October 15, 2014

Things That I Just Don't Get.


This post is going to a easy breezy one.. just for us to laugh a little, very laid back and also to see if I'm really very irritable like one of my closest friends just told when I called her this afternoon just to vent about traffic. 

And this just brings me to my first point..

Slow Drivers 

I know that everybody drives the speed they want to.. as long as it's on or above the speed limit, right ? I seriously don't get it.. I mean.. You're not helping any one, you're just pissing everybody off and increasing the chance of accident if you're on a highway because you're expected to be driving on a certain speed limit. And if you don't have anywhere else you have to be.. Guess what ? Other people have things to do and lives completely detached from yours so just get your s#!t together and pedal to the metal, mister !


I know you might be thinking I'm so naive and people just cheat. But seriously, what kind of f#$%! up world we live in where cheating someone's trust is acceptable and considered normal. Nobody forced you into having a boyfriend/girlfriend so if you're not interested in the relationship anymore and it doesn't make up happy just BREAK UP. 

Rude Employees 

I not only don't get this but it also drives me crazy. You're there to make a sale, it's your job to help me out and make me feel comfortable enough to make the purchase which is going to benefit you at the end. 

And having this teenage looking face doesn't help at all when I'm shopping and I can actually see in their faces the look of "this 16 year old is not going to buy anything.." I mean.. COME ON !

Social Media Bullies

I follow a lot of youtubers and bloggers on Twitter and Instagram and every time I go through the comments there's always someone commenting something like "whore", "slut" or "bitch" and the first thing that comes to mind is : SERIOUSLY ? The girl/guy has over 2 million followers and do you really think your stupid comments will get to him ? Come oon..

And I also don't understand the need to bring someone down just because they're successful and famous (jealous, much ?). Bullying people on the internet is not going to make you a better person, give you the success you want or make the person you're bullying less successful. So stop bitching behind a computer screen and work for your own success.  

People Who Use 2 Parking Spots

I don't know how important you think you're but nothing justifies taking up two parking spots.. It's just rude and selfish. I shows that you don't care about anyone but yourself and I simply can't understand why everyone would ever do that. 

People Who Arrive Late

Again.. same thing as before. It's just disrespectful ! I was told that you can never waste anyone's time with you because it's the only thing you can't pay them back.  

Couple's Fighting in Public

You can't wait until you arrive in your house or even inside your car. My mom taught me to never make a scene in public..

Which things you don't get ? Do you agree ? 
I really want to know if I'm alone or not on this topics so please don't 
leave me hanging and share your thoughts with me on the comments ! 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on the next one ! 



  1. AAARGH! Taking up two parking spaces!!! So horrible!
    hahaha Thanks for the laugh today!
    :) Alice

  2. I'm happy you enjoyed it, Alice ! :)

  3. This post made me chuckle, haha! I cannot for the life of me understand slow drivers and social media bullies. But then again, everyone is brave hiding behind the keyboard, eh?

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know, right ? It's just ridiculous..

  4. Wow. I love your blog design. And I definitely agree with every single unreasonable thing you mentioned, except maybe the stuff about driving because I can't drive yet. But yeah, it all sounds annoying, ESPECIALLY those little green faced social media bullies. Ahh... how I love ranting. Thanks for giving me a reason to do so.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks for stopping by, M ! Social media bullies are the worst.. they really should stop and get a life !