November 21, 2014

Have Courage and Be Kind.

I don't know if you guys saw the new Cinderella movie trailer that Disney just released but it gave me goosebumps. It's absolutely perfect and I have no idea how they hit the spot with every single movie they make. Needless to say that I loved every single part of that little teaser and I'm already super excited to watch the movie. 

Although I could spend hours here writing about Disney movies and how much I loved pretty much all of them, today I want to talk about the message that got stuck in my head after watching it. 
Nowadays is getting harder and harder to find kindness in this world, specially in the online community. I saw a lot of famous bloggers and youtubers talking about this so I decided to butt in a little and give my opinion about the whole situation. 

The majority of them were complaining about the way people behave online, but I think the behavior people portrait online is a consequence of the way they behave in person. There has been a lack o kindness in general, not only online.

Now and then we hear chocking news, kids taking guns to school, excessive bullying and hate crimes and whatnot. But on a less negative/extreme note, when was the last time you said "Good Morning", "How Is It Going ?" or even "Thank You" to the doorman of your building or to the girl that makes your coffee everyday on Starbucks. 

In our society kindness is a rare commodity and if you put that together with the anonymity that internet provides you have a recipe for disaster. When reading the comments on the blog posts that these girls made I honestly got chocked. People were saying that just because you have a certain amount of subscribers or followers you need to get used to that kind of judgment and negativity coming your way. Really ?!

No matter how many subscribers a person has it's never ok to call her horrible names and to point out all the flaws YOU think they have. Everybody has a mirror in the house and they edit their videos or their pictures before uploading so they know how they look. 

And I actually don't understand this, if you don't like the person WHY do you follow her or read her blog ? Let's be reasonable, if you're not enjoying what she's uploading there's trillions of people other you can follow. That's the beauty of Internet !

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but some people need to understand that their opinion is not always a gift to humanity and you're not making anyone a favor by verbalizing it.

For all of you who are keeping the internet and the world a kind and good place by making small gestures of kindness everyday I'd like to say thank you and to ask you to keep going, the world needs more people like you. 

What do you think about this topic ? Do you agree ? 
Have you dealt with online negativity ?


Thank you so much for reading !



  1. this was one of the best posts I've read in the past couple of days! I totally agree with you in everything. I just hope that people will somehow realize this problem...Can't wait for the movie aah, so excited!

    Luxveritatis.| Beauty.Fashion.Crafts

    1. Thank you ! I'm also supeeer excited for Cinderella ! :)

  2. Kindness really is rare, it's such a shame. A smile costs nothing.


  3. I didn't realize they were doing a live action Cinderella. That was a great trailer. And seriously timely with this conversation that everyone seems to be having. I'm seriously over negative people, in real life and on the internet.
    :) Alice

    1. Exactly, Alice ! Just read your post about it and I couldn't agree more !

  4. There are too many people these days, it gets worse on the internet where they can spew hate while hiding behind the keyboard. :-(

    Reflection of Sanity