August 14, 2014

Blog Makeover ! #2

I  don't know if you guys noticed but I did some changes on the blog. Nothing major, mostly because I don't know how to do anything major. Just a few things to make it a little more personal and cute. 

So today I decided to share with you guys some of the tricks that I learned so hopefully you can apply it to your blog and make it more suitable to your personality. 

The Header 

This one was the biggest change and the easiest to make. As always I went on PicMonkey and started to play around. I already had an idea of what I wanted so it was actually quite easy. 

When making your header I think you should try to do something that fits your blog's theme, just like when you're choosing your title. That way people won't get confused, because if I go to a blog named AmazingCupcakes I'm expecting the author to write about delicious cupcakes and not fishing. 

Menu Tab 
I don't know about you guys, but I always thought the menu tab that Blogger gives is awful. So I searched and searched a way to make it more cute and appealing, since back them I didn't have a cute header and that thing was always on the way. 

So I found this quick and easy way that you don't even need to mess up with your blog's HTML, you just need to add one new gadget. 

First you need to make your tab. You can use Photoshop, PhotoScape, PicMonkey (like me, it's just sooo easy !) or any other program that you feel comfortable with. 

Once they are ready and saved on your computer you need to export them to a image hosting website like Photobucket (my favorite) or ImageShack

Ok, so now this website will give you a direct link to the image which your gonna save cause we're gonna come back for them in a while. 

Now you go back to your blog's layout and create a HTML gadget. Put this code below and if you want your tabs centered like mine you just put <center> in the beginning: 

<a href="YOUR PAGE URL" mce_href="YOUR PAGE URL"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL" mce_src="YOUR IMAGE URL" border="0" /></a>

And then you just replace YOUR PAGE URL with the page that you want to appear when people click on your tab (like here in the blog I did an ABOUT tab that when people click appears a page that I did just to talk about moi) and YOUR IMAGE URL your gonna put the Direct Link to the image that you already saved before. 

Just like that, easy peasy. 

Centering the Post Tittle 

Another super easy one. You won't even have to deal with a lot of HTML. Go to TEMPLATE > COSTUMIZE > ADVANCED > Add CSS. In the little text box it appears just paste this code: 

.post-title {
text-align: center;

I hope this post was helpful for some of you and if you implement it on your blog please let me know on the comments so I can go and check it out. 

See you on the next one ! 



  1. This is a brilliant post! I recently revamp my whole blog too, stripped everything down for a minimalistic approach so everything looks neat. I did my header with GIMP, took me a while to get used to it but got it in the end. You have a really lovely blog and I just followed your site! xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I never tried GIMP, I usually stick with what works for me since I'm not very good with these kind of things but I'm gonna give it go. Thanks for the tip !
      I just checked out your blog and I really liked your header.
      Thanks so much for subscribing and come back soon !