June 30, 2014

Book Talk: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy.

Words cannot express how much I love these books. Seriously. I LOVE THEM !
Now that I got that out there, let's start by telling you a little bit about the story. 

It revolves around two families that go to a beach house every year to spend the summer together. The main character, Isabel or Belly, always had a crush on Conrad (son of her mom's best friend) but it was never corresponded. But this summer things seem to change and she starts to get the attention of not only him but his brother Jeremiah and other boys as well.

As you read it you're gonna find yourself lost in that world that the author created and in the end I was wishing Cousin's Beach really existed so I could get me a house there and visit it every summer.

And even though it's a teenage love story it's not at all predictable or boring. The author always got me by surprise. So many things happen that you would never imagine as you get to follow the characters grow and mature into different people.

The first book of the trilogy is obviously, The Summer I Turned Pretty (I love this name). The second is It's Not Summer Without You and the third one, We'll Always Have Summer

I highly recommend reading these books. Jenny Han has an incredible way of writing that makes you addicted and you just can't get enough. She also does an amazing job at keeping the books together, I mean, they have continuity and you can't talk about them separately.

Also I did some research and it looks like they're turning the books into a tv series and I CAN'T WAIT for it to come out!  

I suggest you go buy them now and start reading. 

I hope this review was helpful and that if you didn't know this trilogy before you got inspired to start reading. 

And if you have any book recommendations or thoughts about this books please share it the comments below.. I really like talking to the people that read my blog and I'm always looking for good books to read. 

Hope everybody is having an amazing day and see you on the next post.

Byeee ! 

June 29, 2014

Back in Shape.

As soon as my boyfriend sent me his flight confirmation to come see me in July I started to think (after a lot of tears of joy) : I NEED TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT. 

And although he's a perfect gentleman and always says that I look incredible (Thank God for Skype !) I'm a girl and being self conscious about my body is in my DNA.

Since I start a new diet every 2 days and can't keep the motivation alive I decided to do a commitment with myself and with all the internet in this blog. Even if only a very tiny amount of the internet actually reads it.

So if you're one of the very smart and amazing people that read my blog and also wants to loose some weight, I invite you to do this with me so we have each other for support and just because it'll be fun (I hope so !).

To cut down to the interesting part I'm gonna share today the things that I'm changing in my diet, in my life, in my attitude and also some new things that I never did before but I did some Google research.

I also believe that you should start reading this knowing that this are only some tips from a girl with a lot of free time and an internet. I'm not a doctor and probably shouldn't be giving health advice, but these are just things that work for me and that help me to be more healthy and loose a couple of pounds. If you have more serious problems and want to loose more weight you should definitely see a doctor.


I know that there are some incredible people that can work out without a gym, but it doesn't work like that for me. I need some very strong motivation to stop watching Pretty Little Liars and just go work out. And in that case the motivation for me is that I don't want to waste my money paying for a very expensive gym and not use it. 

Also, if you don't have the money to expend in a gym, you don't have too, there are a lot of ways you can work out without it. One of my favorites is this channel on Youtube called Blogilates and that girl is AMAZING, if you're not in the mood to work out, she's gonna put you in the mood.  

2. No more Fat Food

This one is just using your good sense to determine what are fat foods. For me it applies specifically to chocolate. I just need some chocolate after my meals, when I don't eat I don't feel complete. 

So as a solution I started buying some cereal or protein bar in chocolate flavors, I know that they are not the best for your health but it I think it's better that eating enormous amounts of chocolate everyday.. because when I start I can't stop. 

Just don't forget to read the nutritional information, because I already bought some "protein bars" that didn't have protein in it.

3. Chia Seeds

I have to admit that since I discovered them, I got a little bit obsessed. I just put them in everything because they don't have a particular taste and are also very good for you. 

Among the many benefits for your health, that I'm sure you can find with a little Google research, they are very high in fiber (which is great for your digestive system and also keeps you feeling full for a long time, making you eat less), they combat diabetes, they're high in Omega-3 and are great for your heart. If you are not sold, I don't know what else to tell you. 

I usually put them on salads, mix them with yogurt in the morning or blend them with some fruit for a quick smoothie. If you guys want some recipes, let me know and I'll be glad to share. 

4. Make your own food 

Unfortunately for me, a lot of specialists say that to loose weight the main focus needs to be on changing your diet. So along with the No more Fat Food rule, I'm starting to get very interested in cooking. 

I feel like if I'm the one doing my meals I know exactly what I'm eating, I avoid eating out (which saves me not only calories but also money) and I try to be as healthier as I can. 

To motivate me I also started to go to the supermarket with my mom, that way I know what we have in the house and I also control my mom on the candy aisle. 

5. Motivate people around you

This is really helping me out and that's also why I'm writing this post, because I not only help myself but others. I started this new journey with a couple friends of mine and we just get ourselves motivated to work out, go together to the gym or tell ourselves to skip desert when we eat out. 

I strongly think that loosing weight should be your decision and you shouldn't let people's opinions bother you, but sharing a healthy lifestyle it be bad, right ? 

6. Keep track of your weight, IN A HEALTHY WAY. 

Don't obsess about it ! Just keep track or maybe weight yourself every week or every two weeks. 

In my case I do it every monday, this way I know if what I'm doing is working and I can just change things up if I don't see any progress or keep up the good work and be reward myself with a trip to the mall. 

7. Use internet as motivation, not distraction 

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr.. I think you know what I'm talking about. I follow a big number of motivational accounts in all of these social medias and they really help. They give you tips, quotes, recipes, before and after pictures, it all counts if it gets your lazy ass of the couch and on a treadmill. 

I hope this was helpful for some of you in some way. 

Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it. 

And as always leave anything you heart desires to share in the comments below. 

See you on the next one ! ;) 

Forever 21 Haul.

I know I stayed a long time away from the blog and probably nobody missed but I really missed blogging. 

I don't have a particular reason for being gone, I just got really caught up with school and my sister's weeding is coming up in less than a month and I don't even have my dress. So if anyone has any recommendations for online stores, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ! 

But anyway, I decided to come back to the blog with something that everybody enjoys, a Forever 21 haul. If you don't like cheap, cute, awesome clothes, I don't know what kind of person you are. 

I'm also very excited to do this because I finally have a Forever 21 in my city. Before that I could only shop there online or when I traveled, so having it close by it's definitely a plus. 

So I hope you enjoy it and let's go ! 

1. Amazing Kimono.

I LOVE KIMONOS. They are just so stylish, easy to wear and make almost every simple outfit look fashionable. 

I was in a haunt for one because here where I live they're not very popular and it's a little hard to find. So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on this. 

I know this store is not famous for the quality but it does look and feel very well made and it was particularly cheap, like 15 or 20 dollars if you make the conversion. 

2. Adorable T-shirt. 

I know there is nothing fancy or amazing about this shirt. But, first of all, I really wanted a shirt with the sleeves rolled up like this and the color is just awesome, like light neon pink. 

Aaaaand, it looks perfect with the next item. 

3. Necklace. 

I mostly got it because it went perfectly with the shirt and I really liked it and it was cheap. That's all !

4. Knee High Socks.

I'm not quite sure how to use them but for now I'm using for sleep because they keep my feet very warm and just look cute with most of my pajamas. 

5. Floral Goodness.

At the store I thought this looked super cute, but as soon as I wore it to speak with my boyfriend on Skype I changed my mind. If I recall it he said it looked like something his mom had, so my opinion about this shirt is not yet formed. But, I'm gonna keep it anyway. 

I really loved the lace detail. 

6. Another T-shirt. 

I got sucked in by this one again because of the shape. The print is not so bad either.. And it's so versatile, you can pair it with colored jeans and a leather jacket. That's pretty much my go to outfit when I don't feel like thinking about what to wear.  

This is my haul for you guys today and I hope you got some different ideas or maybe a little inspiration to go shopping. 

Thanks so much for reading ! 


June 28, 2014

Book Talk: The Selection Series.

I previously talked about these books at a post about My Current Addictions a couple of months ago but I didn't get into much detail about the story and everything.  

For those of you who don't know this trilogy I'm gonna try to talk a little bit about it without giving any spoilers. 

So, just like everything else that I read, it's a dystopian novel about a future society which lives where it was once the United States. In this society, they are ruled by a monarchy that holds some sort of reality show/competition to select their new princess. In that "selection" comes the main character called America and a bunch of different girls to fight for the love and the attention of the prince, Maxon, and become the new princess. But a slightly turn of events, puts America's older boyfriend inside the castle just as she starts to fall for Maxon. And that's all I'm saying, if you want more, go get the book. Or just download it like I did

Given this very brief overall of the story, you may get slightly idea of what the book is about, but believe me, there is sooooo much more. 

Now, on to my opinion. 

I started reading the first book (The Selection) 2 years ago at night, waiting for a stupid boy to text me back. And then, 5 hours later I finished the book and the boy had already sent me 3 messages. Moral of the story : it's sooooo good that you can't stop reading and you even forget stupid boy-drama. 

The story just keeps getting better and better and I couldn't stop reading. I got completely involved with the characters that in the end I was rooting for everybody to be happy and to get what they wanted, I couldn't dislike anyone. 

And as soon as I finished the first book I downloaded (I couldn't wait) the second one (The Elite), and it was just as good. 

To explain a little more the second books centers in the final contestants in the selection. And since I read this two years ago (the day after I finished the first one) I don't really remember much but I know really enjoyed reading. 
And in the end, American chooses the one she's going to fight for, prince Maxon or her ex-boyfriend, Aspen. #teamaspen #ijustlovehim 

And then, a year after, we get the third book (The One). Now, that one was disappointing ! 

First of all, they made us wait I think more than a year for the last book and the story wasn't so fresh in my brain. Second, it ended just like everybody thought it would.. very predictable. And finally, the author just seemed bored of writing when it got close to end.

Anyway, even being a little disappointing it was nice to know how the story ended and all. 

All in all, I give this trilogy an 9.5. The first book gets a 10, the second a 10 and the third a 7.5.

There are also some rumors on the internet that they're making a movie or a series out of the books. I really hope they are true because I would totally see it. If any of you know anything about this please let me know ! 

Now, I want to know your opinion. Did you read it ? What did you think about the books ? Do you agree ? Do you think I'm crazy for not liking the third one ? 

I really appreciate when you guys give me feedback and comment on the posts. 

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe in the sidebar so you don't loose the new posts that are coming. I promise they are coming. 

Byeee !