December 15, 2014

HOW TO : Traveling On A VERY Tight Budget.


If you've been here for a while you should know by now that I absolutely love traveling, it's hands down my favorite thing to do I've been fortunate enough to be born in a family who also loves it. I've been to a fair share of cities and done a lot of planning so I know for fact that things start adding up and when you see the final cost you either freak or start buying lottery tickets hoping for the best. Ad also with the holidays just around the corner I thought this could be extra helpful because many of you might be planning something special. 

So today I decided to share with you guys a couple of my tips to help you to bring the cost down so you won't be depending on the lottery result to visit the places you've always wanted to. But first I need to say that traveling is expensive and my tips are not gonna make miracles on your budget, they will  just give you a realistic help because let's face it, you're leaving the country, dealing with another currency so it will cost you.

| Hostels |

God bless the heart of the person who invented hostels. I've done a post a while ago compering Hostels and Hotels so if you have any doubts about which one you should pick you can go here and see if what I have to say helps you out. 

I'm mentioning hostels right now because they tend to (not always) have the best price, specially if you're low maintenance and traveling alone because you're gonna have to share a room and a bathroom with strangers... To me it's not big deal but I know it can be for some people.

They usually have bars or pubs inside which have good and inexpensive food and drinks. The staff is also used to dealing with travelers on a budget so they always have the best tips and recommendations of places to eat, drink and shop. 
| Make Your Own Meals |

I know that when you're traveling you don't want to deal with cooking or doing the dishes but I'm not saying for you to cook a whole meal in a hostel/hotel kitchen. I'm talking about breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. As soon as I get settled in my accomodation I always run to the supermarket to stock up on water, breakfast food like bread, milk, nutella, some bananas.. This way you don't have to pay a small fortune in water in a restaurant or eat breakfast at McDonald's everyday. Guys, there's no shame in pulling out your sandwich or drinking your own water when you're eating in a restaurant.     
Skyscanner | Momondo

I've already mentioned this sites before and if you want tips in specifically buying the best and cheapest airplane tickets you can go here and here. In my case the most expensive things when I travel are the tickets because living in South America pretty much everywhere I go it's a 12-hour-extremely-expensive-flight. 

So I always try to make sure I'm getting the cheapest price I could possibly get, every little cent counts when money is coming out of my bank account. And that's exactly what those websites do, they search partner sites and give you the cheapest price. I've personally used Skyscanner and loved it, I've not bought tickets in Momondo yet but I have a good friend of mine that swears by it. You should just visit both and see which one works better for you. 
| WALK ! |

I know that in some cities public transportation can be very cheap, around one or two euros. But if you start taking the subway or the bus everywhere you go it starts adding up. And if you were considering taking a taxi you can scratch that right out of your budget.. We are poor travelers and sometimes you need to give up on comfort to be able to see more or do more. 

Walking is also a great option because we all gain those annoying pounds from all the bad food we eat while we are travelling so this way you're killing two birds with one stone. You also get to see more of the city and you're also more free to change plans in case you change your mind or see something better to do.  
| Cut Down The Shopping |

I am VERY guilty when it comes to shopping on travels. Here in Brazil we got our first Forever 21 this year and we still don't have a H&M so every time I travel I do a lot of damage on those stores. But you need to put things in perceptive.. Every time I would buy a new piece of clothing I would think about all the other things I could to with that money and then if I still thought I just had to have I would buy it. 

As I said you need to choose what is more important when you have a tight budget. I know a lot of people would prefer to travel less with more comfort and more money to spend on things but to me it's not like that. I will happily not shop at all if that means I get to travel more and visit more places. 

Are you used to travelling on a budget or you prefer to save a lot of money and splurge when you're on vacation ? Do you have any tips to share with us ?

Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon. 



  1. This was a great read, thanks for sharing!

    Jade x ♡

  2. I always try to prepare my own meals... But the majority of the time I end up in the McDonalds :(
    Im gonna try to follow your advices the next time !!

    Thanks for the info!!


    1. That's great, Lucy ! You're so welcomed. I'm glad I could help ! :)

  3. I like to visit cities so walking is part of that for me. Although I live in a city and that's just city life. You're right, it saves money and makes sure that you get your exercise! If I'm trying to go someplace a little far and can't walk, I try to travel the way the people who live there travel every day. The bus and subway is cheaper than a cab...but walking definitely if I'm going to places that are nearby.
    :) Alice

    1. Me too, Alice ! Walking is always the best option and I really should be doing more of it ! :)
      Thanks for stopping by !