August 10, 2014

Boyfriend TAG ! - Blog Edition.

Another TAG ?? Yeahh, I know.. I'm sooo creative. But I have a good reason to be doing this one. As most of you probably already know, we have a long distance relationship (Me in Brazil, he in Spain and blah blah blah) so I need to take profit of the fact that I have him here to do this TAG. 

I usually see this TAG on Youtube and I think it really is better in a video but a blog is all I have and I really wanted you to know him since he's a big part of my life. 

Just so you guys don't get confused some questions we answered together and some he answered alone and I went in with my answer after. 

So without any more rambleling here are the questions..  

1) Where did we meet ? 

We met during our exchange in Nice. We were living in the same floor of the same Student Residence and I like to believe it was destiny. 

2) Where was our first date ? 

We never had a first date actually. We became friends first and then one day we became a couple. I mean.. it just happened. 

3) What was your first impression of me ? 

Him: I looked her in the hallway and I thought she was very beautiful. I really liked her smile. We were both shy cause I didn't know how to speak English very well back then but I still invited her a party that we were organizing.  

Me: The first time that I saw him what really caught my attention was the fact that he was really out going and fun. 

4) When did you meet the family ? 

Him: This month. 

Me: I didn't meet his family yet because of the distance but I'm planning on going to Spain at the end of the year so it's gonna happen really soon. 

5) Weird habit of each other ? 

Him: She puts Chia seeds in everything she eats.

Me: His study. He needs the perfect lighting, perfect climate, perfect sitting position, perfect position of the sun.. 

6) How long have we been together ? 

8 months.

7) Do we have any traditions ? 

Special breakfast on weekends (cherry tomato omelets and toast with a little bit of pesto sauce) and mexican nights at least once a week. 

8) First thing you noticed about me ? 

Me: Call me shallow but it was his looks. 

Him: She has very good smile and hair.

9) What pisses her/him off ? 

Me: I think that he gets pissed when I don't stop singing and when I don't listen to his advice.  

Him: Everything I do, nahhh, just kidding. When I joke too much about the same thing, when I lick her face randomly (she really doesn't like that) or when I forget my wallet.

10) What do we argue about the most ? 

Him: When she leaves the room all over the place and I have to organize everything alone and she doesn't admit that she's the messy one. - In my defense he does 50% of the mess and puts all on me. I'm messy but contributes a lot to the mess. 

Me: I have to agree with him, the mess. We are both messy but we hate mess.

11) Who wears the pants in the relationship ? 

Him: Usually we discuss about the important things, but she's stubborn sometimes and wins.

Me: We are a democracy. 

12) Do I have any weird obsessions ? 

Him: She's obsessed with Disney and she can not stand that she's not a Disney princess, but I do my best to treat her like one.

Me: Track suits (he has like 100 of them) and cleaning his glasses. 

13)  If I'm watching TV, what am I watching ? 

Him: Usually a good movie, Modern Family or a random series. 

Me: Most of the times he's watching Breaking Bad or UFC.

14) What is one talent that I have ? 

Him: She's very good at learning new languages. 

Me: He's a very good cooker.  

15) My favorite kind of music ? 

Him: Horrible shit. - Amazing music that has emotion and touches your heart. 

Me: Reggaeton noise. 

16) What can I spend hours doing ? 

Him : She can spend hours reading books, on instagram and shopping online.

Me: He spends most of his days studying and working out. 

17) My favorite kind of sandwich ? 

Him : She prefers any sandwich I prepare for her. - He just forgot to mention that he never does sandwiches for me ! 

Me: Hamburgers ?? If fajitas are considered a sandwich, I'd say fajitas ! 

18) Something she/he does that you wish she/he didn't ? 

Him: My answer is something that I wish she would do, going with me to the gym. 

Me:  I love everything he does. Kidding. I just can't think of anything right now. 

19) What is one food that I do not like ?

Him: She doesn't like pumpkin.

Me: He hates strong flavored cheeses.   

20) Favorite food ? 

Him: Definitely pasta with pesto sauce. 

Me: He looooooves Arroz a la Cubana. I'm gonna put a picture of it so you guys can know what it is because I only discovered this food after I met him. 

That's it eveybody. I hope you guys liked it and if there's anymore questions you'd like us to answer we'd be happy to do so. 

See you on the next one. 

-Michele and Sebastian.

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  1. Spain and Brazil seems really far. But you two manage to make it work and that is pretty inspiring.