September 9, 2014

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your Ticket

Let Me Cross Over started as a blog about traveling and I have to admit that I've been lacking on the traveling posts for a while (someone enjoyed a little too much making OOTD posts). So if you missed my traveling tips, don't worry I'm here to make it up to you. 

This post came to mind because a very close friend of mine is planning a trip to Miami on January (lucky her !) and she came to me asking where was the best place to buy the ticket with the best price. Her question became a whole conversation about traveling and it came to my mind how many things we need to check before actually purchasing our tickets. 

So if you're planing a trip and you want to know the best way to buy your ticket, just keep reading ! 

Check If You're Paying The Best Price 

The biggest downside to  leaving in South America for me are the price tickets and the duration of the flights. Everywhere you want to go is at least 9 hours and the prices are out of this world. 
But being a little travel bug like I learned a few ways too cheat system, more like a few websites that help you cheat the system. Usually when you buy your ticket on the airline website like Airfrance or AmericanAirlines the prices tend to be a little bit higher and you miss out all the other opportunities other small companies have to offer. 

So before buying your ticket on those websites I suggest you check Skyscanner and Momondo. These websites do exactly what the name says, they scan the major sites that sell tickets and give you the cheapest price. 

Check The Duration Of The Flight 


This is something to be extra careful when you're using the websites I mentioned before. Sometimes when choosing the cheapest alternatives they give options where you'll have to wait in an airport for 20 or 32 hours and that's just not acceptable. So be careful with that and always check the wating time between the stops and also if you have to change airports for your next connection flight. 

Check Your Sit 

If you're travelling alone in my opinion checking your sit is extremely important. You don't want to be stuck on a 12 hour flight in the middle sit between two incredibly big humans. So I'd say take the extra time and pick a sit on the hallway. I know that everybody loves to be on the window but if you sit in the hallway you can go to bathroom as many times as you want without bothering people and specially if you're a girl is just safer.  

Check The Airport You'll Be Arriving 

Some cities like London have 5 airports and are as far as possible from each other so if you just getting a connecting flight in London to somewhere else check which airport you'll arriving and from which will be departing. 

And also, let's say you're traveling to Rome. The only airport to get there is in Fiumicino and it's pretty far way from the center of Rome, more or less a 45 min train ride or a 2 hour bus ride depending on traffic. 

Check The Time 

The time that you're arriving in a city is extremely important, specially if you're traveling alone. I think it's best to arrive in the morning or in the afternoon, never at night because depending on the city public transportation stops very early and it's just more dangerous for you to be walking alone at night in a city that you've never been before. 

Another thing is the departure. Let's say you're leaving Rome at 6 in the morning and the last train to the airport is at midnight and the first one in the morning only leaves at 7. Been there, done that. So unless you wanna end up sleeping at the airport like I suggest paying close attention at the time next time you buy your ticket.  

See Options Of Shuttle

Sometimes hotels and even hostels offer a special van or a bus for your shuttle from the airport to your destination. Sometimes is worth it, sometimes it isn't. When we went to Cancun the shuttle offered by the hotel was more expensive than taking a taxi, but it was also safer. So maybe if you're arriving full of cash in a different city maybe it's worthy to pay the extra bucks. 

But if you're a poor student like me usually the hostel will explain on the website the best way to arrive  there and I say follow it. 

Check Your Passport  


Because if your passport is about to expire you'll not get into the country. Simple as that. And if you check and it actually is about to expire I think you should make your appointment to renovate it and just after they give you an specific time of when it'll be ready you go and buy your ticket. And in this area I speak from experience. 

What are your traveling tips ? Did I forget something ? Do you agree ? What's your next travel destination ? 

Let me know on the comments, your feedback is always important !

I hope you guys enjoy this traveling post. Even if you're planning on traveling any time soon this are just good things to keep in mind for your next adventure. 

See you guys on the next one ! 

- Michele Paco 


  1. Your point about checking the times of things like buses with your time of arrival or departure from the airport is so true. I ran in to that issue when I arrived in Ireland super early in the morning and even though we figured it out eventually, it was rough to be jet lagged in a new place while dragging luggage around a basically empty airport. Ha ha!
    :) Alice

    1. That's not fun at all. But I think that God has a special policy for travels because most of the times everything works out fine ! :)

      Thanks for the support, Alice !

  2. You made some very good points !
    Your blog is looking awesome and I would love to see a blog about all the changes you've been making..
    Best regards,


    1. Thank you so much, Jane ! I've been putting a lot of work to make it a little more me ! :)

      I've already did some posts with a couple of HTML tips, you should go check it out !

  3. This is a really great and informative post! Thank you! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

    1. Thank you ! I'll check out your blog ! :)

  4. Great tips, sweetie! I'll be travelling today and I agree with all your points!

    1. Thank you, Shireen ! And have a safe trip ! :)

  5. This post is so helpful. It's posts like this, that can definitely save a few people a lot of hassle!

    Nik x

    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks, Nik ! I'm glad you enjoyed it ! :)

  6. Last time I traveled to Europe I paid a fortune on my tickets I'm sure gonna search on the sites you mentioned next time. Thanks for this post it was really helpful !


    1. You're so welcomed, Chris ! Thank you for stopping by ! :)