July 2, 2014

Products I've Used Up - Empties !

This is my second empties (or "products I've used up", whatever you wanna call it) post and I really enjoy doing this kind of post. I think you get reviews of products that wouldn't normally be reviewed on their own and you also get a more complete review, because obviously I've already finished the product. 

Although I've been collecting these products for over a month, there's not an impressive amount here. Only 9. But this month I've been trying use up all my old products and products that were very close to the expiration date, so I could just go and buy new one without feeling any guilty and with actually enough space in my cabinets. 

1. Sweet Pea Body Lotion.

I'm sure that everybody knows Bath and Body Works' products and my favorite ones are the lotions and the body sprays, their scent selection is amazing. 

I always get these mini lotions so I can try a lot of different scents and not get overwhelmed with so many unfinished lotions in my room. Also they are cheaper and cuter. 

The sweet pea scent is pretty good and moisturizing, it say says that it has Vitamin E, Jojoba ans Shea Butter.

- Repurchase ? YES ! 

2. Sweet Temptation Skin-Silkening Body Lotion.

Apparently I like sweet scents ! This one is an unbelievably old lotion that I got like 5 years ago from Victoria's Secret. I wasn't really sure if it was ok to put it all over the body so I just used them on my feet every night and after I would put a sock because that scent was too strong. It still gave pretty good moisture to my feet.

- Repurchase ? No. I would repurchase other VS lotions, but this scent is just too strong and I actually don't think they still sell it at the store. 

3. L'OREAL Solar Expertise Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen. 

I got this one because it said right in the bottle that it was oil-free and I was looking for a good sunscreen to use everyday with FPS 30. But my skin really didn't like this, it left my skin looking greasy and I started having major break outs. 

I completely stopped using this on my face and started applying to my body every time I went to the beach or to the pool.

- Repurchase ? No. It just didn't work for me AT ALL. But maybe it could work for you. 

4. Pantene Pro-V Revitalisant Conditioner 

This little guy I got from my recent trip to Orlando when I stayed at a Best Western Hotel (Yeey for good hotel treats, because I'm gonna get them all any way !).

It's actually a pretty good conditioner and I used to take to them gym when I had to shower there. It made my hair very soft just like all Pantene stuff that I tried before. Their products always work for me. 

- Repurchase ? YES ! Even though I didn't buy this one I would totally buy the full size. 

5. Garnier bi-O CalrifyRenov Deodorant. 

I'm not very picky with my deodorants, usually I just buy the one that are on sale and they work fine for me. It claims to last 48 h, I don't know about that but it will sure get you through the day. 

But I have 2 problems with this. Number one is that it also claims to lighten the armpit area and I didn't see any difference. Number two is the scent, as time goes by something happens and the scent gets very weird. 

- Repurchase ? No. 

6. Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love this mascara and I used until the last drop. I separates the lashes beautifully while still giving some volume. It's one of my favorites. 

- Repurchase ? Already did ! 

7. TRESemmé Repair and Strength Conditioning Spray.

I don't know where you're gonna be able to find this, here I can just grab it at the supermarket. I liked this product but it's nothing amazing. I makes easier to comb the hair after the shower and it doesn't make the hair greasy or heavy. 

- Repurchase ? Probably. 

8. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist. 

I believe that everybody knows this. It's amazing ! It leaves your hair silky, smooth, hydrated.. If don't have it, go get it ! 

- Repurchase ? I already have 3 backups ! 

9. VS Body Mist in Delicate Petal. 

I'm not kidding, these body sprays from Victoria's Secret multiply in my closet. Every time I finish one, I find three more that I didn't even know existed. I like them and everything but I just to finish all so I can go buy more perfumes. I use this one every time I left the house and it lasted me almost 8 months. 
If you're looking for something not that strong for an everyday use I think this will do the job for you. 

To describe a little bit better the scent, it says on the bottle that it's a mix of tangerine, velvet rose and musk. Don't know if that helps... 

- Repurchase ? Yes ! And I usually get these on the VS outlet. 

So, these are my empties for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any questions about the products please let me know on the comments. 

Thanks so much for reading ! 

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