November 29, 2014

What Are You Grateful For ?


If I'm being 100% honest here we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in my country (we do have Black Friday though) but I thought that with the holidays coming and the end of the year celebrations and all it would only be fair the slow it down a little bit and think about the things that really matter and all the amazing things that happened in our lives this year. 

Being a part of this whole "internet beauty and fashion" community we all get really caught up in the latest eye shadows and clothing trends and tend to forget what really matters in life. So today I decided to take a break from it all and just say a huuuuuge Thank You to all of you who read and follow the blog. 

I know I don't have big following base but I grateful for each and everyone of you who take the time out of your days to sit down and read all my ramblings. It means the world to me that I'm not the only one who enjoys my little space on the internet and I hope I get to interact and speak, at least, a little bit with you guys that's why I always ask you to comment so I can put at least a name to numbers I see on the Stats Page. 

Although I'm really thankful for you guys there are also a couple more things that make me feel so lucky to be alive everyday, like my family, Kitty, my boyfriend, this blog, all my amazing friends, my home, all the places I got to visit this year and the list goes on and on.

In this time of the year I get a little sentimental and emotional and I don't really know why. It's just the best season ever, we get to spend time with our families, listen to Christmas songs, everybody is happy, there is presents, no work and great food.. Put all of that together and you get an extremely happy Michele.

I'm sorry if I'm not making a lot of sense in the post but I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all of you and to remind you to always be grateful for what you have and the people that you have in your life. So just go hug your closest loved one and tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life and leave me a comment so I can personally thank you for being here and being awesome. 

What are you grateful for the most this year ?


November 26, 2014

Products I've Used Up | Empties.

I don't know about you guys but Empties posts make me happy. I just love writing them, reading them and also that accomplishment feeling I get when I finish a product. I know.. I'm weird !

And I also, I'm gonna lie this month's empties are pretty exciting 'cause I've finished up some makeup products and some hair stuff that I was just dying to finish so I could buy new ones. Since I have a small problem with hoarding makeup/skincare/hair products (bloggers problems) I've decided to implement a rule in my life : One in, One out. And that means that if I want to buy a new lipstick for example I need to finish one or give it away, usually, to my mom or my sister. 

I know it's a little extreme and I don't know how long this is going to last but things were getting a little out of control around here. The good part is that it gets me using beauty products more often and also makes me rediscover somethings that were forgotten in the bottom of my draws. 

Let's get to the emptieeees !


1. Clean & Clear's Spot Treatment

I'm usually very skeptical about this spot treatments. But once I was traveling with my sister (I think we were in Barcelona) I got a huge pimple on my nose and it looked ridiculous so I had to at least give it try and it kind of worked. It didn't clear out my skin completely in the time it claims to do but it really helped with the redness and the swollen. 

Get it here !

2. Avon's Renew Eyeshadow

I think I've had this eyeshadow for more or less 5 years. I've hated it ever since I bought it but I don't know why I just couldn't throw it out. I t just didn't work at all. It's supposed to be a creamy eyeshadow base but it clumps like crazy, even with the powder shadow on top so I just gave up one it.   

3. Neutrogena's Eye Makeup Remover

I feel like everyone has this makeup remover and for a reason. It's cheap, removes makeup very well and it seems like it lasts forever. It probably took me one year to finish this little bottle and I used it pretty much everyday. I love it and I already have another one in use and a backup. 

Get it here !

4. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Another staple in my makeup cabinets. This makeup remover is also great and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's a little bit more expensive that the Neutrogena, removes all your makeup, I really enjoyed the scent and when it doesn't sting the eyes which is always a plus for me since I have very sensitive skin around the eyes. If you prefer creamy makeup removers this is the one to go. 

Get it here !


5. Cetaphil's Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

I'm still working on the samples a friend of my sister gave to us but this product is AMAZING. I love all Cetaphil products and I would recommend it to everyone because I feel like it works for all skin types, specially if you suffer from dry skin. This moisturizer is great because it only moisturizer your face but it protects it and it works great with makeup.. It makes your face less powdery and it gives a little more glow. It's a little bit on the pricier side but to me it's completely worthy, as soon as I'm done with the samples I'm going full size.  

Get it here

6. Revlon's Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

I love the formula of these but this color was not my favorite. It had a little bit of glitter and it just didn't suit my skin tone. I made it work with some lip gloss and it turned out as a great everyday lip combo. I wouldn't repurchase this color in particular again but as I said before I love this formula and I love the other colors that I have, specially Peach Parfait

Get it here

7. Elf's Eyebrow Kit in Medium

This is literally the only brow product I need in my life and I love this to pieces. It's super inexpensive (specially when you compare it to others), the colors matches my brows perfectly, I love the consistency of the waxy part and I even use the powder that it comes with as an eyeshadow. This is the first one that I've finished but I already have 2 backups in my makeup draw. 

Get it here

8. Avon's Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment

This thing is a life saver. I know it's not supposed to make your hair straight but that's what happens to mine (I have a slightly wavy hair), it seriously looks like I just got my hair blown out in a salon. 

Get it here or here !

9. Aussie's Moist Conditioner

I don't know what was going on in my mind when I thought that buying almost 1L of conditioner was a good idea but I actually really like this conditioner, it just took forever to finish. It leaves your hair smelling amazing and shiny. Nothing incredible but an over all 4 starts in my book and I will buy it again eventually.

Get it here !


10. L'Oreal Ever Strong Hair Mask

My sister was the one who bought this mask but when she left it here when she moved out so I starting to use just because it kept looking at me in the shower and taking up space. I didn't follow the instructions, I just mixed it with my everyday conditioner and it worked pretty well with my hair. It smells great and it really helped with my dry ends. I would highly recommend it if you have bleached hair (I bleached my ends to do some Ombree) and I would definitely repurchase it, I just have to go through all the other hair masks that are collecting water in my shower.

Get it here !

11. Avon's Kohl Eyeliner (old packaging)

I love Avon's products but this one was just awful. It was dry and I could get it to work on my eyes. I'm no makeup expert but I thought Kohl Eyeliners were supposed to be smooth and smokey. 

12. Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Lip Gloss 

I love everything about this lip gloss. It has a great staying power, it gives that cool and tingling sensation on the lips and it comes in a lot of shades. This one that I finished it not my favorite but I overall enjoyed using it. 

Get my favorite shade here ! 

13. Avon's Eyeliner in Black 

I hated this one. I think this eyeliner is from the cheaper line Avon makes, because I have a different one that I absolutely love so I think I got confused when I was buying this one. 

14. Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourish Shampoo

I don't see a lot of bloggers talking about Victoria's Secret products and it's such a shame because I really like them, specially the hair stuff. Every time I use this it looks like I just got out of the salon and it smells wonderful. I know it's a little bit expensive but to me it's worthy and I just use it on special occasions, not everyday because unfortunately I'm not rich yet. 

 What are your recent empties ?
If you've done a recent empties post please link it in 
the comments because I love reading them.

I hope you're all having an amazing day and thank you so much for stopping by.


November 24, 2014

Links I'm Loving ! #4

Here is another installment of the Links I'm Loving. If you're new around here this is a little "series" of posts that I make usually two times a month or more (depending on the awesome stuff I find online) where I share with you guys exactly that.. the awesome stuff I find online.  

I don't know if you guys knew this about me but I'm a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift. Since she released Tears Drops On My Guitar I was hooked. So you can only imagine how excited I was to listen the new songs and let me tell you something she never disappoints. I loved every single song but Blank Space just has a special place in my heart. The music video is AMAZING and I loved how she took a negative situation (the media portraying her as a serial dater) and turned it into a hit song. 

And I'm not gonna lie.. I kinda related to the lyrics since pretty much all my ex lovers will tell you I'm insane ! (I'm kidding, or am I ?)

I found this video on 9gagTV and I thought it was so cool. Hannah Witton does a great job analyzing this stupid question that pretty much every girl asks her friends when they are getting ready to go out. From that she starts a great discussion about what the word slut really means. I don't know if everyone is going to enjoy it, but I found it extremely interesting.

I always wondered how people left the clickable link to their blogs on the comments, so I did a little reasearch and I found exactly what I needed over at Sweet Electric. Everything related to HTML for the blog you can find there and Zoe (the author) explains it so well it makes it look easy.  

This website is so cool. You just go over there and while setting up your account they will ask you to put down your interests like fashion, cooking or health for example. And then it will just make you stumble upon different websites related to your interests. I think it's such a cool idea and I find myself going there all the time. And the best part is that it's also an App !

And to all my bloggers out there you can also add your blog over there so more people will stumble upon it and you'll get more traffic. Yeeeey ! 

Yes, another traveling website that claims to find the cheapest hotel rates ever. But this one is not for the poor (not poor, on a budget) travelers like me.. This one is all about the luxury suits and honeymoon destinations. It says that it gives you 70% discount.. I can't say for sure because I haven't done my research to check but all you have to do to sign up is writing down your email address and it's a 100% free so you don't loose anything by checking it out. 

Do you have any links to share ? Are you also a T-Swift fan ? 

I hope you guys liked the links and if you'd like to see the past Links I Loved you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading ! :)

November 21, 2014

Have Courage and Be Kind.

I don't know if you guys saw the new Cinderella movie trailer that Disney just released but it gave me goosebumps. It's absolutely perfect and I have no idea how they hit the spot with every single movie they make. Needless to say that I loved every single part of that little teaser and I'm already super excited to watch the movie. 

Although I could spend hours here writing about Disney movies and how much I loved pretty much all of them, today I want to talk about the message that got stuck in my head after watching it. 
Nowadays is getting harder and harder to find kindness in this world, specially in the online community. I saw a lot of famous bloggers and youtubers talking about this so I decided to butt in a little and give my opinion about the whole situation. 

The majority of them were complaining about the way people behave online, but I think the behavior people portrait online is a consequence of the way they behave in person. There has been a lack o kindness in general, not only online.

Now and then we hear chocking news, kids taking guns to school, excessive bullying and hate crimes and whatnot. But on a less negative/extreme note, when was the last time you said "Good Morning", "How Is It Going ?" or even "Thank You" to the doorman of your building or to the girl that makes your coffee everyday on Starbucks. 

In our society kindness is a rare commodity and if you put that together with the anonymity that internet provides you have a recipe for disaster. When reading the comments on the blog posts that these girls made I honestly got chocked. People were saying that just because you have a certain amount of subscribers or followers you need to get used to that kind of judgment and negativity coming your way. Really ?!

No matter how many subscribers a person has it's never ok to call her horrible names and to point out all the flaws YOU think they have. Everybody has a mirror in the house and they edit their videos or their pictures before uploading so they know how they look. 

And I actually don't understand this, if you don't like the person WHY do you follow her or read her blog ? Let's be reasonable, if you're not enjoying what she's uploading there's trillions of people other you can follow. That's the beauty of Internet !

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but some people need to understand that their opinion is not always a gift to humanity and you're not making anyone a favor by verbalizing it.

For all of you who are keeping the internet and the world a kind and good place by making small gestures of kindness everyday I'd like to say thank you and to ask you to keep going, the world needs more people like you. 

What do you think about this topic ? Do you agree ? 
Have you dealt with online negativity ?


Thank you so much for reading !


November 19, 2014

Misconceptions Of A Long Distance Relationship.

The first thing people ask me when I tell them my boyfriend lives in Spain and I live in Brazil is : Buuut.. how do you guys do it ? You must reeeeally trust him !

I really do trust him a lot but I don't understand why people feel like just because we're living in different countries right now it means that I need to trust him more than I would trust a theoretical boyfriend that would live in the same neighborhood as me. Because girls.. If a guy wants to cheat on you, he will. It doesn't matter if you live in the same house or in different continents.

I've only been dating Sebastian for a year now and you guys would not believe the amount of judgment I've got in the beginning from my "friends" and a couple of family members. Even my dad thought it was a little weird at first (and I don't blame him) but after we showed him we were serious he kinda thought it was pretty awesome that we were mature enough to know how to deal with this and how to plan a future together. 

But anyway.. Given this whole "story of my life" speech I just gave you I thought it would be fun to share a couple of questions and remarks people have made about our relationship that could not more wrong or even pretty weird. 

Someone Is Cheating

And usually people tell me this implying that I'm the one being cheated on because if anyone is going to be played in the relationship is the girl, right ? Hell NO. I honestly believe that some people just don't use their brains. Why only the boy would cheat ? Why the girl is always the innocent ? And most importantly : Why someone has to cheat ? 

We are already dealing with the distance and keeping a commitment to each other because we love each other and don't want to be with anyone else right now. We are not just playing around and spending large amounts of money to see each other just because we don't have anything to do. 

And also, the moment we stop loving and not wanting to be in the relationship anymore I trust him and the trusts me to put an end to it. So why would we ADULTS cheat ? It just doesn't make sense to me !

You're Gonna Miss Him So Much Will Be Depressed

Seriously ? I miss him everyday but I'm in this relationship because it makes me happy, so how can I be depressed ? I think some people forget that the moment a relationship is not being positive and it's making you cry more than it's making you laugh it's time to go. 

There's No Future

Another thing that sometimes people forget is that there's no point in being in a relationship if you don't see a future. If I'm still with him is because we not only see a future together but we're working towards that. When people say that to me I just want to scream : Hello, welcome to an adult relationship !

You Do Naughty Things On Skype

A friend of mine said that to me right around the time celebrity nudes were leaking. First I was shocked and second I could not stop laughing. I know a lot of people use their webcam for devious purposes but.. Why would you assume that I do that too ?

First of all, I wouldn't recommend recording private moments even for married couples. You may know your boyfriend/husband a lot and trust him with your life but you can't tell the future. You can't possible know what's going to happen a couple of years from now and a sex tape is perfect for revenge purposes. People can get crazy with jealously or a friend of him can perfectly be browsing around his computer/phone and find it.

In my humble opinion sex is something private that should be shared between two (or how many people you'd like - we don't judge) consenting adults inside four walls. I'm not saying that it's something sacred and you should marry a virgin, but it's important and you shouldn't treat it like a game. I don't know if I'm making sense, I hope I am. 

You Can't Know How He's Like In Real Life

Just because we Skype is not real life ? We speak every single day for at least one or two hours and we talk pretty much everything we did that day and what we will do the next one. How is this not real life ? 

Some people forget that we started this when we were both living in the some building so I know how he's like in "real life" and that's why I fell in love with him so this argument is completely ridiculous. 

We're Getting Married For Sure

As much as I love him and, like I said before, see a future with him I have no idea with we are getting married or not, anything can happen. When I'm talking about future and what we're going to do after college with my friends they all seem to be completely sure that I don't have to worry about anything because I'm going to marry Sebastian.. hahahahaa As much as I would like that very very much I don't have ring on my finger and no one got down on one knee so relax, people !

Are you in a long distance relationship ?
 Do you have any advice ? What do you think about it ?
Please leave me your thoughts on the comments, I really enjoy reading them and I respond to each and everyone of you amazing people.

So these are a couple of the questions that I need to put up with sometimes and I hope you guys found it at least entertaining. If you're currently dealing with those I did a post a couple of month ago about dealing with a long distance relationship and if you'd like to check it out you can click here !

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon !


November 16, 2014

Book TAG : Reader Problems.

Since school has been pretty crazy these past few weeks because it's the end of the semester around here and also because I'm horrible at time management (and great at procrastination so I let everything to the last minute), I've been having pretty much zero time for recreational reading and I really really miss it.
But my heel period is almost done and after this week I'll have plenty of time to do pretty much whatever I want ( Vacation, come to mama !) and that includes a lot of reading, but not the boring International Commerce reading I've been doing lately. So in honor to that and also because I NEED a break way from those ugly books I decided to do this TAG today. 

I saw it at the Katytastic Youtube channel and I thought it was a really cool TAG to bring back the joy of reading in my life.. Oow that was deep ! I'd tell you to go check out her channel but I need to warn you first that as soon as you start watching your videos you're gonna want to read everything.. Seriously all the books she talks about I want to read. 


1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

I don't usually have 20.000 books on my to be read pile but when I have more then 5 books around the house that I want read I go with my mood and pick a book according to it, because when I'm in the mood for the book I can read it in pretty much two to three days. But when I'm not in the mood for anything specific I just for the oldest book I've bought. 

2. You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

I'm 100% committed. I HATE giving up on books in the middle because even if the story is horrible like "The Coldest Girl in Cold Town" (worst vampire book in the world) I just need to know how it finishes and also it makes me feel good when I finish a book, like a mission accomplished kinda feeling. 

3. The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?

Of course ! I'm fighter guys and even if I don't have challenge going on (ops !) I will still fight. 

4. The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?

To be honest, I don't really care. I buy the books for reading and to be honest I don't really like physical books because they take up too much space that I don't have.. I leave in apartment guys

5. Every one and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

I'm just gonna come out and say it : I hated Fifty Shades Of Grey and I'm not even remotely excited about the book. I think it's overall mediocre with lots and lots of sex episodes and that why women love it. I don't really care if a book has a sex scenes or not but I think that that book is just too much. 

Doesn't really answer the question but it had to be said !

6. You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. 
How do you deal?

I cry and if people start looking at me in a wierd way I just ignore it. My boyfriend actually made a huge deal about me crying crying in public while I was reading "I am Malala" but it was just so sad that I couldn't keep it in. Right in the introduction she describes how she got shot and tears were unstoppable.. I love that girl !

7. A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book? Skip the sequel? Try to find a synopsis on Goodreads? Cry in frustration?!?!?!?

I hardly ever re-read books. I don't really know why I just never do it so in that case I would read simply read the sequel and see how things work. Not a big deal to me, guys !

8. You do not want anyone. ANYONE. borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?

I'm not very good with being polite in those kinds of situation. When I don't want to go somewhere or do something I just say no. I once read it somewhere that life is too short to spend it doing things we don't want to. 

9. Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?

That question doesn't really make sense on my universe so we're just moving along. 
10. There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

If we're being 100% honest here I don't usually buy books. I'll try to find a pdf version in some dark corner of the internet but if I don't find  it or I just can't wait to read the book then I will buy it. Like when Catching Fire came out and I couldn't even wait to go to the bookstore, I just bought it on my Kindle (best reading device in the entire world).

11. After you've bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?

Everything depends. If I'm in the middle of exams week sit will take me a long long long time get to them, but if I'm on vacation I will start reading the second I arrive home. 

I know this TAG was a little random but I really enjoyed writing it and coming up with the answers so if you guys want to do it please consider yourself and let me know if you do. 

Thank you so much for stopping by ! 


November 14, 2014

Online Selling.

I don't know about you guys but the Holidays are rolling in and I could not be more excited about it. Not that I'm doing anything exciting for Christmas but just the fact that all the family gets together and no one has to work always puts me in a good mood.

Another thing that gets me even more excited are the presents. This year we are bringing back the "gift-giving" tradition and actually buying gifts for each other. I say bringing the tradition back because as we (me and my sister) got older the millions of barbies and toys slowly became little envelopes filled with money so we could by ourselves whatever we wanted. 

I'm not complaining (who can complain about receiving money, right ?) but I do miss the presents under the Christmas Tree, the wrapping and the wondering what we got. But I know that getting gifts for everybody can get a little expensive, so I thought I'd share here today some cool ways to turn your used items that are just taking up space around the house and turn it into money so you can get yourself, family members or friends some cool new gifts. 

I've just found out about this website from a friend of mine and I loved it. You can swap, sell or buy pre-used clothes there and from what I saw they have some really cool items with a very low price.. I know this post is about selling but maybe something there catches your eyes and you end up buying too. 

I'm putting these two together because they're very similar and I believe everyone has already heard about selling things there. It's pretty self-explanatory.. You just create your selling account, set up your payment method and start posting items. 

This website has a very interesting process. From what I understood (and if I got it wrong please correct me on the comments) you sell the clothes to them and they resell it on their website.. you don't go to the website and post the clothes you want. You just go on their website, order the CleanUp Bag, you stuff it with everything you'd like to sell and then you send it to them. 

They will decided what they want to accept and the rest they will donate to charity, or you can choose a program where you pay a certain fee so they'll email everything they want back to you. Pretty much an online consignment store if you ask me ! 

I've heard about this on from Arlyne Sanjines, she has an amazing beauty/fashion channel and you guys should totally go check it out.. She talked about it so much that I decided to see what that was all about. I believe it's an app but I can't check their website because it's online available in the United States. But for you all lucky americans maybe its worthy to take a quick look and see if that interests you. 

Do you have other places to recommend ? 
Have you used any of the websites mentioned ?

These are the best/trust worthy websites that I found if you'd like to do some online selling. You can always go to a local consignment store if you don't want to deal with the whole only hustle. I just want you guys to know that I've never used them myself, they were all recommend to me so if you want to use any of them I highly suggest reading the Terms of Agreement and bla bla bla.. I know nobody reads it but sometimes it can save you a lot of trouble, specially when you're dealing with money. 

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one !

November 11, 2014

Life Update and What's To Come.

I always few super weird writing these kind of posts because I feel like no one will really give a crap about what's going on in my life but then again, this is my blog and if you come around here often and read it what I have to say sometimes I think you need a little explanation and there are also some pretty exciting news I really want to share. 

So where to begin.. 

First I have to say that I'll be extremely busy this next few weeks of November with school and whatnot so don't expect posts to come up very often but I'll still be posting. Apparently all the important exams of my life decided to happen in the same month and I'll this close (fingers positioned very close to each other) to dropping off school and become a gypsy or joining a hippy community.

Second, next Friday I've got my exam for the Certification of B2 and I'm kind of freaking out. I know I speak french well but the point is that you have to pay a very expensive fee to do it so I do not want  to waste my money and don't get the certification. If any of you have already done this test let me know in case you have any tips. 

Another thing that's been really taking it's toll on me is working out. I know it's kind of ridiculous when I put it that way but it really has. I have a pretty tight schedule throughout the week with school, french course, writing my final graduation paper and studying for all my tests so when I arrive home, around 21:00, the last thing I want to do is work out, all I want to do is eat, shower and watch The Voice. If you also have some tips to make more time and work out please let me know because I need it. 

On a more positive note, I've been really really good with eating healthy. Sometimes it gets a little hard but for the most part it's been kind of cool and easy. I've been experimenting with some new recipes, eating more fruit and discovering some healthy snacks that work for me. When things come down a little bit I'll definitely be doing more recipe posts. Get excited, people ! (or not, but I am). 

So now we've come to the most exciting update ever (at least for me) I'M GOING TO MADRID FOR NEW YEARS ! If you guys didn't know already my boyfriend has been living there for 3 or 4 months so I'll be joining him for my birthday (29 of December) and New Years. I'm super duper extremely happy about this and I'll be doing all kinds of traveling post around this trip including: some cool things to do in the city, others cities close by that you can visit and more OOTD posts (I've missed doing them) because I'm gonna have my favorite photographer back and some very cool backgrounds. Let me know which kind of posts you guys would like to see when I'm there and also when I'm preparing for the trip. 
These are my updates, guys. I hope I haven't bored you to death but I felt like it was a post the needed to be done. Since you guys started to come here on the blog more often and leaving comments  I felt like I owned you an explanation of why the posts will be getting a little more scarce, but I'll be back in full strength really soon so fear not. 

Thanks for understanding and for reading !  


November 9, 2014

The "Me Time" TAG !

I saw this TAG on EssieButton's Channel and I thought I'd give it a try here on the blog because I love TAGs, Essie, relaxing and I really wanted to.. Do I need more reasons ? 

As you can probably tell by the title the questions are all about what you do on your free time and let me tell you something.. I really need some of that. With the end of semester coming, finals, work projects to finish and french exams just around the corner I'm about to pull my hair out.

So in honor to that I thought it'd be cool to share my answers because even though I'm super busy I always make sure to take some time for myself and just breath so I don't go crazy. 

Let's get to the questions !

What do you watch or read during me-time?

Lately I've been re watching "Full House". It's just the best show in the entire world and it's sooo funny. I also love when they show little clips of San Francisco, it's such a beautiful city and it takes me back to when I was 15 years old and spent a couple of weeks there. 

For reading I've been trying to finish "If I Stay". I have to admit that this book is letting me down a little. It has become very morbid, kind of depressing and I don't feel like the story is progressing. But I'll finish it anyway 'cause leaving a book unfinished, even if I hate it at the end I need to get to end to make sure of it. 

What do you wear during me-time? #nobra

I love that she put #nobra because it's so true. "Me time" is all about relaxing and sometimes you just need to let the girls breath. Anyway, when I'm just lounging around the house I wear my uniform.. Pajama pants, the oldest T-Shirt I have and my hair is always is bun. Ain't nobody got time for hair when they want to relax.. 

What are your me-time beauty products?

Nail polish. I don't know why but doing my nails is so relaxing to me. In the beginning of college when we were in final weeks everybody had horrible nails because no one had time to make them and I always had a perfect manicure because it was my way of relaxing and not freaking out before I went to bed. 

Current favorite nail polish? 


I have to say Demure by Revlon. I featured it in my last Nails Of The Month post and I've been really enjoying that coral color, specially now that summer is starting here where I live. 

What do you eat/drink during me-time? 

Since I'm on a healthy kick right now because the holidays are coming and with that comes delicious food and 10.000 calories a day I'm proud to say, APPLES. I've been eating apples every time I feel the need to snack on something and tea too, blueberry tea is just amazing.

Current favorite candle?

I don't burn candles and to be honest I feel like it's a waste of money. I know it's a very popular habit between bloggers and youtubers but I just don't feel the need to buy 20 dollar candles and just watch/smell my money literally burn away. But if you like candles I'm not judging.. This blog is a judge free zone. 

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

Yes, again with my new found healthy lifestyle (let's just see how long it lasts..) I've been going on walks a lot and hopefully this week I'll upgrade it to running. 

Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I've never done it but I think it's great if you do. We are independent women and if we want to go to the movies alone we totally should ! And sometimes you just want to watch a movie that nobody else wants to watch, so what's wrong with going by yourself ?
Favorite online shop?

I don't do much shopping online but when I do is mostly books so I to Amazon and for clothing and other items I go a lot to AliExpress and Oasap, which someone actually commented here on the blog that I should try and I really liked it.. thanks for the tip !
Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

I think  the TAG pretty much sums up everything but I'd add something that would be blogging. Blogging is the most important activity on my free time. And that includes, of course, updating my blog but also my Twitter and  Facebook accounts, browsing around new blogs, commenting on the ones that I follow, taking pictures and editing them.. pretty much all things related to blogging. 

I tag everyone but if you don't feel like answering all the 
question just tell me on the comments this : 
What do you do on your free time ?

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one !


November 7, 2014

Can I Link My Blog On The Comments ?

Should I link my blog ? Can I link my blog ? Is this rude ? 
Do people even notice it ? Do I sound desperate if I do ? 

I don't know about you guys but ever since I started blogging these questions have been going through my mind and I honestly can't seem to find a good answer for them. So today I decided to share my my thoughts on this issue in the hopes that you'll also share yours and we can start a conversation about this, sounds good ? 

I know a lot of people feel like linking your blog on the comments of another blog is rude and annoying. I totally get why some people would think that way even if I don't share the same opinion. Bloggers work really hard to put out good content and to build an audience, so seeing someone take a "free ride" and advertising their own platform on theirs feels a little like cheating or like you don't even care about what they're writing and are just looking for more publicity to your page. 

But the way I see it linking up your blog is not a bad thing. One of the main reasons why I started blogging and the thing I most enjoy about it is connecting with different people and discovering new blogs and when you link your blog on the comments it just makes my life easier. 

I know a lot of people may use do this as a kind of spam. They just write a random comment and "copy and paste" in a series of blogs just for the publicity or spread it every where the infamous "follow for follow" words. To me that's just bullshit. If a person follows me (Twitter, Facebook, GFC or any other social media) the only thing I can promise is that I will check your page back for sure, because in my mind that's the polite thing to do. But I don't feel like I owe you a "follow" too.

In my head putting your blog link when you comment somewhere just says : Heey, I also have blog and you can click here if you want to check it out. So if you're also doing it with that mindset you can feel free to put a link to your blog whenever you feel like commenting around here. 

But if you're doing this solely for the purpose of getting more readers or "follows" I have bad news for you. This is probably not the best way to advertise your blog and I don't think you'll get much readers with that strategy. If you do this in a bad way you'll probably annoy more people than you'll attract and nobody likes annoying people.  

Does it bother you when people link their blog on the comments ? 
Do you do it ? How do you feel about this ?

Please leave me your thoughts on the comments 
and also don't hesitate to link you blog ! :)

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one.