June 30, 2014

Book Talk: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy.

Words cannot express how much I love these books. Seriously. I LOVE THEM !
Now that I got that out there, let's start by telling you a little bit about the story. 

It revolves around two families that go to a beach house every year to spend the summer together. The main character, Isabel or Belly, always had a crush on Conrad (son of her mom's best friend) but it was never corresponded. But this summer things seem to change and she starts to get the attention of not only him but his brother Jeremiah and other boys as well.

As you read it you're gonna find yourself lost in that world that the author created and in the end I was wishing Cousin's Beach really existed so I could get me a house there and visit it every summer.

And even though it's a teenage love story it's not at all predictable or boring. The author always got me by surprise. So many things happen that you would never imagine as you get to follow the characters grow and mature into different people.

The first book of the trilogy is obviously, The Summer I Turned Pretty (I love this name). The second is It's Not Summer Without You and the third one, We'll Always Have Summer

I highly recommend reading these books. Jenny Han has an incredible way of writing that makes you addicted and you just can't get enough. She also does an amazing job at keeping the books together, I mean, they have continuity and you can't talk about them separately.

Also I did some research and it looks like they're turning the books into a tv series and I CAN'T WAIT for it to come out!  

I suggest you go buy them now and start reading. 

I hope this review was helpful and that if you didn't know this trilogy before you got inspired to start reading. 

And if you have any book recommendations or thoughts about this books please share it the comments below.. I really like talking to the people that read my blog and I'm always looking for good books to read. 

Hope everybody is having an amazing day and see you on the next post.

Byeee ! 

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