May 13, 2014

Stay Positive.

Recently I've not been very motivated to blog. Not a particular reason, just a bounch of things started happening together and I totally lost my drive. 

And since I started blogging mostly to share my interests and to help people that are going through the same things as moi, today I decided to share some words of wisdom that I acquired this week. 

First of all, I got a ridicously low grade in a test. The part that made me extremely angry was that I actually studied for the test and since I desperatly want to finish school earlier it's not very good news. 

As you can imagined it completly ruined my day and I stopped on the way home to buy quite a lot of kitkat bars. But as I was getting home I started to think: Getting fat is not going to get me a better grade, it's not going to help me get a better one in the future and being sad and spending the rest of my day watching Mean Girls is not going to help either.

So I decided to be proactive. I know that it's hard to do things when you're down but you just have to put it in perspective. I ate one kitkat bar (I'm only human), went to the gym, finished an essay that was killing me to write, sent it to the teacher and finished the day watching Mean Girls before sleep.

At the end of the day I did everything I had to do and still did the things that I wanted to do. And I was feeling pretty good about myself at the end of the day. On the other side if I had just stayed in the bed that whole day eating and watching movies I would just hate myself in the morning. 

Following the bad karma, my car broke down and I had to go to school by bus, which wouldn't be a big deal for most people but my university is in a different city and it takes me 2 hours to get there by bus. 

Although I hated every single minute I spent in that bus and kept thinking that I would already be there if I were in my car I decided to think positive. I could waste this 2 hours angry and it would ruin my whole day as well, or I could get this 2 hours and do something productive.

That's when I decided to get my reading done, and actually did an amazing progress in my studies with four more hours a day to read. 

Those are only two things that happend this week that completly brought me down. I know that there's people starving in Africa and people with real problems, but that's a way that I found to explain why I spent so much time way from the blog and not just blabber about my problems.

I hope this made you think about a way of turning around a bad situation. If you have any advice please share it in the comments and also if you have any questions and want to ask for personnal advice in something that you're going through you can always send me an email or a personnal message. I'll be happy to help. 

I promise I'm not giving up on blogging. 

Thank you so much for reading.

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