November 2, 2014

Nails Of The Month #2.

I'm here today with another Nails Of The Month. I don't know if you guys read the last one but this is gonna be pretty much the same. I just thought that  it'd be best to put together all the nail polishes I used in the month in one post, because, honestly, I don't think it's very interesting to read an entire post about just one nail polish. 

I'm sad to say I only did my nails three times this month because I was extremely busy. I hate how time is passing so fast but I'm  actually very happy this month is over. I did almost eight exams, presented three papers and had class every saturday morning.. Ohhh the joys of finish college ! 

This is gonna sound very shallow but I miss doing my nails. It's my little me time and I really enjoy it. I have fun creating different designs, getting my thoughts in order and catching up on youtube videos I might have missed over the week.

// Violet's Just Got Married - Sephora by OPI //


I have to admit that this is not one of my favorite colors but I kinda like it. It's a love and hate relationship. Sometimes I look at my nails and say LOVE IT and others I'm thinking REALLY ?. So I would really like your opinion on this color.

I don't have anything to complain about the formula and chipping. It applies smoothly and it lasted on my nails for five days, but I feel like I need to point it out that I usually don't do dishes or much cleaning around the house.. I mean, one of the few perks of living with your parents !   

Get it here !

// Demure - Revlon // 


This is the best coral color I've ever found. And, needless to say, Revlon formula is amazing. I think I already said this before but I got the majority of my Revlon nail polishes at Ross with a major discount, I don't know if they still carry it because I bought this one last year but if you ever go shopping there you can always take a look. 

I decided to make it a little more colorful because I missed accent nails and this combination just made me feel happy. I don't know who gets happy by looking at nails but I guess that's me.. 

Get it here

// Quadrado Azul - Colorama //


Ok, I didn't know if I should mention this one because it is a brazilian brand but I'm pretty sure that you can get it online (you can get everything online these days, right ?) and I just wanted you guys to see this shade of blue and maybe you can find a similar one closer to you. 

But in case you guys get the chance to get your hands on this one you should totally go for it. It's a beautiful color, amazing formula and a the perfect finish. And the best part is the price, more or less one dollar.. Girls, if you ever visit Brazil make sure to get some nail polishes.

What's your favorite nail polish ? 
How many times do you change your nail polish in a month ?
I'm seriously curious about that so please answer in the comments. 
And remember your feed back is incredibly important. 

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next one ! 



  1. Demure is stunning on you and I love how you paint one nail in a different shade. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. very colorful!


  3. I really love special nails sometimes!!
    And with your permission I think the next week I'm gonna copy you that quadrado azul :D


    1. Thanks, Lucy ! I'm so excited that you can get your hands on that color.. It's absolutely beautiful ! :)