September 4, 2014

15 Things That I Learned In College.

As the end starts getting closer we all start to wonder about the begging. And that's exactly what I'll be doing here today. Hopefully I'll be graduating college soon and although I'm gonna be leaving with a lot of knowledge about Realism, Strategic Studies and International Commerce (Oooh the joys of studying International Relations..) I think I also have a lot of life experience to share. I made a thousand of mistakes but I'm still around to help you to avoid them so there's hope for everyone. 

1. Have Your Schedule Handy 

Hi, I'm Michele! I'm on my last semester of college and I still can't memorize my schedule or the number of my classrooms so I text my friends every morning to ask them ! - Trust me, you don't want to be that annoying friend so just write everything down on a notebook or on your agenda and keep it handy. It'll save you a lot of time and stress. 

2. Take Some Time To Know Your Way Around The Campus

Trust me, it really helps. Some colleges have a campus the size of a small town making it really easy to get lost. And also is just good for planning your day, maybe you have classes in the morning in one building and in the afternoon in another so you can just plan everything ahead. 

3. Stay Organized 

Ok, so maybe in the first week of class you don't have anything going on. In my university it takes at least a month to get the ball rolling. But once it starts rolling it only stops at the end of the semester. So if you don't begin with procrastination and just write down your assignments on a planner your life will get so much easier and you can avoid that awkward : Oh.. Hi.. WE HAVE A TEST TODAY ? 

4. Don't Be Late 

Some teachers may care, some may not. All I know is that in my 4 years down this college road I've got some pretty not-so-amazing teachers who not only took attendance but if the class started at 7 a.m. they would take attendance 7:02 a.m. So try to arrive at least the first week on time so you'll get the vibe of the teacher. 

5. Be Ready For The New  

In my experience college was a whole other world. Coming from a private school with a close group of friends that lived in the same neighborhood as me and had practically that same lifestyle as me college was a big chock. There were people from all over the country and the world with different lifestyles, different believes and even different ways to dress.   

So first of all, DON'T JUDGE. Just because someone is different and thinks a different way it doesn't mean that they are wrong, that they're a bad person or that you have to stay away from them. Of course if you're are seeing any red flags, by all means, trust your instincts and RUN. But if not, maybe try to be friends. They may surprise you. 

And secondly I'd say prepare to be judge. People just can't help it. They see something different and BOOM, labeled. Try not to pay too much attention to it, just do you and focus on your things and hopefully one day they'll realize that they were completely wrong about. If not.. their lost because YOU ARE AWESOME.
6. Don't Get Caught Up In The Party Life

As I believe I already said in another post (here and here) it's SO easy to start partying and forgetting your obligations. So homework first.. unless that very cute guy from class invited you out (but do your homework the next morning).

7. Make Friends In Every Class 

Because unless you're a more evolved kind of human someday you're gonna get sick or have a hangover and you'll need someone to fill you in on homework and reading assignments. And who knows, they might become a very good friend ! You can never have too many friends. 

8. Ask Smart Questions 

Don't ask random questions just to show up for the teacher. You're just gonna waste everyone's time and piss a lot of people off. So only raise your hand when the teacher asks you a question, when you have an actual doubt or if you have something related to the topic to share. If not.. just pay attention. 

9. Don't Think You Are
 Smarted Than Your Teacher

The guy probably has a PhD and all sorts of degrees so don't try to be a smart ass and copy everything from Wikipedia. In the best case scenario you're gonna fail the class or have to redo your assignment. In the worst case you can even get expelled because of plagiarism or go to jail (I'm not kidding it happens). 

So if you feel like you don't have any other option besides Wikipedia I'm here to rescue you, try International Public Library, Cia Factbook or iTools.    

10. Know Which Teachers To Avoid 

Some teachers are just weird, angry, grumpy or unbelievably unbearable so I suggest you do some research before enrolling on your subjects. You don't want to be stuck 6 months with a teacher that yells or spits.. But don't go looking for a teacher that assigns a smaller work load.. I mean, you are there to learn, right ?  


Girlfriend, let me tell you something, this is NOT high school. Your teachers you assign you texts or even entire books to read and they expect you to READ IT. They'll ask you questions in class about it and expect you to participate in the discussion so unless you wanna be the only one mute I suggest you put your computer down and start your assignments. 

12. Don't Freak Out 

I know that there's a lot to do. I'm 100% sure that is gonna come a day where you need to write 100 essays, read 150 books and do dissertation relating Plato's thinking to something that you didn't even know it existed all for next monday.

But relax, take a deep breath, prioritize, make a to do list, get a glass of wine if you're allowed to drink in your country and let's get to it. There's no reason to freak out and I'm sure that there's plenty of time to do everything and still go to that party on Friday. 

If all fails just you can always say that you had a fever or your bird died and get an extension to the due date. 

13. Dress Appropriately

I've seen so many girls 7 a.m dressed in sequins and heels. College is not a nightclub. I know in the begging you want to look nice in case there are any hot guys in your class, but sequins are not the way to go. I suggest something more casual like jeans and cute top. Most people at the end go to class in their pajamas. 

So dress nicely but just don't overboard. 

14. Be Careful With The Boys 

I know that when you're in High School you think that college boys are so mature and wonderful. But no. They're still kids trying to get laid as much as possible, I mean.. it's college. 

Don't get me wrong, they're not all bad and there's an exception to every rule. You just need to be careful and focus on what's important.  

15. Have Fun

College is a whole new time in your life, so I say enjoy it. Enjoy the freedom, make mistakes, learn from them, join as many clubs as you can, party, study.. there's time to do everything. You never gonna be as young than you're right now and after college you'll have to find a job and bla bla bla.. SO ENJOY !

Do you have any other tips ? Do you agree with my rambling ? Did I miss something ? What did you think about college ?

Leave me your answers, comments and suggestions ! 
I love hearing from you guys.  

I hope I could help you a little bit if you're going through college right now. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

-Michele Paco 


  1. Great advice and tips, although college was a lifetime ago for me, it still makes me smile and nod my head when I read this.

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    1. Aw, I'm so happy you enjoyed it ! :)

      Thanks for the support.

  2. Really liked these tips as I'm going back to university next week.
    Please check out my blog and follow :)

    1. I hope I could help ! Wish you all the best in your new semester at university ! :)

  3. I am not a very good student, i hope get better grades the best semester by following these advices :S
    And congratulations, some of them were very helpful :D


    1. Hey, Lucy !

      Let's change those grades, you've got this ! I'm happy you enjoyed the post !
      Wish you all the best in your new semester :)
      Thanks for stopping by !

  4. You've made some great points! I definately agree about the girls all dressed up like they're going out, it's so funny! :) xx

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    1. I know, right ?!?! I mean, it's college not a fashion show !
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back soon ! :)