February 21, 2015

Links I'm Loving.

I have something to confess. So far my day has been a complete mess from the moment I woke up until now (the only free time I've had so far) but I still wanted to post something here for you guys so I'm going with a lazy post. I usually like to give myself time to relax on the weekends and try to run all my errands during the week but sometimes life gets messy and that's pretty much what happened today. 

I forgot to set my alarm so I was late for my appointment at the gym, I had to go the supermarket after (which was completely packed), when I arrived home my mom asked me to help her out with some stuff (so I drove her around the entire afternoon) and now I'm completely exhausted. 

So as I was browsing on the internet and checking out my blogger account to figure out what I would post today I realized that I still had all of these links to share with you guys. This post is going to be a mixture between some tips for bloggers, job hunting advice and organization videos.. I try to make this posts as helpful and entertaining as I can but at the end of the day I just want to share with you some interesting stuff I found online that I think you guys would enjoy too. 

I don't know if you guys realized (hopefully someone did) but I've recently put a little popup box for my Facebook Page that appears the first time someone visits my blog. If you didn't know I do have a Facebook Page and it's taking me a little more time than usual to make it grow so if I could get some love over there from you guys that would be awesome. I don't really know what's up with Facebook but at least for me it's the hardest place to acquire followers and they are always trying to convince you to pay money to promote your publication but that's just not happening for me. 

But back to the link, it's super easy and they go through it step by step so I don't think you'll run into any trouble if you want to implement this on your blog. I'm sure if someone will think it's annoying for something like that but if I was in someone's blog and this little box appeared I would be bothered by it so... 

I really liked this video and I think it's completely different from all the other ones out there. Usually this videos are very cheesy and not helpful at all but Rachel (love her entire channel) makes some great and realistic points. Just little things that you should take into consideration and stuff that you can ACTUALLY do while you're in university to put yourself in a good direction.

I'm a messy person so I'll take all the help I can get in that department. Aside from all the house organizational videos she also has some great Planner Organization videos and I have to admit that I'm slowly getting addicted to them. I've recently got myself a planner and I'm trying to put my life on track but these people take planning to whole other level. Sometimes I think it's too much (with all the stickers, ribbons and whatnot) but it sure is entertaining. If you're trying to be more organized I think this is a good start. 

Some people might be thinking: WHAAAAT ? But hey, just because we're girly girls and enjoy makeup and fashion doesn't mean we're not smart.. Am I right ? For those of you who don't know I'm majoring in International Relations (just six more months and I'm freeee) and keeping up with the world is a big part of my day (as it should be for most people) and I think this is a great way to do it. 

Unfortunately, we cannot live inside our little bubble so we should take advantage of the internet not just for watching YouTube videos and reading blogs (70% of my time online) but to also learn and stay aware of what's going on in your world. 

I've seen this on a couple of YouTube videos so I decided to check it out myself and I found it very interesting. After browsing the website a little bit, I discovered that it's a subscription service and you get delivered to your house fresh ingredients and recipes for you to cook by yourself. Unfortunately, I believe they only work in the US.

I'm all about learning online and this is a great platform to help us out. It offers free courses of several interesting subjects. I'm using it mainly to learn webdesign, coding and photographing to help me out with the blog but they also offer other things like Spanish, Architecture and Nutrition classes. It's just another way to use the internet other than going on Twitter and Instgram.

Did you like the links ? Do you have any links to recommend ?
Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Your feed back is super important and I love reading your comments.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one.   

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