April 26, 2014

Let's cross over : Monaco.

Being the teenager that I am, I was expecting to find myself inside the movie "Monte Carlo" along with Selena Gomez. BIG LET DOWN.

I went to Monaco while I was living in the South of Frace. Since I was in Nice, Monaco was only a bus ride (40 min) away. Because it was so close, me and boyfriend went there two times and I had a friend who went there almost evey week. 

A lot of people don't know that Monaco is not a city, it's actually a principality  governed under a form of constitutional monarchy (thank you, Wikipedia.). So they have a Royal Family and the princess is brazilian, or her mom is brazilian I don't know the details but there's some brazilian blood there so, GO BRAZIL ! 

Now let's talk about what you want to know. Monaco is actually quite big, incredibly organized and clean. All the people look rich and sophisticated and I believe I didn't see anyone living on the streets and coming from Rio de Janeiro that really caught my eye. 

But on the other side it kinda disappointed me, it's a little bit boring. There is not a lot of things to do, everything is expensive (orange juice for 7 euros ? No, thank you !) and we did a lot of walking (I'm not a big fan of walking.). 

In my opinion the highlights are: the casino, the castle and the stores.

You might have noticed in the pictures that I'm not looking towards the camera. That's because it's strictly forbidden to take pictures inside the casino. So being the ninja that I am, I managed to get some stolen pictures from the inside, wich as you can see is absolutely beautiful. Having that said, the casino is not very exciting, there are a lot of old man playing for hours and hours and they have a lot of rules (although in my last trip I saw some pretty cute french guys) and VIP rooms. 

Anyway, the place is beautiful and if you have fortune to gamble they seem to have all the apparatus required. But don't go expecting a Las Vegas environment. 

Saying that I was happy about the expensive stores makes it look like I have money to spend there. I didn't even have money for the McDonald's (we brought our own lunch to do a picnic.). 

Anyway I just really loved seing all that richness around me and those women shopping with their dogs inside the store (lovely !). 

I only went to the Castle on our second trip to Monaco, problably because it required a lot of walking as I said before. But it's the one place I really recommend going. For normal people the walking is problably not that intense and the view is amazing. From there you go down through the other side as you pass through a beautiful church (where you can make Monaco coins as a souvenir -just like the ones in Disney- for 2 euros) and you get to walk along the lovely streets with little cafes and stores.

There you can also see the royal guards and the old weapons, as you can see in the pictures where my boyfriend is acting like a little adorable kid. 

My advice if you are planning a trip to Monaco are : 

  • If you're not rich, bring your lunch !
  • Get ready to walk. 
  • No need to spend more than one day. 
  • Only go there if you're already exploring the south of France. It's a lovely place, but it's not worthy going France only to see Monaco.


 I really hope you enjoyed this little post about another destiny and if you're planning your trip hopefully this was helpful !

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