August 18, 2014

Series We Are Loving.

I don't know if you knew this about us but we are an old couple. Maybe it's the winter and we just get so lazy to get out of the house. But a crazy Friday night for us consists on cooking dinner (we love to cook), having some wine, getting comfy on the couch and watching something on the TV. And most of the times we watch a couple of chapters of a series because picking a movie usually takes more time than watching it. 

So maybe if you just finished a good series and you're in the limbo searching for a new one or if you just like finding out some series to get yourself completely addicted. I got you covered. 

I'm gonna divide them in 3 categories: my picks, his picks and our picks.

These are the ones that I watch alone. They are my guilty pleasure. After staying the entire day at the University and studying I just want to take a shower, eat and watch a couple of chapters of a series. 

I don't think I need to write anything about this one. I've mentioned it so many times here in the blog, but what can I do ? I love it ! I love the fashion and the whole mystery of A and everything. 

My favorite one is Aria (Lucy Hale) mostly because of her clothes 'cause I hate her whole drama with Mr. Fitz. So what's your favorite ? Any theories about A ? 

Am I the only one who missed Lilly from Hannah Montana ? So for all you who share the same feeling as me here she is again with a brand new series. 

It's one of those which you don't need to watch the episodes on a sequence to understand it. It's about a girl who applies to be the personal chef of a young and rich techy guy. 

In my opinion it's pretty funny and easy to watch (like when you don't feel like thinking and you just want to be entertained).

This one got me completely by surprise. I was not expecting to like it. The best way to describe is: typical high school teenage drama. The girl likes a boy and then he doesn't like her, and then he likes her, and then she dates another, breaks up with him and then her friend starts dating the previous. 

Confusion awesomeness that will get you hooked and desperate to know what happens next.  

"Faking it" is the new Akward for me. I started watching while I was waiting for the new season to be released and I ended up liking it even more. 

Just like the other ones (I'm starting to see a pattern on my series) it's filled with high school drama but it's more focused on the whole gay situation/coming out on that young age with a lot of comedy. It's soooo funny. 

I tried to explain the whole story to my boyfriend when I started to watch but it's very complicated. So I'm just gonna say watch the first chapter, if you liked it you're gonna enjoy the whole series. 

Am I the only one who also misses The New Adventures of Old Christine ? Well, you can stop crying because Julia Louis came back to us, funnier than ever. I would say this one is not everyone's taste but in my opinion it's hilarious.

Julia is the vice president of the United States and the series is about her pursue to become president and the everyday life of politics in Washington. 

I love it ! I don't care what that woman is doing, I'm watching. 

I decided to include Sebastian's picks just to spice it up a bit because I'm pretty sure not everybody will like my absolutely girly picks. So if you're looking for a little more action and a little less high school drama just keep reading. 

This one is about a guy (half politician half gangster) during the Prohibition who starts a illegal business of alcohol.
It's a mix between action with some comedy and mystery. According to Sebastian if you are a Sopranos fan you're gonna like boardwalk empire too. 

I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, especially to my young readers. It has a lot violence and sex, just like Game of Thrones. 

The principal character is Spartacus who betrays a roman commander. In revenge this commander kidnaps him and his wife. After that the commander puts Spartacus to die in the arena but another guy gets impressed by his abilities and buys him as a gladiator. 

It's not my cup of tea but if you're into those things.. 

I don't know why but I was very resistant to start watching this one. Probably because the name is to catchy and it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy. Even after Sebastian had already watched a couple of chapters and told that it was really good. 

So after a while I went for it and really enjoyed it. It's a couple of chapters for the things to start to heat up. But after that it just gets sooo addicting. 

Let me just to give you a brief overview so you know what you are getting into. It's about a guy named Walter who looks a little bored with his ordinary life and then he founds out that he has cancer. Knowing about the cancer changes completely his way of living and he starts to cook meth with a former student of him. 

I know it's pretty weird but give it a try ! 

"When you came in the air went out.." - If you also love this song comment below so we can be best friends. 

True Blood is just awesome. Is about a futuristic world where the Japanese invented some sort of synthetic blood that can feed the vampires. This away they stop being a threat to the humans and can come out of the shadows and live among them. 

You might be thinking.. vampires again ? And to that I respond: YES ! And not only vampires but fairies, werewolves, shifters and all those amazing supernatural things. 

Which series you've been watching ? Do you like any of the ones that I mentioned today ?

We are TV people so we really look forward to reading your answers. 

See you on the next one ! 

- Michele Mattos 


  1. I have to shamefully admit I have never watch any of these picks. Terrible, I know. My favourites are Elementary and Person of Interest, 2 brilliant shows.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I never watched Elementary. I'm gonna give it a go !

      If you never watched any of those I would begin with True Blood or Awkward. Don't blame me if you get completely hooked.

      Thanks for the tips !

  2. Breaking bad definitely is the best one!!