September 23, 2014

5 Links I'm Loving At The Moment.


I saw this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere (my favorite blog of all times) and I thought it was such a great idea. These past few weeks I've come across so many helpful websites not only for blogging, but for life in general and I thought it you guys might like it too. 

I've already done a couple of weeks ago a post where I listed some of my favorite blogs at the moment so in this one I'm gonna list strictly websites or videos and I'll probably do another one with new blogs I've discovered next week.  

So let's stop with the rambling and on with the links ! 

It seems like everybody is talking about this speech and if you haven't watched it yet you totally should. Emma Watson surprised the entire world with that amazing, educational and inspiring speech about gender equality. I already loved her and now I loved her even more. 

She finished her speech with an amazing line: "If not me, who ? If not now, when ?" And that really stuck with me. I feel like sometimes we all feel powerless or like nobody is going to hear what we have to say and just with that little line she reminded us that everyone's voice is important when it comes to a big and important cause like gender equality. 

This really moved me and made me feel weirdly emotional and proud of her. We're all in this fight together and we, as women or men, should always empower each other to succeed. 

I know that in a couple of countries, like in the United States, college can get super expensive. So any type of free education is always helpful. Even here in Brazil where the public universities are amazing and the most difficult ones to get into these types of course are always welcomed. 

You definitely won't get your a degree from Stanford through those online classes but sure will help you out. Maybe you're still figuring out what you want to study in college or you want some extra help in some areas where you feel like you haven't learned enough. 

The website is so easy to use. You just make your account, choose which classes you want to take (I only took Basic Economics and it was really good.) and new lessons will show up on your account every week. 

I know for a fact that they give you a certification of participation (which was great for me because I could use for extra curricular activities) and the best part is that they are for FREE. 

I know everybody goes through the constant struggle to be healthy and stay active and blogilates really helps me out with that. Cassey is awesome and she always puts me in the mood to work out and gives me that extra motivation to eat healthy. 

Her workouts are always fast and straight to the point. So usually I follow 2/3 workout videos a day and they always kick my butt. I highly recommend checking out here videos if you need that extra boost to get yourself moving.

This is a little blogging tip and if you guys haven't noticed I incorporated to the blog this week the "You Might Also Like" gadget in the end of each post. I think it gives a little extra something in the blog and helps new visitors to read more of your blog in one visit. 

The process is very well explained on website so you just follow through the steps and you'll get it done in 15 minutes. 

I think I've already mentioned this website a couple of times but it's my favorite place to get phone cases. I've recently said bye-bye to my iPhone 4 and upgraded to a 5S so all my amazing phone cases got a new home in my sister's house. 

I think the majority of the sellers there are from Asia so it might take a while to get to your house but it's super super cheap and they also offer free shipping which for a compulsive online shopper living in South America is always a plus. 

Do you have anything to recommend ? Do you know any of the websites I've mentioned ? What did you think of Emma Watson's speech ? 

Please leave me your comments, answers and suggestions. I love hearing from you and your feedback is always important.

Thank you so much for stopping buy and I hope you'll come back soon. 

- Michele Mattos.


  1. Thank's for the heads up about the Stanford online classes, since leaving university all those years ago, I worry about my head turning to mush, so i'll have to have a look into those!

    1. Those online classes are awesome, I really liked it ! Other universities also offer some similar stuff but I liked the Stanford classes more ! Tell me what you think if you get to try them ! :)

  2. Love Emma Watson's speech, too bad all the haters started targeting her now. :-(

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I already loved her but now I love her even more ! It sucks that they are targeting her. ://

  3. I loved the speech from Emma Watson! Very empowering and so true. People say feminism isn't needed anymore and women aren't oppressed are wrong. That it's not as obvious as 100 years ago and that women do have more rights, doesn't mean there is gender equality. I also think it's very sad when people reject feminism and claim to be pro gender equality. Feminism has it flaws, but it wants gender equality. Since the idea of the movement was equal rights for men and women. Rejecting feminism because you're claiming it's not pro gender equality is basically sexist it self. There is a feminist movement since women are still second rate citizens. Belittling feminist and the movement and saying they 'only' want better rights for women is misogynistic. So is saying there should be an equal movement and not a feminist movement. Minorities want the same rights as the majorities. That's why there is a feminist movement. Because it may not seem like it, we're still second rate citizens. That is why feminist are all for equality! It even feels we have gone backwards this last millennium. Sorry for my very long rant!


  4. Janneke, do not apologize ! It's so true eveything you just said and I completely agree. It's our obligation to keep fighting for our rights and not only a women's cause.

    Thanks for that comment !

  5. LOVE emma watson's speech, empowering!

    I have nominated you for The Liebster Award!
    Check out for more info!

    1. Thank you so much, Lea ! I'm really happy you liked the blog and nominated it but I was already nominated a couple of months ago ! If you'd like check out the post : {}.