September 8, 2014

OOTD : Starbucks Run

I don't know what's up with me but lately I've been completely obsessed with Starbucks Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin and their Chai Latte. Me and Sebastian we are in a phase in our lives where all we do is study so while he was here our routine was : study, lunch, Breaking Bad, study, Starbucks, dinner, study and sleep (of course I had a little blogging in between). But the point is that, we stayed in the house most of the day and our Starbucks time was a time to get out of the house and relax for a little bit away from the books. 

We are not a couple of super nerds studying for no reason, he's doing the exams to get into his Master and I'm finishing college and also applying for a whole bunch of things. That's why all the studying. 

But you're here for the outfit, so let me talk about the outfit !

It was not a very beautiful day outside. It was raining and cloudy and when the weather is like this I always go with boots. I have to admit that the whole outfit was put together around the jacket though. I never get to wear it here in Rio because it's always very hot so whenever I get the chance I take it. 

Leather Jacket - XOXO
Lace Top - Charlotte Russe 
Boots - Zara (also featured here)
Bag - Mango (also feature here)
Rings - Forever 21
Earrings - Forever 21

What did you guys think ? Would you wear it ? Did you like it ? 

Leave me your comments, suggestions, opinions, tips, hopes and dreams ! Your feedback is extremely important.

Thanks so much for stopping by ! 

- Michele Paco


  1. What a beautiful look; I'm obsessed with the top and the jacket, they match perfectly and look lovely in combination with your skin colour... :) I'm too white to wear white (:D), but would love a top like this one in another colour... :)
    Greets, Elena xx
    Mode, Fotografie, Inspiration - klick :P

    1. Thank you, Elena ! :)
      And I'm sure these kinds of tops sell everywhere, you can find it pretty easily in all the colors you want !

      Hope you'll come back soon.

  2. Love the outfit! I also love Starbucks' Chai Latte! Can't get enough of it! I haven't tried their muffins, but they sound delicious! <3

    1. Thanks you, Nicole !

      And you should definitely try their muffins they're awesome ! :)

  3. What a beautiful outfit and the lace top is gorgeous! I am looking forward to wearing boots, never got the chance to wear one here. Well, it's too hot in Malaysia to be rocking boots. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you, Shireen !

      And you're lucky you don't need to wear boots ! I hate cold weather ! :)