February 16, 2015

What having a blog is to me.

I've recently been thinking a lot about life and blogging. Mainly the role of this blog in my life. I think it's so funny how something that is supposed to be a hobby and just a way to relax my mind when I'm stressed out has been recently working it's way into my everyday to do list and has actually become as important as working out and studying on my daily life.

The outcome of all that thinking is this little text. And just like everything else over here it's based on my personal experience so I don't expect you guys to agree with everything that I wrote specially because we're all different so our experiences with blogging will be different and that's the beauty of it. It doesn't matter how many blogs there are out there because they'll all be different because they're run by different people (exception: crazy/brave people who can actually menage more than one blog). 

What having a blog is to me.

Having a blog is a roller coaster ride. Some days you wake up super motivated and feeling like people enjoy reading what you have to say and others you just think: "Nobody reads this any way".

Having a blog is like having a little dirty secret that you don't mind telling the whole world through the internet but you just can't tell people in real life (at least not in the beginning). 

Having a blog is hard work. When someone reads your posts they have no idea the amount of hours you've spent writing, editing pictures and working your creativity. 

Having a blog is a two way street. Is something you do it for yourself but it looses the fun if you do it alone. The readers have no idea how important they are.

Having a blog is connecting with people from all over the world based solely on common interests.

Having a blog is having a hobby that you secretly wish it could be a full-time job.

Having a blog is having a place where it's 100% acceptable to be selfish. It's place where people come to know about YOUR experiences and YOUR opinion.

Having a blog is sharing little pieces of your life with strangers and feeling like they're your friends.

Having a blog is thinking about having a blog 24/7. Because when you're not writing a post you're constantly thinking about you're gonna write next. 

Having a blog is seeing the world with a new pair of eyes, the blogging eyes. The world becomes more colorful and you start noticing things you've never noticed before.

Having a blog is doubting yourself in every post you publish. Because you can't possibly know how your readers are going to react and you can't possibly know what attracted them to you in the first place.

Having a blog is having your little personal corner of the World Wide Web. 

Having a blog is having a voice. A voice to send out a message to the world whichever it may be so make sure it's positive and inspiring.

Having a blog is believing in yourself even when the numbers (or even people) tell you otherwise. Because everybody needs to start somewhere.

What having a blog is to you ?

Thank you so much for reading.

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