June 28, 2014

Book Talk: The Selection Series.

I previously talked about these books at a post about My Current Addictions a couple of months ago but I didn't get into much detail about the story and everything.  

For those of you who don't know this trilogy I'm gonna try to talk a little bit about it without giving any spoilers. 

So, just like everything else that I read, it's a dystopian novel about a future society which lives where it was once the United States. In this society, they are ruled by a monarchy that holds some sort of reality show/competition to select their new princess. In that "selection" comes the main character called America and a bunch of different girls to fight for the love and the attention of the prince, Maxon, and become the new princess. But a slightly turn of events, puts America's older boyfriend inside the castle just as she starts to fall for Maxon. And that's all I'm saying, if you want more, go get the book. Or just download it like I did

Given this very brief overall of the story, you may get slightly idea of what the book is about, but believe me, there is sooooo much more. 

Now, on to my opinion. 

I started reading the first book (The Selection) 2 years ago at night, waiting for a stupid boy to text me back. And then, 5 hours later I finished the book and the boy had already sent me 3 messages. Moral of the story : it's sooooo good that you can't stop reading and you even forget stupid boy-drama. 

The story just keeps getting better and better and I couldn't stop reading. I got completely involved with the characters that in the end I was rooting for everybody to be happy and to get what they wanted, I couldn't dislike anyone. 

And as soon as I finished the first book I downloaded (I couldn't wait) the second one (The Elite), and it was just as good. 

To explain a little more the second books centers in the final contestants in the selection. And since I read this two years ago (the day after I finished the first one) I don't really remember much but I know really enjoyed reading. 
And in the end, American chooses the one she's going to fight for, prince Maxon or her ex-boyfriend, Aspen. #teamaspen #ijustlovehim 

And then, a year after, we get the third book (The One). Now, that one was disappointing ! 

First of all, they made us wait I think more than a year for the last book and the story wasn't so fresh in my brain. Second, it ended just like everybody thought it would.. very predictable. And finally, the author just seemed bored of writing when it got close to end.

Anyway, even being a little disappointing it was nice to know how the story ended and all. 

All in all, I give this trilogy an 9.5. The first book gets a 10, the second a 10 and the third a 7.5.

There are also some rumors on the internet that they're making a movie or a series out of the books. I really hope they are true because I would totally see it. If any of you know anything about this please let me know ! 

Now, I want to know your opinion. Did you read it ? What did you think about the books ? Do you agree ? Do you think I'm crazy for not liking the third one ? 

I really appreciate when you guys give me feedback and comment on the posts. 

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe in the sidebar so you don't loose the new posts that are coming. I promise they are coming. 

Byeee ! 

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