January 25, 2015

OOTD: Lazy Sunday.

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don't you totally should) you already know how I spent today's afternoon.. Watching Youtube videos with a big jar of Nutella in my hands. Since I started the day in that glorious way I decided to get my ass out of bed and actually do something with my life for the rest of day. I don't know what is it about Sundays that always makes me feel like doing absolutely nothing other than watching stuff on the computer. 

So with a lot of effort and encouragement words from my boyfriend I rolled out of bed, took a shower and he treated me with a late lunch at our new favorite Chinese restaurant and we took profit of our time out of the house to take some outfit pictures. This outfit includes all of my "lazy day" staples like colorful pants (to make it look like I put effort into the outfit), comfy sweater (it feels like I'm being hugged by a blanket) and my go-to parka. 

Pants - H&M (also styled here)
Sweater - H&M (also styled here)
Parka - Pimkie (also style here, here and here)
Earrings - Forever21
Bag - Primark
Nail Polish - Kiko Milano

Did you like the outfit ? Would you wear it ?
What's your go-to Lazy Day outfit ?
Please leave you thoughts and answers on the comments 'cause 
I really want to know what you guys wear on your lazy days. 

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon !


  1. Lovely Outfit! Normally for me on a Lazy Sunday.. I will wear shorts n T shirt with my flip flops... xx

    Sherina - ChocoChipChic.

    1. Sherina, you have no idea how much I wish I could wear shorts and a T-Shirt right... hahahaha But unfortunately the weather doesn't allow me ! :)

  2. You look lovely as always, Michele and how cute are those earrings?! Gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you, Shireen ! They're from Forever21 and were supeeeer cheap ! :)

  3. Love your sweater!

  4. I adore your bun! xx