April 25, 2014

How to : More with Less (tips on saving money).

In my previous blog post I did a small observation that my boyfriend is not very stylish and his answer was : I don't have money, if I had I would be more stylish.. And my response was : Do you think I am rich ? 

So I'm here today to give you guys a few tips on how to get the most out of your money. But one very important thing to keep in mind is that I'm not saying you shouldn't buy expensive things, I'm just saying that if you're going throug a period of thinner cows there are some things that you can do that might help. 

Another thing is that of course a Chanel bag is going to last longer than a Forever21 bag, that's why they cost that much money (also because of status and all those rich things) and some people might even call them an investiment (not me). So if you're buying very cheap clothes, don't expect outstanding quality, sometimes you can cheat the system and get some quality items.

Shopping for Makeup ?

> Look for dupes : Youtube is full of videos of dupes. If you are not addicted to youtube like me and are not familiar with that concept, it's basically a video where youtuber's find lipsticks, eyeshadows or blushes similiar (sometimes an exact match) to high end products for less of the price. So if you don't have the money and really want a that color of lipstick do you really need it from MAC or Tarte ? Maybe you go with the Revlon and be just as satisfied. I mean, I get why people want the high end but sometimes we just can't afford it at the moment. 

Some of my favorites are from Emily Noel's channel called Beauty Broadcast, here is one of her newest video on dupes. 

> Coupons : If you live in a country where couponing is an option, go for it. Here in Brazil this not as popular as in USA, trust me after watching Extreme Couponing I tried.

Shopping for Clothes ?

> Shop Online : In my case this is the best option because clothes get very expensive here, so I opt for buying my staples like plain shirts or cardigas online. I didn't do a lot of exploring online yet. I bought from AliExpress and it worked so I kept going with it. But I know a few from reviews on youtube and online that you can try, I just can't give my opinion on them yet. Also online you can find more deals and discount codes. 

But if you're like me and just enjoys browsing around in the stores and feeling the clothes in your hands (aaaah shopping just puts a smile on my face !) this may not be a good tip. If that's your case, limit your shopping trips to times where there are sales going on.

> Ebates : Now this one I don't really know how it works but my dad always says how much cash back he got with ebates to I thought I would mention if anyone is brave enough to try it. 

> Sell your old clothes : If you sell the old you get money to buy the new. It's simple as that. I know everybody has that dress that they never wore and is just sitting on your closet colecting dust. So do your good action of the day and give it a good home so it can be loved again. A good website to do it is Ebay, and here is an article to help you out. 

Shopping for Books ?

> Amazon : For me they always have the cheapest price and you can find everything. 

> Audible : Everybody in the internet seems to be giving away one audible book for free so you can try it. I think that if you use their link they get a small comission, but that's good thing because you get your free book and help someone out. 

I hope the post was helpful for you and if you have more tips please remember to share the love. 

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