October 9, 2014

Links I'm Loving #2

Since today I'm super busy 'cause I have a very important exam tomorrow but I still wanted to post something here on the blog I decided to do this quick post. I've been collecting this links for a week now so I also thought it'd be best to share them already 'cause if you'e interested in anything I want you to be able to get it. 

| Romwe |

I found this store recently on Youtube in someone's haul and I decided to check it out because the items where so cute and the girl (can't remember who) said it was free shipping. And I have to say I did not regret it. The pieces are a little pricier then Forever21 for example but overall I really like the website. 

I feel in love with these boots and the best part it that they're on sale right now for only $30 ! 

This website is AMAZING, seriously amazing. You just go over there and you check all the items you have on your fridge and they will give you options of what you can cook with the ingredients you have at the moment. Perfect for students on a budget specially at the end of the month where you feel like you have nothing in your fridge. I've been using it since I've found about it and I love it. 

These are just the cutest. My boyfriend got me one last year and I think it's just so adorable. It always makes me happy in the morning when I putting my contacts and it gives a nice little touch to your bathroom decoration. It's my sister's birthday next week so I got one for her in pink to give it along with her other gifts. 

I love this book channel so much and this girl is awesome. Every time I watch her videos she makes me want to read 50 more books. She does great reviews, tags and bounch of different things so her videos never get boring. She became my go to person when it comes to book, before I buy any I always check to see if she's already done a review or if she included on haul.  

Can you tell I'm on a cooking kick lately ?

This website or blog (however you want to call it) has the best recipes ever. I've been having so much following along the directions and making new delicious dishes. Because in my opinion, if you already need to consume the calories, might as well be with something delicious.. 

Do you have any links I should check out ?
As always leave your thoughts and suggest in the comments.
Your feedback is extremely important ! 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post and found some cool new things to try. Also if you'd like to check the previous one you can do so by clicking here

Thanks so much for stopping buy and I hope you'll come back soon ! 



  1. Replies
    1. Hey, Avy !

      Thanks for the tips.. I just checked it out and also your blog ! They're really great ! :)

  2. If you like Romwe, you need to check out OASAP. It's similar but I find their items are better quality.

    Corinne x

    1. Hii, Corinne !

      Thanks for the tip and I will definitely check out that store ! If I go broke I blame you..

  3. Replies
    1. I know.. right ? I've been obsessed with boots lately but I need control myself because here in Rio we're going into summer ! hhahahaha

  4. These are some great links, thanks for sharing! Love the cooking ones especially :D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Amy ! :)

  5. I'm glad knowing that i'm not the only with a boot obsession... And im gonna check out some of the recipes webs that you gave to prepare some new meals this next week

    Jenny :D

    1. Hey, Jenny ! If you're looking for new recipes those websites are awesome.. tell me if they work out for you after ! :)