February 18, 2015

Open To Suggestions.


For the past week I've been wanting to change a couple of things on the blog but I don't really know what specifically. I really like my design the way it is and I feel like it matches my personality (and also it strangely matches my room perfectly) and all but I also think it's just too girly and feminine. When I started the blog I didn't want to make something completely targeted to girls and beauty.. the main focus was supposed to be in my passion for traveling hence the name "Let Me Cross Over". But my love for beauty and fashion started to take over and when I realized my entire blog was pink and girly. 

I'm not complaining (I was the one designing everything obviously) but I just think it's time for a change so I thought: Who can I turn to for inspiration and advice on this matter ? And the first thing that came to my mind was YOU guys. You're the ones that come here as often as I do (maybe not as often) so I thought at least some of you might have some suggestions and constructive criticism to share with me as I take on this new project. 
I also feel like right now is the best time for me to do this since next month I'm going to start a new course and my life is going to be a big mess and I'll be completely stressed out.. I'm always so positive about the future. I'm also not planning to do anything crazy, I want to change mainly the color scheme and try out a new banner. I'm gonna stick with the old passport stamps I have now 'cause I love them but I'll try to put them in a different way if that makes any sense.

Another thing I would like to change over here is to start writing my posts in portuguese as well as in english. So what I'm about to say next is going be target to all of my portugese speaking readers:
Oi gente,

Então, como a maioria de vocês já devem saber eu sou brasileira e obviamente eu falo e escrevo em português também. Eu começei a escrever o blog em inglês porque eu queria que isso fosse não só um hobby mas também um desafio. Meu namorado também influenciou muito esse escolha porque como eu já mencionei aqui no blog algumas vezes ele é espanhol e naquela época não falava português muito bem (agora ele já tá quase fluente !).

Mas como eu venho percebendo eu tenho ganhado muitos leitores do Brasil e quase a maioria das visualizações do blog estão vindo do Brasil. Então eu pensei em começar a fazer os posts em inglês e em português também. Isso vai me dar um trabalho ENORME porque mesmo escrevendo só em uma língua eu já levo umas 2 horas para escever um post, mas se vocês estiverem interessados e preferirem ler os posts em português eu faria isso sem problemas.. Tempo livre atualmente é o que não me falta. 

Enfim, muito obrigada por continuar lendo o blog e passando por aqui de vez em quando. E eu espero que vocês comentem e me digam suas opiniões pra gente continuar essa conversa nos comentários. O feedback de vocês é extremamente importante.
You guys don't need to worry about anything 'cause I'll keep writing about the same things like beauty, makeup, traveling, fashion and some other weird posts I do about my life, the only thing that's going to be changed is the design and hopefully for the best. So to recap my questions after all this rambling, what I want you guys to tell me is:

What do you think I should change ?
What color scheme would you recommend for a not-so-girly blog ?
Any ideas for a new banner ?
Do you like the design the way it is ? 

If you guys could help me out answering this question it would be amazing and also feel free to share any other suggestions you might have. Thank you for following along as "Let Me Cross Over" keeps growing and evolving and remember that your feedback is extremely important. 

Thanks for reading.
Muito obrigado por lerem.



  1. Oh gosh, I know how you feel about this! I had the same feel in most of last year and finally took the plunge to change my blogs design after a very dear blogger friend offered to help. And since then I have been continuously tweaking here and there, adding CSS and adjusting the HTML myself. I think I am finally happy with mine but knowing myself, I will continue tweaking. LOL!

    I personally think on subject matters, you're writing on the right subjects, I love reading your posts. And on the layout, I do like it the way it is although I must say I am not the biggest fan of pink. LOL! But that is my problem, I'm just never a fan of anything too girly.

    You know what you want best, Michele and I trust that you will bring your blog to the right direction.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thanks so much for all the ideas, Shireen ! You're just the best ! :)

  2. I really like your color scheme--and since you do too, isn't that all that matters?--but if you really do want to go for a change, you could switch it up to a more neutral palette (listen to me talking as if I know anything xP). But you really could do like different shades of gray (not 50 though), and maybe changing the purple color to just all white. And you could also do little side fancy stuff--like a customized Instagram widget (a bunch of people have those now in their sidebars) or a sticky navigation bar (everyone has that now, too), and also adding a "pin it!" hover button to your images will just help with sharing your posts...idk, this is just stuff I've seen around the blogosphere. But I seriously do like your design now and if you don't really really want to change it then you shouldn't! But it's totally up to you :)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Thanks so much for that comment, O ! I really really appreciate all of your suggestions and I'll definitely take them into consideration specially the customized gadgets ! :)

  3. If you're going to keep the passport stamps then maybe pick a color or two from there and build a theme around that for your background and headings.
    :) Alice

    1. That's actually a really good idea. Thanks, Alice ! :)

  4. To be honest I think your blog is perfect! xx

  5. I like your blog how it is right now!!, specially the heading with the passport stamps!! :D :D


    1. Thanks, Sonia ! I really the passport stamps too, that's why I'm keeping them ! :)

  6. Portugese is such a strange language, I can never make sense of it.


  7. So exciting! Good luck with your new blog changes :D


    1. Thanks, girl ! I really appreciate it ! :)