August 15, 2014


Hey everybody ! 

After Michele asked me 579 times to write something here in the blog I decided why not ? Due to my lack of knowledge about the topics discussed here, like make up, traveling (I only travel because I want to see her and she lives on the other side of the world) or books, I decided to write about something in my area of expertise: sports and nutrition.

Assuming that you share the same motivation as Michele to go to the fitness room, we're gonna tackle it from another angle: nutrition. 

Due to my professional background (I have a degree in Sports Sciences), I've already designed plenty of programs for girls in their twenties, and the majority of them want the same thing: weight loss and muscle gain.

Usually they want to start with workout routines, big mistake ! You should begin with the nutrition, because that's the real key. So today I'm here to teach you guys a few tips and tricks that you can incorporate in your daily routine to kick start a healthier lifestyle or to perfect the one that you already have.

DISCLAIMER: Even tough I have a degree on Sports and everything, you should still consult a doctor or nutritionist if you want to take things further. 

Where meals are concerned, my advice is: Divide and Conquer. I know a lot of people think that it's better to eat three times per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or maybe you have a very busy life so you only get lunch and dinner. But if you want to lose weight you're doing it wrong. 

You have to keep your metabolism continuously activated, if you eat three times per day, with a high caloric intake, your metabolism gets used to it, and eventually slows down waiting for the next meal. That way your body doesn't consume as much fat as it could. 

Eating more times and smaller portions, your metabolism will be activated more hours per day, helping you to burn more fat. 

With that tip, you don't even have to reduce your calorie intake, just divide them in more meals. 

I know that for the majority of you the fact that eating fruit is healthy is pretty obvious and it's broadly spoken by everyone but maybe you don't know why ? I'm here to explain:

Your brain needs a lot of sugar to get through the day. In fact, the majority of the energy consumed by a regular person is used by the brain in the form of simple carbohydrates (provided mostly by sugar).

But you can get that sugar in several ways: from an apple or from a chocolate cake. What you need is a regular quantity of isolated sugar and not accompanied by a ton of fat (usually sugar's mates). 

And that's where the fruits will help you out. Instead of putting in your body chemicals, fat, preservatives and colorants that come along with the processed food you should choose sources of sugar with vitamins and minerals (things that are good for your body). 

Another plus is the huge assortment of them (eventually you'll find one that you like), the price and the fact that they are easy to eat and carry around with you for a quick snack. 

I'm sorry vegetarians, but meat is actually good for you. As you all know it provides you the proteins which are good for muscle building, maintenance of body tissue, a great energy source and repairing of hair, skin and eyes. 

Although they are good for you, moderation is the key because they are difficult to filter by the kidneys and too much could be harmful for you on the long-term.

The usual amount recommend per person is 2gr/kilo/day (you should ask your doctor for the specific amount for your body). But I am not gonna bother you with the details, my personal advice is to not abuse of fat meat like pork, rabbit and cow. I know they could be mouthwatering and everybody loves a steak, but they carry a lot of fat, your worst enemy in the weight loss fight.

Your ally in that fight is the chicken. Low fat, tasty, easy to prepare and full of proteins. And when I say chicken KFC with all  those preservatives and strange sauces which can catapult your fat levels to the stratosphere doesn't count.

I don't know if you are allow to drink in your country or if you're a heavy player in the parties, but if you wanna stay fit, I have bad news for you. The alcohol has seven calories per gram, a little less than the fat, but clearly more calories than carbohydrates and proteins. Let's do some simple math:

A SIMPLE CUP OF WINE (approximately): 200  ml

Alcohol graduation: 13 degrees 
We're gonna suppose that 1000 ml of wine is equivalent to 1 kg

A cup of wine generally has about 13 degrees of alcohol. Therefore one cup of 200 ml provides you almost 21 grams of alcohol. Considering that each gram of alcohol has 7 Cal, each cup would give you the marvelous amount of : 147 Cal

That's the price of fun guys! And we talked only about the wine, as higher in graduation is the beverage, higher will be the calories. Not to mention the collateral effects that the alcohol has on your body and the fact that these alcohol calories are empty calories so you're not getting any benefits from them. 

The supplements (that little help that everybody needs to get better and faster results at the gym) are good for you only if you take them in moderation and in the right way.  

Even though I took them sometimes in my life, I the abuse of them could be very harmful and they do not substitute your regular meal. 

In my opinion you should take them between some of the main meals of the day and accompanied by some fruits (maybe in a smoothie) or low-carb cereal bars. 

The most famous are :

Whey protein : I don't know in your country, but here in Brazil they are everywhere. They will help you with the proteins you need for muscle development and to grow lean muscles (without fat). They work in the targeted areas of your workout could be the butt, biceps or abs, depends on the client. 

They do help, but you should be very careful with the amount you're putting into your body because it can harm your kidneys and also because they are not free of calories. 

L- Carnitina : Another one worth mentioning, is an amino acid who allegedly boosts your mitochondria's work (the little spot in your cells in charge of energy production) and therefore your body burns more fat than usual. 

I know a lot of people use it but in my University I learned that they are not worth the hype. Because an average person already has the right amount of this amino acid so if you keep taking more it's just going to be expelled in your pee. I would recommend not wasting your money, but if you think that works or motivates you, go ahead. 

These are all my tips for today. I hope they helped you or at least gave you some ideas on how to take care of your body a little better and keep yourself in shape. 

If you enjoyed my post tell us on the comments and maybe Michele will let me do more. 

- Sebastian 

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