September 17, 2014

HOW TO : Make Your Own Favicon.


You might be wondering what the hell is a Favicon and why would you possibly need one.

Continuing my BlogMakeOver Series I decided to talk about favicons today. A favicon is actually something very simple. It's that little image that appears right next to the name of your blog on the tab's browser. If you're reading this post I believe that you still have that "orange B" that blogger gives us. 


In my opinion there's nothing wrong with keeping "the B" but changing it for something more personalized makes your blog look a little more professional and cute and it only takes a couple of minutes.  

First of all, you'll need to make the image you want it to appear up there. In order to do so just on this website and have fun. You can upload a image you already have or create a completely different one. And the cool thing is that you can see how it will look like on the browser as you're creating it which I think is very useful. 


After you created your little master piece you need to click on DOWNLOAD FAVICON and keep it in your computer to upload on your blog's Layout. The Favicon Gadget is located on the top of the Layout and you just have to click edit and upload the file you just downloaded from the website. 


It may take a while for it to start showing (specially on Google Chrome, don't ask me why) but it's that easy. 

I don't think this will change the design of your blog completely but it's an extra nice touch to make it look more you. 

Did you find it easy ? Do you have other tips for other bloggers out there ?
Did you implement it on your blog ? 

I would love to know your answers and as always feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, questions, thoughts and opinions. And if you get the chance to do this on your blog let me know so I can check it out ! 

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- Michele Mattos