August 15, 2014

Wanderlust BucketList.

The main reason I started a blog was to share my love for traveling and my traveling experiences. This year my traveling situation got a little difficult because I arrived in February from a 6 month exchange program in France (read about it here) and I'm planning on going to Spain on December to spend Christmas and New Years with my boyfriend, so until then no traveling for moi. No can do. 

But that doesn't stop me from planning trips and dreaming about all the places that I still want to visit. 

I've always had a little BucketList of all the countries that I want to go and all the things that I want to do there so I thought it'd be fun to share it with you guys. 

Keep in mind that I've had this list for a looooong time so a couple of things I already did. 

1. Sydney 

2.Times Square 

3. Watching a Broadway Show

4. Road Trip through California 

5. Living a couple of years in San Francisco 

6. Picnic under the Eiffel Tour 

7. Rome 

8. Hawaii 

9. Going to all the Disney Parks in the worlds. (It's more of a family tradition !)

10. Visiting all the Continents 

11. Scuba diving

12. Walking in the Great Wall of China 

13. Barcelona 

14. London 

15. Study Abroad 

16. Clubbing in Las Vegas 

17. South Africa 

18. Staying on those little huts in Bora Bora 

19. Dubai

20. Expending the night in a desert 

21. Abu Dhabi 

22. Bologna 

23. Partying in Ibiza

24. Singapore 

25. Visiting the Vatican

26. India 

27. Volunteer in Asia

28. Russia 

29. Amsterdam

30. Alasca 

31. Watch the Aurora Borealis in Finland. 

32. Go to a Volcano 

33. Scotland 

34. Norway 

35. Milan 

36. Egypt 

37. Croatia 

For now that's all guys. The list is always growing and once I have any updates I'll let you guys know. And if you want any specific tips to any of the place above that I've already visited I'll be happy to do a more in depth post. 

Have you ever been to one of those place ? Do you have any tips for me ? 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

See you on the next one ! 



  1. What an ambitious list! I would love to visit the Disney park in Japan. My boyfriend and I are headed to Harry Potter World in Orlando soon, but to see Japan and experience the culture their would be a dream of mine.

    - Shanna |

    1. You guys are gonna have such a great time there ! Don't forget to try the Pumpkin Juice !

      About Japan.. I'm gonna need a couple of years to prepare for that trip ! Asia is too expensive for my student budget at the moment !

      Let me know how you like the Harry Potter World.