February 11, 2015

Blogging Goals For 2015.

Yes, I do own a calender and I do know we're already in February but I still wanted to put up this post to share with you guys my blog goals for this year. As I've already mentioned here, I do not make resolutions for myself but I thought it would be cool to set some goals for the blog and see if I can make them happen and by making them public I'm hoping to not only keep myself on track but to also, hopefully, get some help from you guys.

I actually put a lot of thinking into this 'cause I wanted to do something realistic and not set the bar really high just to be a disappointed at the end. You guys also don't need to be scared 'cause I won't be hunting you down on Twitter or on your blogs to ask for followers or likes. I'm just not that kind of person and I think that everything has a proper time to happen so if my destiny is to continue to be a small blogger for the next 5 years I'll be patiently waiting for my break through.. Keeping in mind that it might not even happen. 
I think this is going to be the most challenging one because I'm going to be so incredibly busy this year. It's finally my last semester in college, I'm looking for a new job and trying to finish my dissertation and sometimes I just don't have time for blogging. But I'm thinking about ways to get my life more organized (I already got myself a planner) and have the posts planned out for the week so I won't get overwhelmed. 
In my opinion the only reason to have a personal blog is to get personal, to share little bits of your life with your readers and talk about things that interests you. But in the whole "race" to become a more well-known blogger we try to be more "professional" and everything and forget to just be us. So this year I'm gonna try to be more me and just see how that works out.   

Actually this goal is to just make collabs in general (I haven't done any) and get more involved in the blogging community. Sometimes I get too busy with my schedule as it is but I think that I can make time to be more involved in this community so if any of you guys would like to make a collab with me just let me know on the comments. 
Social media is also a big challenge for me mostly because I'm still not very comfortable with the whole self-promotion thing. But on the other hand I know it can be a huge help in getting the word out and just letting people know about your blog and when you have a new post coming out. 

When I started blogging I had no idea why people would get so obsessed with getting followers and likes but when you think about it, getting more followers on Twitter for example makes your twits (?) be seen by more people and that gets you more views on your blog. In that sense, I know it's an important tool to make your blog grow but having a certain a amount of followers is not a big help if you're blog is not that good and you don't put effort into it.

So I'll just keep putting effort in the blog and not focus a lot on the numbers. The only thing I will change is to try to be more active on those platforms because sometimes I completely forget that a have a Twitter or a Facebook Page and I love talking and connecting with you guys over there.

I do have a great camera here in the house but taking pictures with my iPhone is just so much easier and faster. I'll be honest with you it all comes down to pure laziness. I believe that every blogger will agree with me that taking the pictures for the posts is the hardest part, right ? We're not photographers !

But having said that, I will try to do a better job with the pictures. They are the first thing people notice when they starting reading the blog and I think is what really gets their attention. I've been doing some research and asking my friends for some tips and tricks to try to be better. 

What are your blog goals for 2015 ? Did you set any goals ?
If you have any goals please share them on the comments 
so we can talk about it a little bit more about it. 
And also let me know your thoughts and opinions about this subject.

Thank you so much for reading !


  1. Confession: I have been obsessively watching planner organization and decorating videos. Did you know that there is an entire PLANNER COMMUNITY out there? OMG It is insane! Some people spend so much money and time organizing their calendars so that they can be organized with everything else...and I can't stop watching!!!!!!
    As far as self-promotion are so good at promoting other people with your post about the links you love and your constant tweeting of other people's content...just throw your own content in the mix and talk yourself up already! You're doing good things over here!
    (And if you're looking for a collab guinea pig, I'm down for that.)
    :) Alice

    1. OMG, I had no idea that such a thing as "planner community" existed ! hhahahaa
      I've watched a couple of videos about organization and planner but I had no idea that it was such a big thing ! :)
      And you're probably right about the "self-promotion thing" I need to stop complaining about it and just do it !

      And about the collab, as soon as I have an idea about a collab post I'll definitely run it by you and we work out details and things like that ! I'M EXCITED ! :D

  2. I've always read about collar posts but have never tried it myself, don't even know how to go about it. It'll be interesting to try for sure.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Good luck with reaching your goals, i always feel like I bad blogger because I never make follower goals or anything like that. I tend to just go with the flow. I actually decreased the number of posts I want to put out weekly, mainly to keep the stress down. It's not that I don't have the time or the topics to talk about, I just don't have to feel the pressure of having to get a certain no. of posts out, if that makes sense. I'm not too good at the whole self promotion on twitter either because I know over promotion of blogs drives me mad on twitter and instragram so I just tend to share things that interest me and hopefully others enjoy it too!

    1. I think you have a great approach to your blog and you're so right about not getting stressed out about posts, I feel the same way. To me blogging is a hobby, something to make me less and not more stressed out than I already am.