because on monday you just didn't feel like doing and on tuesday all your friends are going out to a bar, so you wake up on wednesday and go to class feeling very productive and thinking that this afternoon you're getting things done (does it look like I'm talking from personal experience ?), and then your lovely teacher, that has set his life's mission into destroying you, decides to ask for an essay of 5 pages about a book that you should have read 2 weeks ago and the best part is, this deadline is also on friday. So to finish this tale of my life, I was screwed

And the lesson that you should learn here is that you can't predict the future. Things come up, maybe a party, maybe more work, maybe an emergency, you never know. And also, the only bad thing that can come from doing your work earlier is more free time in the future. 

#2) One thing at a time: Sometimes when you have two tests on the some day or three papers to write in one week it's difficult to focus on one at a time. You feel like you can multitask or when you're studying one thing you are constantly thinking about the other subject. To solve this problem I think the best thing is to put away anything that isn't related to the subject that you're studying at the moment, that way you are not constantly checking out all the pile of things that you still need to go throw. 

#3) Take breaks: Usually when I have a big test I shut everything down and only concentrate in the books, but after a few hours my head starts to hurt and my eyes start to get tired from all the reading and nothing makes sense anymore. So, to avoid all of that I think you get better results when you take little (I said LITTLE.) breaks maybe every hour just so that your mind feels refreshed and you an focus better. 

#4) Work out: Ok, now you may think that I'm crazy ! Who has time to work out before an exam ? Well, you ! Trust me on this one, working out is not a waste of time. It will actually give you more energy and all those endorphins will get you more motivated to keep studying. Also, is a good way to take a break without feeling guilty. 

#5) Keep technology away: For me, that's almost impossible. Since I have a lot reading to do I usually download the books that I need to read in pdf, put them on the kindle and get myself comfortable to start the fun. And then, since I have the kindle right there in my hands, 5 minutes on Pinterest can't hurt, right ?  Trust me, they can ! At least for me, 5 minutes turns to one hour of looking at traveling pictures and making new boards (by the way, you should follow me on Pinterest !). So, to avoid all of this guilt feeling try to put your phone in a drawer or keep it inside your purse. And, if you're like me and need the technology to study, just don't download the app on your device of choice. 

#6) Find a quite place: I don't know about you, but I study better when there's no one talking around me and just no noise in general. In this case I would suggest just going to the librabry of your school, but sometimes that's not an option. I've been facing this problem lately, and if you have too, I've got you coverd. Since in my house, my family prefers the screaming form of communication instead of speaking, there is a lot of noise in this household (yes, I live with my parents.) So, cancel that noise you can: 

  • turn on the fan, airconditioner or heater: I don't know, but sometimes the sound of these things helps me concentrate. 
  • put on canceling noise headphones or just get those spongy things they give you on plains. 
  • listen to music : I would suggest classical music or those musics that you have on videogames, I read somewhere (maybe on 9gag.) that it's made to help you concentrate, and it really helps (at least for me). 

#7) Make a to do list: I've read once an article that said that when you right things down you increase a lot the chances of actually doing it. I don't know if that's true, but at least will help you keep track of all your work. 

#8) Don't get crazy with the food: Am I the only one who studies better with a KitKat or a Kinder Bueno by my side ? But the consequences come after, and trust me, girl, you do not those extra calories on a day that you'll spend the majority of the time sitting down. 

So, I hope tihs helps all my college students out there !
Have a good week and stay in school !  


  1. I have nominated you for the very inspiring award! Check it out below! :)

    1. Hii Jackie !
      Thank you so much, I'm really happy about it ! Unfortunately I don't know a lot a about it, if you could give me more information it would really help.
      Thanks again for nominating me and for reading the blog.
      ps: you blog is super cuteeeee.

  2. These are really good tips! We just started a post-college lifestyle blog and this post totally fits into the stuff we like! Keep up the good work!