October 30, 2014

NEW IN : Makeup Haul.


Last week I went out with my sister to do some shopping because she needed new shoes. I decided to join her just for the company and the hope of stopping at Starbucks to get an Iced Chai Latte (I'm a little obsessed with that drink). As always I wasn't planning on buying anything since I'm saving money for my trip in December.. but we stopped at Sephora and I was weak so you know how it goes. 

We also went to MAC because she was looking for a good red lipstick. And I was also very weak and did a little damage there. I justified it myself saying that the two items that I got were staples that I needed but to be honest.. nobody needs a new blush when they already got five going strong in their makeup drawer.

Enough with the rambling.. let's get to it ! 

// Dior Palette in Pink May //

This palette was kind of a gift. My boyfriend knew I wanted so he kind of gave me a "gift card" to spend it on that and I couldn't be happier. This is my first Dior makeup product and it's sooooo beautiful, I just like staring at it for long periods of time. 

The colors are so pigmented and completely out of my comfort zone. I only got is last week but I'm already in love and I used it almost everyday, which is a habit that I need to stop because I want this to last as much as possible. 

As far as recommending it, it is a great product and I'm very happy I got it. But it's expensive and I feel like you don't need a Dior palette to recreate the looks you can achieve with this one. 

I mean.. if you've got the money it's a great way to expend it but if you don't or you prefer to expend it in a different way I totally get you and that's probably what I would do if I hadn't gotten it as a gift. But it sure makes getting ready in the morning more fun. 

 // MAC Blush in Mocha // 
I've been eyeing this product for so long and I don't quite know why. It's a normal blush, nothing fancy or different about it, but it looks so good with my skin that I couldn't pass it up this time. 

As I said before I justified getting it to myself in all the ways possible but at the end I just really wanted so I got it. I haven't shopped for sooo long and my sister is not a very good company when it comes to shopping because when I'm in doubt she always says : Get it or you'll regret it ! 

Want it ? Get it here

// MAC Lipstick in Brave //

This was a repurchase for me. I already had it but my mom said she really really liked it so I just gave mine to her thinking I wouldn't miss it. But as it turns out I did miss it so I just got a new one with the Back To MAC deal. With my skin tone this color works as the perfect nude lipstick and I find myself reaching for it all the time. 

Want it ? Get it here.   

// Revlon Highlighter in Rose Glow //

I haven't opened this one yet because I'm not sure if I'm going to return it or not. At the store I thought I absolutely needed a highlighter but thinking about it now I'm not so sure. 

The colors are very beautiful and that's what attracted me to it in the first place. I also read a lot of good reviews about this online so I'm a little on the fence with this one. 

Get it here

Have you guys tried this ? Did it work for you ? Should I keep it ?  

// Smashbox Lip gloss in Pixel //

I got this lip gloss because I thought it went perfect with the Brave lipstick and it does the perfect "Kylie Jenner" look if you're into that. In my opinion it just creates a beautiful nude lip combo which I didn't have before.    

Want it ? Get it here.

These are just some of the things I've bought recently! I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any questions about the products don't hesitate to ask. I know I didn't get into much detail with this haul because I've only been using them for a week or so, maybe I'll do a more in depth review after I've been using them for longer. 

Have you bought anything cool recently?
Are you also weak when it comes to Sephora?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


October 29, 2014

Blogs I'm Loving ! #2


A couple of months ago I did a very similar post (the same actually) where I linked a couple of the blogs I was loving at the moment and said I'd be doing another one soon. Well, it's been 2 months.. But because you guys seemed to really like it and because I feel like these blogs are amazing and should all be recognize for their "amazingness" I decided to do a new one.

What blogs are you loving ? Do you know any of these ? 
Have you discovered any great blogs recently ?

So these are the blog that I'm loving at the moment. If you'd like to have your blog featured on the next post just comment below and feel free to leave your link so I can check it out or if you prefer you can just twitte me at @letmecrossover. I feel like the blogging community is all about sharing the love and spreading the word when you come across a blog that you like. We, as bloggers, know how hard it is to get people to come across our page so if I can help out on that you can bet your ass I will. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you'll come back soon ! 


October 27, 2014

Let Me Cross Over : London - Part III.

We arrived at the final part of my "London Experience". I know it took me awhile to finish this little series and there's no excuse other than life happens and I have a ton of stuff that needs to be done around this time of the year. Also, don't forget to check Part I and Part II if you haven't already. 

This part is going to be all about the "extra" and more "personal" things like a couple of clubs that I went, some pubs, not that famous parks, a little shopping and a lot of iPhone pictures. 

If you're still interested here I am, so let's tackle London ! 

London is by far one of the prettiest cities I've ever been too and I just love everything about it. The lights, the streets, the people, the stores and even the weather. And girl, if you're looking for a boyfriend.. so many beautiful blue eyes walking around.

Unfortunately we didn't go see The Lion King. But I thought it'd be cool to shre this picture because my cousin went to see it and she told be it's AMAZING so if you guys are in London you should definitely check out the prices and the schedule and see if you can see it. 

More information here

I bought this little coaster to all of my friends as a souvenir and they LOVED it, even the ones who already had a special someone. I just couldn't help myself and I thought it was so funny. They also had some different ones like "There's still one prince left" and some others.  

Being the major Disney fanatic I am I just had to go check out the store. And everything is sooooo cute. I don't know how they do it but in every Disney Store I go inside I just feel transported to the parks. We went to the one at Oxford Street if you were wondering. 

More information here.

You know how I mentioned on the Part II that we ate at a delicious chinese restaurant ? Well, I found this picture of one of the many plates I ate there and now I can tell you the name of the restaurant. It's Mr. Wu and just like I said before it's in China Town and the food was delicious.  

This picture was screaming Taylor Swift lyrics to me. I don't if you guys knew this but I'm a huge fan of hers and I think you all should know that she pretty much writes songs about my life (I wish..). But seriously, it's unbelievable how much her songs are relatable and if you're also a fan let me know on the comments so we can both know how awesome we are. If you don't like T-Swift it's not a problem.. you're also awesome. 

If you guys ever ate there you know what I'm talking about, and if you didn't go right now to see where is closest Five Guys to you and pay them a visit. I'm not a big hamburger fan but this restaurant changed my life. I loved the food, the decorations, the sodas (sooo many options) and the fact that you get to choose what you put on your burger. 

More information here

I've always wanted to try a traditional English Breakfast and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant we ate but I'm pretty sure you can kind this in a lot of pubs across the city. It's was incredibly delicious but I'm not quite sure if I could eat this everyday.. But then again, I don't think anyone could. 

Last but not least, London at night. I snapped this picture when we were leaving a club because I was shocked to see this view. The picture doesn't do it justice and I wish that every time I went out at night I could stumble upon this view.. You can see the London Eye all light up in the back. 

Have you even been to London ? Did you enjoy Part III ?
Leave me your thoughts in the comments, I really appreciate them !

Keep in mind that you can keep up with all my traveling and the places I've been too on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And if you do check out the links please say Hiiii ! 

Thank you so much for reading and I'm sorry it took so long to put up Part III. 

October 25, 2014

20 Things To Do In My Twenties.


First of all I have to say that I was completely inspired by the lovely Rachel (her blog is AMAZING and you should definitely go check it out) and her post "30 before 30" where she established 30 things that she would like to do before turning 30. 

I thought that this was a great idea so I decided to mix things up a little (not really) and come up with 20 things I'd like to conquer while I'm still in my twenties. I know I've got plenty of time (I'm only 21) and I could probably (I hope so at least..) get more things done but I decided to narrow it down to just the important stuff to share with you guys today.

Let's get personal ! 

1. Get married
I consider myself a very independent woman and I'm always the first one to tell all my friends that they don't need a man to be happy, because they really don't. And to be completely honest I've never really thought about marriage before meeting my boyfriend. But I don't know.. meeting him made me see certain things in a different way and now I totally see the point of tying the knot. I see it as a way of building a life together and getting a partner for life who will help you (and you'll help them) to find the things you've always wanted.

2. Move out of my parents house
I cannot stress how much I want to move out. I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea.. I have amazing parents who support me on everything I do. Seriously, if I say tomorrow that I want to become president they will start planning my campaign. But I think you just get to an age where it's time, I'm ready to be independent and get my own little space (because if I do get my own space you can bet it's going to be little).     

3. Get a job that inspires me
Because if I do need to be somewhere from nine to five I want it to be worthy, I want to see results from what I'm doing and hopefully make a difference in the world. I know it's a long shot and you'll probably think I'm so naive but it's true.

4. Be independent
Emotionally, financially and in all the ways that I can. I don't want to rely on anyone to feel complete or to live. 

5. Finish college
It's about time. I'm ready to leave and to start a new journey, I feel like I already learned everything that they had to taught me and now I'm just there doing the hours..

6. Start a master
Because there is no such thing as too much education and I do see myself becoming a teacher in the future. 

7. Visit all the continents
If you don't know this by now.. Hello, you must be new here. Traveling is one of my great passions and seeing all the continents has always been a big dream of mine.

8. Find a routine that makes me happy
It's not like I'm miserable right now but I could be happier. I know I have a very fortunate life but I have to say that it's not exactly how I  wanted. I do believe that happiness is choice and I've been doing some little changes here and there to see if I get to where I want to be.  

9. Learn to relax
Or meditate.. I need to learn how shut it all off and just breath. 

10. Save more money
I think this is all about being a more conscious buyer and stop spending money on clothes because I honestly don't need half of what I have. 

11. Keep blogging
Blogging is something I started as hobby and I ended up enjoying it more than I should. It's such a cool way to meet new people who share the same interests as me and to connect with bloggers from all over the world. I don't think I'll ever be able to call this a profession but I don't see myself stopping any time soon. It's just something that makes me happy. 

12. Control my anxiety
I feel like nowadays everybody has anxiety problems and it's probably because of this fast passed world that we leave in. I don't have extremely bad anxiety but sometimes I have a hard time going to bed, specially when I know that there's something new waiting for me on the next day. 

13. Learn an instrument
Because why not ? And I think serenading someone is one of the most romantic and cheesy things in the world. 

14. Teach something 
I think that sharing knowledge is so important and I plan on doing this in some sort of volunteer work.   

15. Watch the Aurora Boreal
Because it must be simply magical. 

16. Do something new everyday
I'm not talking about doing something completely new but just spicing up my life like going to a new coffee shop, going for a run in a new location.. Simple things, just so you won't get stuck in a rut.  

17. Develop a healthy lifestyle
It's sooooo hard but not impossible. I've been eating more healthy and hopefully I'll be able to continue like this long enough to become a habit. 

18. Get a bike 
This is me trying to make an effort to develop a better lifestyle and hopefully stop using my car so much. 

19. Read more
I usually read a lot for school which leaves me no time to read for pleasure because when I take a break from studying I want to get as far away from books as I can. But this week I started the "If I Stay" book which I mentioned on my previous post and so far I'm really liking it. 

20. Go outside more
Nowadays we're almost obliged to use the computer at least once a day. In my case, with school, looking for a job and writing a blog I'm pretty much online all day everyday. And that's just bad for my mind and my body, plus I really enjoy going for walks and sometimes running outside.

What are some of the things that you want to do ?
Leave them in the comments or if you'd like make a blog/video about it. 

I think it would be a great idea to make this into some sort of a TAG. In my opinion it's great to establish some goals and to just stop for awhile and reflect on what do we really want in the future and the path we're taking.   

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you on the next one !


October 23, 2014

Links I'm Loving #3.


I don't remember if I talked about this guy before in my previous My Favorite Youtubers post but this man is sooo funny. This video got me laughing and at the same agreeing with everything that he said. If you're looking for a good laugh I highly recommend checking out his channel. And if you do it'd be great if you told him that I sent you. 

I don't know if you guys noticed but I recently did a little blogmakeover and one of the many things I changed were the links that appear at the end of the page to guide you through the older and newer posts. It's such an easy tutorial that I learned with Elaine over at Xomisse.

Another thing that I added up on the blog on my recent makeover was the Instagram Gadget. I incorporated it right at the end and I think it's a cool away to show your social media other than just pasting the link somewhere. The process is pretty much self explanatory and you can probably do this in less then 5 min.

I discovered this website through a youtuber and now I can't remember her name (I really should start writing this things down.) but I thought the idea behind this website was soo cool. It's a way for you to shop high end brands but in a much cheaper way. The items over there were used which might scare off some people but I think that if you take a look over there you can find some really cool pieces and in very good quality. I never shopped there but I'm really tempted.

| If I stay

I've mentioned it on my Movies I'm Looking For To Watching that I really wanted to see If I Stay, but I decided that if I already waited for so long I can wait a little more and read the book for first. And I'm LOVING it. I have to tell you that the history is really sad but I loved the author's writing and the way she is telling the story. If you guys are looking for a easy and fast reading I highly recommend it, the book is pretty short and I'm just flying trough the pages. 

What are some of the links you are loving ? Do you have something to recommend ? Have you read If I Stay ? Did you like it ?
Your feedback is extremely important and I love hearing from you !

These are the links I'm loving this week. I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe discovered some cool things. 

Do you have any links to share?

Let's hang out!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!

October 21, 2014

HOW TO : Breakfast For Lunch.


I don't think I've mentioned here on the blog before but I'm a Pesto Sauce fanatic. You can even ask my boyfriend.. when we were living in France everything that I cooked I managed to put a little bit of this amazing sauce in it. 

So with almost a year experiencing with this delicacy (pesto is a delicacy ?) I learned how to incorporate it in a lot of delicious dishes and today I thought I'd share one of my favorites. I know in a lot of countries Omelets are considered a breakfast food but I usually eat it for lunch.. probably because I'm never really hungry in the morning. 

Shall we cook ?

Basic Ingredients :

These are the main ingredients but since it's an omelette you can do it with pretty much whatever you want or with whatever you have on your fridge. There are also some other things we're gonna use it but those are entirely up to you like salt, bread, some parmesan cheese or any other cheese you'd like and some green leaves, I used spinach.

Directions :

1. Crack two eggs on a bowl
I like doing this step because sometimes the eggs could be bad or something so it's something my mom always told to do so I do it. 

2. Chop Chop Chop
Now you chop all your ingredients. If you're using any kind of special cheese or in my case a diced the tomatoes and chopped some cilantro leaves to give a little extra flavor. You can always add onions, garlic, maybe even some mushrooms with you'd like. 

3. Mix it up
In this step you just have to mix the eggs, the cilantro leaves, salt and pepper to make the "body" of the omelette. 

4. Put it in the pan
Here your just gonna put your mixture into the pan and wait for it to cook. Just don't forget to put some butter or olive oil first so things don't stick to the pan. 

5. Let it cook 
Here we just wait for the eggs to cook and hopefully if you're able to you can flip them over. I tried and tried but I never succeed !

6. Fill it up
Now it's time to put everything you want on the inside. As I said before I went with some spinach leaves, baby tomatoes and parmesan cheese. And after you just close it up and wait a little for the cheese to melt. 

Do you have any quick recipes to share ? Did you like it ?
Do you share my love for pesto sauce ?

Let me know on the comments you thoughts, opinions and suggestions !

If you guys get the chance to try this at home make sure to let me know here or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I love hearing from you guys over there.

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon ! 


October 19, 2014

31 Things I Love About Halloween.

Inspired by all this Fall/Halloween madness I've been seeing all over the inter webs I thought that it'd be fun to share with you guys my favorite things about this season so you'll also share with me in the comments and we'll all bond over this.. or not, you decide ! 

1. Halloween Videos 
Even though Halloween is not very popular here and we don't really dress up I loooooove all those dark makeup tutorials and I secretly try them out even if I'm not dressing up for a party. 
2. Dressing Up 
I love dressing up but as I said before I don't get to do that lot where I live. 
3. The Candy
Halloween candy is best. That's all I have to say !
4. Hot Chocolate
                            And getting to drink it in one of my special mugs.      
                                                   5. Scary Books
  Zoombie Fall Out Series and Feed.
6. Pumpkin Everything
Because who doesn't love a Pumpkin Spiced Latte ? 
7. Sweater Weather 
Legging + Comfy Sweaters + Boots = Happy Michele.
8. Fall/Halloween Decorations 
9. Wacthing Spooky Movies 
10. Over The Knee Socks With Boots
11. The Feeling That The Year Is Almost Over 
I know a lot of people don't like having this feeling but I do. The end of the year is always my favorite time, all my family is in vacation from work so we always do something together. Usually we do a family trip but if we can't we just stay lounging around the house watching movies and going to the mall.. it's silly but I love it.  
12. Spending Time With My Friends
13. Haunted Houses
14. Getting to Watch Hocus Pocus

Who else was mind blowned when they discovered that the blond witch was Carrie Bradshaw ? 
I loooove this movie and I only allow myself to watch it around this time of the year.. I already watched it 4000 times but I still laugh of all the jokes. 
15. Scented Candles
             16. Costume Parties            
Any excuse to throw a party I'll take it. If I lived by myself you can bet I'd be a throwing the best Halloween Party around town. 
17. Festive Pastries At Our Local Coffee Shop
18. Shopping
19. Sitting By The Fire
20. Hot Tea
21. Going For Walks When It's Chilly Outside
22. Getting Cozy On The Couch With A Blanket
23. Singing "I Put A Spell On You"
24. Getting Costumes For Kitty
25. Salted Caramel Everything
26. Comforting Food
27. Caramel Apples
28. The Colors
29. Carving Pumpkins
30. Making Crab Soup With My Mom
31. Having Free Time To Experience It All

What are the things that you love about Halloween ?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one. 


October 16, 2014

Sex Abuse On Youtube.


I wasn't going to say anything about this here on the blog mostly because I'm not on YouTube. But then I started thinking that it's not just because I'm not a part of that "online community" that I shouldn't say anything at all. What happened was beyond wrong and disgusting so I think we (not as women but as humans) should stand up for each other and raise as much awareness as we can when we see a problem that needs to be solved.   

If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm gonna give a brief overview. I don't know how it all started but I'm gonna begin with Sam Pepper. I don't know if you guys know him or not.. I certainly did not. He's supposed to be doing comedy/prank videos on his channel and among a lot of inappropriate videos his most recent one stood out. In this video he is grabbing women's ass on the street and pretending it wasn't him. Seriously ? In which planet is this funny ? If a stupid dude came next to be and grabbed my ass on the street I would punch him so hard in the face. This is not only inappropriate, rude, stupid, immature and disrespectful  but it portraits this behavior as funny and normal which isn't. And if you consider that this person has over 2 million subscribers and the majority of them are teenagers you can image what kind of image it sends to them. 

Not only he put up these disturbing videos but he has also been involved in a lot of rumors of sexual abuse. Now you can see that the victims are coming out and telling their stories on social media (YouTube and Tumbler - for what I've seen.) to raise awareness so other girls won't have to go through what they went and to make him face the consequences for what he's done. The allegations range from online abuse and manipulation to actual physical assault and they imply that he was taking advantage of his "fame" and the fact that those young fans idolized him to manipulate them into engaging in sexual relations with him. What kind of person would do that ? I seriously hope he faces legal consequences for that. I know that his management team dropped him and that he's been banned from big YouTube events like Playlist and Vidcon, but that's not enough. I know it's hard and I can only imagine what this victims are going through at this point but they need come forth. His actions can not go unpunished. I hope the victims are brave enough to do so and to hopefully press charges if they feel the need. 

Another youtuber who was also involved in a similar situation was Alex Day. The allegations to him were that he manipulated fans, ex-girlfriends and friends emotionally and/or sexually. He did an "apology" video where in my opinion he tries to turn the situation around and make us feel sorry for what he has been going through. SERIOUSLY ? I cannot believe how people put themselves into these positions. You being a "public figure" with so many followers and subscribers.. How hard is it not be a douchebag ? How hard is it to respect people ? To be a nice person ? I do this everyday and I have to say that it's not hard at all. There's no excuse to being manipulative and overall a bad person. A lot of youtubers and fans already stated that his videos are not welcomed anymore and no one wants to watch it. 

Sexual abuse comes in all the shapes and forms and affects all kinds of people so if you feel in any way harmed, manipulated or wronged by someone you should speak up. This is not right or normal and it most certainly is not ok and it is a big deal. Being a young woman myself I can totally relate to that. Fortunately I've never been a victim of sexual abuse but I have been in a manipulative relationship in the past and I know how hard it is to even realize at the moment that you're being manipulated. Fortunately things didn't evolve and I was able to cut it short before they did. 

We need to keep in mind (mostly young girls) that youtubers/bloggers/famous people are not always nice and a good person. We only see what they want us to see. I know YouTube gives us the idea that we know the person and that they're our friends but the truth is that they aren't. Everybody has a bad side that they're not gonna showcase it on camera. I have no doubt that there are some youtubers that are genuinely nice and overall a good person but we can't extend that thinking to all of them just like we can't do this in "real life". 

I know this post was huge but I just had a lot of things to get out of my chest. I'm gonna link now some good videos for you to check out if you want to get more information on the matter: 

I now invite you to take a stand and speak up about this issue wherever you feel like.. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or on a blog. It's important to raise awareness and to prevent other victims to go through this. 

Thanks so much for reading. 


October 15, 2014

Things That I Just Don't Get.


This post is going to a easy breezy one.. just for us to laugh a little, very laid back and also to see if I'm really very irritable like one of my closest friends just told when I called her this afternoon just to vent about traffic. 

And this just brings me to my first point..

Slow Drivers 

I know that everybody drives the speed they want to.. as long as it's on or above the speed limit, right ? I seriously don't get it.. I mean.. You're not helping any one, you're just pissing everybody off and increasing the chance of accident if you're on a highway because you're expected to be driving on a certain speed limit. And if you don't have anywhere else you have to be.. Guess what ? Other people have things to do and lives completely detached from yours so just get your s#!t together and pedal to the metal, mister !


I know you might be thinking I'm so naive and people just cheat. But seriously, what kind of f#$%! up world we live in where cheating someone's trust is acceptable and considered normal. Nobody forced you into having a boyfriend/girlfriend so if you're not interested in the relationship anymore and it doesn't make up happy just BREAK UP. 

Rude Employees 

I not only don't get this but it also drives me crazy. You're there to make a sale, it's your job to help me out and make me feel comfortable enough to make the purchase which is going to benefit you at the end. 

And having this teenage looking face doesn't help at all when I'm shopping and I can actually see in their faces the look of "this 16 year old is not going to buy anything.." I mean.. COME ON !

Social Media Bullies

I follow a lot of youtubers and bloggers on Twitter and Instagram and every time I go through the comments there's always someone commenting something like "whore", "slut" or "bitch" and the first thing that comes to mind is : SERIOUSLY ? The girl/guy has over 2 million followers and do you really think your stupid comments will get to him ? Come oon..

And I also don't understand the need to bring someone down just because they're successful and famous (jealous, much ?). Bullying people on the internet is not going to make you a better person, give you the success you want or make the person you're bullying less successful. So stop bitching behind a computer screen and work for your own success.  

People Who Use 2 Parking Spots

I don't know how important you think you're but nothing justifies taking up two parking spots.. It's just rude and selfish. I shows that you don't care about anyone but yourself and I simply can't understand why everyone would ever do that. 

People Who Arrive Late

Again.. same thing as before. It's just disrespectful ! I was told that you can never waste anyone's time with you because it's the only thing you can't pay them back.  

Couple's Fighting in Public

You can't wait until you arrive in your house or even inside your car. My mom taught me to never make a scene in public..

Which things you don't get ? Do you agree ? 
I really want to know if I'm alone or not on this topics so please don't 
leave me hanging and share your thoughts with me on the comments ! 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on the next one !