August 7, 2014

The Summer Tag

After the lovely Rachel from Dear Ms. Leigh commented here on the blog I started browsing through hers and found this TAG. Since she didn't tag anyone in particular I considered myself tagged and decided to do it too. 

Here in Rio de Janeiro is still winter but I decided to do it anyway because winter here consists on 85% sunny days, 5% cold days and 10% rainy days. As you can see, not really winter. 

So after justifying a Summer TAG in the middle of the winter.. Let's go ! 

What's your favorite thing about summer ? 

Can I have two ? 

I'd have to say first going to the beach. I live in a city known for it's beaches and natural beauty and I can honestly say they really are as amazing as people say. I love starting the day at the beach and after going for lunch somewhere close by and only going home after the sunset. 

And secondly, the fashion. Summer clothes are my favorite, full color and light weight. I can't stand having to wear 3 layers of clothes just to go buy some bread. I'm a flip-flop and shorts kinda girl. 

Do you have a favorite summer drink ?

MARGARITAS. I don't care if it's snowing outside, margaritas are always a good idea. Let me know on the comments if you'd like a recipe for Michele's Special Margaritas. 

Is there a location you prefer to go in the summer ? 

As I said before, to the beach. My best friend has a beach house in a city close by that we usually go on the weekends. And another thing that I really enjoy doing is going for drinks at any bar or restaurant that has Happy Hour and a good outside area with my friends. It's always fun. 

Favorite make up look for the summer ? 

No foundation, bright lip (usually MAC's Ruby Woo), mascara and a colorful eyeliner. 

Dresses or Skirts ? 

Maxi dresses. You just pick one, put some sandals and you're out the door. 

Sandals or Ballet pumps ? 

Sandals for sure. Preferably colorful Havaiannas. Sweaty feet are disgusting. 

Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for the summer ? 

If it's incredibly hot (like 35/40 degrees - usual temperature for summer here) I would go for a messy bun for sure,  the messier the better. But if it's a normal hot day I just go for my natural hair which is a mix between straight with some waves in the bottom. 

Deep smokey eyes or bold lips ? 

Bold lips. I love me some orange or red lipstick. Because on hot days I cannot be bother with too much make up, I feel like everything melts the second I leave the house. 

Favorite perfume for summer ? 

Body Sprays are the way to go for me and since I have enough to last me for a lifetime it's best if I use them already. And as soon as I finish them, I can buy more ! 

Last but not least, favorite music for the summer ? 

My taste in music is pretty weird so don't judge me. I like calm and usually acoustic versions of musics. Like everything Jack Johnson. 


If you have a blog, a youtube channel or some other sort of creative online outlet I'd love if you did it there and please let me know so I can check it out. 

And if you don't have one please answer in the comments below so we chat and talk about summer amazing things. 

See you on the next one !

- Michele  



  1. Sandals are my favorite for the summer too!

    1. Hiii, I just checked out your blog ! It's great !

      Thanks for stopping by !

      Let's keep in touch.