December 13, 2014

Reality Generation.

I'm sure everybody already saw the Paper magazine cover with Kim Kardashian showing her butt. Although I'm a very opinionated person and thoughts came rushing through my mind the second I saw it I didn't want to say anything here on the blog because it involves very strong topics such as feminism, sexuality and even motherhood. 

But today while I was browsing on Youtube I came across a video about her in which she was talking about social media, sharing her life with fans and how her career was based on it. And to be honest, I don't buy it. In my opinion (very important to highlight that) and obviously everybody has their own it's just not right. When the booty shot came I thought : Ok, not cool but also not a big deal.. it's obviously very photoshoped and it doesn't even look like a real butt anymore. And then I found out that inside the magazine there pictures of her completely naked, literally front nudity. I just really don't get it, like.. WHY?

Why would a woman who makes trillions of dollars, has a clothing line, an app, this and that feels the need to appear naked in a magazine ? 

I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't want to see old magazines with pictures of my mom naked for absolutely no reason other than the fact that she wanted to because she clearly doesn't need the money or the attention.. maybe she does, I don't know. And then I started thinking: Is there anything that I've done in the past that my daughter wouldn't like to see me doing? My answer to this is probably YES, I've done my fair share of mistakes but they are not recorded on the internet or in a magazine for the world to see.

Nowadays with social media and everything people feel the need to photograph and share with the world every little thing that happens in their lives and to be honest that's just not normal. If you have good internet service it takes less then 10 seconds to post a picture on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram but it stays on the internet forever even if you delete it, it's still there somewhere, somehow.

Some may think posting a picture drunk at party, in your underwear, topless, taking shots, smoking or even naked is funny and sexy now but let's take a moment to reflect on how will that look like when you're pregnant, raising a kid, looking for job or something like it.

With technology and this "reality" mindset we got used to thinking only about the now. We get more worried about what everybody else in doing and also want them all to see what we are doing at the moment and we forget about the future and the consequences. We get too caught up in how many people we can get to "like" our pictures in order to get that instant and fake sense of popularity or fame. 

Reality tv is taking over our generation. We turn on the TV or buy a magazine and we only see examples of things that should not be done. Teen pregnancy became glamorous, showing your ass became worthy of breaking the internet,  drama became the main ingredient of every successful reality show and a sex tape became the beginning of a successful career. We began to worship people simply because of the size of their bank accounts, broadcasting a reckless lifestyle and making people famous for all the bad choices they've made in life and also once they get famous they use their fame to promote even worst behavior. 

And WHY you might ask ? BECAUSE PEOPLE BUY IT. Teen Mom wouldn't be on the air if people didn't watch it and a magazine wouldn't ask Kim Kardashian to pose naked if they didn't expect it to sell. Someone's heartbreak, bad decisions or mistakes should not be considered a commodity and be broadcast but unfortunately they are. People started to realize that this kind of behavior makes someone famous nowadays so they started to broadcast their own little "reality show" using social media. You don't need to be "famous" to be rich or successful and people are forgetting that.

Just to summarize, I don't have anything against Kim Kardashian personally. I don't really have an opinion formed on her and, from what I can tell, she's not doing anyone any harm. It's her body and if she wants to walk around naked, she's allowed to. This is just something that really shocked me and that I thought it was completely unnecessary. But, maybe that was the point.. I mean, her career is based on always being on the media and being the fresh topic of celebrity news. 

I know it's not fair of us to consider celebrities as role models, I mean they are just people living their lives like us. But, whether you want it or not, when you become this famous your behavior matters and it sets an example. I just don't think that's the best example she could be setting for girls and boys out there. 

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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  1. I dislike the Kardashians for all the reasons stated here, they are bad news and portrays a lot that is wrong in the society today. I don't know North will react to her mum's pictures in the future...cause I know Kim will probably pimp the poor child out as soon as she's able to.

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    1. I'm not a very big Kardashian fan either.. If you couldn't tell ! hahahaha