April 18, 2014

The perks of having a Kindle

I first talked about my kindle in my post about Learning Apps. But, I don't use it only for studying. I take it everywhere with me, college, bathroom, banks, barbacues that I didn't want to go in the first place and travels, this amazing device has been to every single city I've ever been to. 

This problably happens because of my passion for reading. And for those of you who don't know what a Kindle is, it's a reading device (e-reader) designed and powered by Amazon, wich you can use for almost everything . It's AWESOME ! 

As I said, I bought it primaly for reading. I was spending way too much money buying books and all my shelfs were already full. So I decided to give it a go and I never looked back. It's just so simple and easy to use, when you want to buy a new book you just go in the Amazon Store and chose everything your heart desires. And Amazon even makes it easier for you to shop because they separate the books by categories of course, and also by Best Sellers, Recommend to You and everything. 

Another great thing about it is the huge selection of books available for free and I love me some free stuff (who doesn't, right ?). When I don't have anything to do I just go in the Store, chose a category (usually Romance) and use the filter Price: Low to High and download a lot of free books, I don't actually read all of them, but it's just a fun thing to do. Some of my favorite free titles are: "Game, Set, Match" by Nana Malone, "Untouched" by Melody Grace and "Lucky Charm" by Marie Astor. 

Now, besides the books you can also download a bounch of apps. Like games, facebook, pinterest, news apps and all, just like in your iPhone or iPad, although I think the selection is smaller. 

And talking about iPad, when I decided I wanted to buy a device like this I was in doubt between these two and also the Nook, wich is the e-reader from Barnes and Nobles. I settled in the Kindle because I thought it was easier to use, it had more things to offer because you get access to the Amazon Store (you can use the Amazon Store in your computer too, but in the Kindle it just makes things more simple) and also because I wanted it mostly to read, not only the books that I buy in the store but also the ones that I download online. And it's cheaper than an Ipad. 

The model that I have is the Kindle Fire and when I bought it, it was about $ 100 (with a huge discount that my dad had no BestBuy), but you can check all the models they have and the price on Amazon, or if you are interested in checking out the KindleFire, you can do so here. I wanted that one because it was touchscreen, it has the colorful display (I don't like the ones that are like paper) and it's light (It's not the lightest one, but it's ok). The only bad thing is that it doesn't come with the charger, only with the USB cable that you can plug in everywhere, I just use my dad's iPad charger or my computer and it's not a big deal. 

All in all, I'm really happy and satisfied with my Kindle and if you're looking for an e-reader I would definately recommend checking it out. 
If you have a Kindle or another e-reader, please leave your opinions on the comments, I love to read them. 

And if you found this review helpful share it and please let me know as well ! 

Thanks so much for reading !

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