September 20, 2014

6 Movies I'm Looking Forward To Watching.

I think I've already mentioned before that I'm a movie addict. And this year there are a lot of great movies coming out which gives me way too much excitement. So today I thought it would be cool to share with you guys some of the movies that I'm most excited about watching. 

Keep in mind that some of them already came out so probably some of you already watched it, but since I live in Brazil some movies take a awhile to arrive here. It doesn't take too long but it's not on the same day of the releases in USA or some other countries. 

And also I've dreading going to the movies lately. It's always so full of people talking, it gets a little expensive if you make it a habit (not really but is still money spent) and I just prefer my bed to be honest. It's comfy, I get to watch it without interruptions on my pajamas and I don't have to pay a small fortune for popcorn or all the KitKats I eat.  

Enough with the rambling, let's get to the movies ! 


This one had to be number ONE in my list. I'm just so excited to see what happens next. I already know more or less because I read all the books. But I read them so long ago that I don't remember everything. 

I believe it comes out in November but the worst part is that we need to wait one more year for the final movie and that just drives me crazy. Why would you make the fans that long to watch it ?! I'm not that big of a fan but still kind of pisses me off. 


This one already came out (I believe in August) but I haven't got the time to watch it. Just like with The Fault In Our Starts the trailer already got me crying so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be an emotional ride for me. I need to be prepare myself a little before watching. I can't control the crying flow when "Say Something" comes up.. It's just too much for my little heart. 

And also I'm currently reading the book as well so I don't know if I wait until I finish or if I just go see it ! 


It's from Walt Disney and it's got Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Jhonny Deep.. Do I need to say anything else to convince to watch ? 

In case you're not already sold on that one I should probably mention that it's  Disney's first theatrical adaptation of a Broadway musical and it's gonna be awesome. It comes out on December so we still need to wait a little bit but I'm pretty sure it's gonna awesome.  

I don't know if this movie is going to be good or not but I sure think it's going to be funny. In my opinion the trailer looks pretty good and if it's anything like the last one I'm sure it's gonna bring to tears because of so much laughing. 


I have to admit that the main reason I'm excited about this movie is because of Daniel Radcliffe. Some people say that he's a horrible actor and that the only reason people like him is because of Harry Potter. In my opinion he's an amazing actor but I can't deny that one of the reason why I like him so much is because of Harry Potter.

But anyway, it looks like this movies is going to be good. And all I know about this one is that it's a little bit scary and it's an adaptation of a book by Joe Hill.  


I don't think I need to say anything about this one ! It's gonna be epic and I can't wait to watch it. And I don't know anything about other countries (sorry!) but I'm pretty sure it comes out on December here in Brazil. 

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that I haven't watched any of these movies so giving out spoilers in the comments would be just mean.

Which movies are you most excited about this year ? 
Which are your favorite movies ? 

Please leave me suggestions of good movies you watched this year. I'm always looking for new movies to watch ! 

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one ! 

- Michele Mattos 


  1. I cannot wait to see Horrible Bosses 2 and the Hobbit 3! Lovely post ! :)

    1. Me too ! I think that horrible bosses 2 is going to be sooo funny !

  2. Cannot wait to see If I Stay and Into the Woods! They look amazing! Thanks for this post, I hadn't even heard of If I Stay until now :P

    Sam xo sjmcdf

    1. I think "If I Stay" is gonna be AMAZING ! I'm super excited for that one ! :)

  3. Wooow.. you picked some great movies ! I didn't even know about into the woods and horns ! I'm really loking forward to watching these.

    xoxo, Jane.