September 25, 2014

Low Cost Airlines.

I think most of you will agree with me that the most expensive and stressing part of planning a trip are the air tickets. Not so much for you lucky people who live in Europe where all the countries are close to each other.. But since I live in South America every trip that I make I end up spending around US$ 800-900 dollars just for the tickets. 

So I've been doing some research on how to get the cheapest air tickets since I'm planning on traveling at the end of the year to Spain (SUPER exciting !) and I thought it would be helpful to share here on the blog since everybody seems to be enjoying the recent traveling post I've done. 

Most of the companies I'm gonna mention are "low cost" so don't expect free snacks or complementary headphones. And also the chairs are super close together and not very comfortable. At the the end of the day you need to choose between comfort or a cheap ticket and for me it works. I prefer doing more traveling and being uncomfortable than doing less traveling in the first class.


When I was leaving in France EasyJet was my best friend and if you're traveling trough Europe it's going to be your best friend too. I got so many good deals with these companies.. I was able to fly to London just for 80 euros and to Rome just for 55 euros. Yeah.. It's that cheap ! 

I don't really have anything bad to say about them only that the seats are too close which is a little uncomfortable and you're only allowed one hand luggage, if you have a handbag it has to go on your suitcase while you're boarding the plane. But other than that I had a very good experience. 

Boarding was always super fast and once I got to the airport a little earlier and they were kind enough to put me on an earlier flight. Another time my flight was delayed and they gave us all free food and drinks which is a little extra something that I was not expecting from a "low cost company".

Also they always have special deals going on so if you don't have planned destination you can just pick the cheapest and go. 

Ryanair works pretty much the same was as EasyJet. I only traveled with them once and I think it was from Rome to London. I din't have any problems and the plain looked brand new which is always a plus. 

I think they have the same rules as the company before when it comes to luggage (their policy might have changed, I'm not very sure.) and they were very strict about it. If you're bags don't fit in their little metal thing you're gonna have to pay for it, but if you follow the rules you're not gonna have any problems.

Their plains are soooo cute..

I've never flown with WOW air but I read some reviews online and they're overall pretty good. They make the connection between the main cities in Europe and Reykjavik in Iceland. 

It might not be very useful to some of you because I know that not everybody 
wants to go to Iceland but I would go, why not ? I browsed the site a little bit and the prices vary from 100 to 150 euros, which in my opinion is pretty good for a flight that long.

As you can probably guess by the name this is not an airline. It's actually a bus company that works in USA, Canada and Europe. I wanted to mention it because the prices are unbelievably cheap and I've heard good thing about it. 

I've never travel with them myself but I have some friends who have and they told me that it's pretty good for the price and you don't have to go trough all the hassle of airport security and bla bla bla.. 

By what I've been told I wouldn't recommend it for the solo travelers out there because bus traveling doesn't sound very safe to me in general but if you're in  a group I don't see why not. 

Those are the airlines that I've decided to mention today. I know there are a lot of low cost companies out there but I wanted to bring to you only the ones that I've used or that I was recommend by people who did. 

Have you ever flown "low cost" ? Would you fly "low cost" ?  
Do you know any of these airlines ? Did I miss any ?

As always leave me your comments, suggestions and answers. I really appreciate it and any help in this department will be very much welcomed.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you'll come back soon ! 


  1. Ohh, lucky you to be travelling to Spain! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. ME TOO ! I can't wait ! Prepare too see a lot of post about it ! :)

  2. I LOVE MEGABUS. I've traveled with them so many times in Europe !!! they were overall very safe but I wouldn't travel by bus at night.
    I'm going to check out some of the companies you've talked about. Thanks for the tips !!