March 31, 2015

Blogs I'm Loving.

Since I've been pretty much gone from the blog the entire past week I've had some extra time for browsing online and I've found some many good blogs worth mentioning that it was about time that I did another installment of Blogs I'm Loving. 

You guys seem to really enjoy these posts and I love doing them. I think it's a great way to get more involved in the blog community (which was one of my goals for this month) and also to share with you some great bloggers that you should be following because they're great and their blogs are pretty awesome if you ask me. 

This time we have a little bit of a mix. We have some beauty blogs, some fashion blogs, a cooking blog, a book blog (is that how you call it ?) and even a fitness blog. Yep, I'm into fitness now, how about that ? I hope you guys like them as much as do and please check them out if you have the time and interest. 

I've actually found this blog through Twitter. Sometimes I just get in a browsing frenzy and pretty much stalk as many bloggers as I can. This blog is run by Jasmine and she is pretty much awesome and very helpful. The focus of the blog is beauty, skincare and obviously hair. She does reviews, comparisons between products, as well as tutorials and some very interesting posts. It's been a while since I've came across good product reviews and she hits the spot every single time. 

First of all, I'm loving the name of this blog. Second of all, I'm loving the design. It's very clean and sophisticated, kind of wish I could pull that off but I'm sticking with the pink and grey for now. I've been following this blog quite a while now but I kept forgetting to mention on this posts. She talks about fashion, music and some beauty too. Her posts are always fun and entertaining and I love here writing style.

If I could only use one word to describe this blog it would be: beautiful. Everything is just so beautiful and pink and cute. The pictures, design and the writing.. Everything is on point and beautifully done. She must put a lot of work into it and it definitely shows. As for the content, she write about all sorts of things related to lifestyle and motivation to achieve your goals. 

I really love this blog and I've been loving it for a while now, I don't know why it took me so long to mention it in one of these posts. I don't really know what to say other than it has everything I'm looking for in a blog.. I love her writing, the design is clean and beautiful and she writes about all the subjects I enjoy reading about, like makeup, fashion and lifestyle.

What are some of the blogs you've been loving lately ?
Please let me know on the comments, I love finding out about new blogs.
If you'd like to be mentioned on the next one just leave your 
link down below and I'll go check it out.

Thank you so much for stopping by !

March 30, 2015

Should I Be Single ?

Yesterday night before going to bed, as I was scrolling through all of my social media (as one normally does) I found a very interesting article (or blog post I'm not sure) about being single. The title was very catchy and was something in the lines of: I'm young and I don't want my life to revolve around someone else. And a lot of people were sharing it, liking it and commenting a bunch of things saying that it explained very well why they were single.. Because they didn't want to be limited by someone else. 

Now, I don't know if the whole idea of being in a relationship and dating has been completely lost in our current times but being in a relationship is not supposed to limit you in any shape, way or form. It's the exact opposite actually. You can have all the reasons in the world to be single, maybe you haven't fallen in love yet, maybe you're focusing on your career or on your education and maybe you just want to be by yourself. But if you tell me that you don't want to be in a relationship because "you don't want someone to restrain you" or "have someone else be the center of your life" I'll tell that either you haven't been in a healthy relationship or you're not mature enough to be in one. 

Being in a relationship is not supposed to cut your wings or make you put your dreams on hold. Sharing your life with someone is supposed to give you the strength to pursue all of those things. It's about being empowered and loved. It's about having someone to turn to when you need help, motivation or a shoulder to cry on. It's about having someone to believe in you when you don't even believe in yourself and support you all the way until the end. If you haven't found someone like this I suggest you keep looking and remain single until you find him/her. 

Because when you find that person, you'll feel like you can achieve the things you've always wanted to and more. Of course, some of your plan will change because you'll not be thinking just about you. Just like they support you, you'll have to be able to support them. You'll have to make time to work on the relationship and you'll start to count them in your future plans. But isn't that a good thing ?

Doesn't it sound good to have someone by your side when you're feeling scared, sad or down ? And doesn't it also sound good to be there for someone else ? To look at someone's achievement and realized that you're part of that too and that they wouldn't make it that far if it weren't for you ?

I honestly don't get why people who are in a relationship get so much crap from single people. I know that being single is great and I really enjoyed being single for a while.. Having just myself to please, focus on myself and all that good stuff. But in my opinion (you don't have to agree with on this one), being in a relationship is better. I mean, being a good and healthy relationship is better. 

Just because I'm 22 years old and I have a boyfriend doesn't mean my life revolves around him. And even when you're 50 your life should not revolve around your partner. I know that as you get older and start to build a life together with marriage and kids it may look like that's what happens but the truth is you should never loose yourself into someone else's life. You should always make time for you and focus on your dreams.. Your dreams will change because your life and your priorities will change over time but I don't see how your life will revolve around your significant other.. unless you let it or you want to. 

We always have a choice. We can choose to be single and conquer the world on our own. We can choose to be in a relationship and share our lives with the one we choose. Just make sure you're happy with your choice and respect other people's choices. 

What do you guys think ?
Please join the discussion on the comments and let me know your opinion.
I love hearing what you guys have to say, specially when I do posts like this.

Thanks so much for reading.


March 28, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up: March, 2015.

Since I began the month setting some goals to myself it was only fair that I made a wrap up now in the end of it and I'm actually very pleased with myself (*gently pats herself on the back*). I accomplished most of my goals and the ones that I didn't, I still kinda did. I know you're probably confused right with what I just said but just keep following my train of thought and you'll understand it as we go along.

When it comes to being more productive, I think setting out these goals for myself really helped. I kept them on the back of my mind and even when I caught myself binge watching TV in the afternoon after lunch (does anybody else does that ?) I would stop myself and make me go back to studying mode. I also tried to get the more annoying tasks out of the away sooner so I could take it easy at the end of the month before setting more goals for April (yes, I'm doing this again). 

I'm not sure on how to do this so I guess I'll just follow along my list and tell you guys if I accomplished a certain task or not and a little bit about how I got it done or why I didn't get it done. Please don't judge me, I'm a lazy person and I'm the first one to admit that. My favorite thing in the world is staying in bed and watching movies or a great TV show, just to give you an idea.

Enough with the ramblings and let's get to it !
FINALLY! You guys have no idea how hard it was for me to finish this chapter. But the worst part is that it's just the first one and I still have a couple more to go until I'm 100% done my this project. For now we'll just think on the bright side and focus on my small accomplish for this month. 
This month I was on fine, guys ! I read 5 books and I'm really proud of myself. The first one was "City Of Bones" by Cassandra Claire. I didn't really like and I'm not so sure why. The whole story didn't get my attention and I just wasn't the whole shadow-hunter-killing-demons kinda thing. I was super excited to read because I lot of people were saying great things about it but I don't know.. 

After that I read "Green Lake" by S.K. Epperson, "Maybe Someday" by Colleen Hoover, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han and, finally, "Angelfall" by Susan Ee. If you'd like to see a review about any of these book please let me know and I'll be more than happy to do it. I know for sure I'll be doing a more in depth review of "Maybe Someday" because I just can't get over how amazing this story is.. It's by far my favorite of this month. 
I'm proud to say that I've accomplished this goal and hopefully I'll keep going like this for the rest of the year. The fact that my gym is opened 7 days a week also helps a lot because sometimes if I get busy during the week I can just make up for it on the weekends. I've seen a lot of difference in pretty much all the expects in my life.

I've been sleeping better, I have more energy and I'm more focused during the day. I've also been eating healthier and loosing weight (YEEEY !). My legs are waaaay more toned than before and I've noticed that I'm overall in a better mood.
Now, this one is kinda tricky. I've done a posting schedule and have decided that I'll be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I haven't been following it, obviously. I don't wanna make up excuses but I was super busy this week with my final project for college and some other personal problems and I didn't have time for blogging. 

But in April things will change. I'll be way better at time management and will definitely make time for blogging because I've truly missed it. I really enjoy sharing my life with you guys and when I can't or I don't have time for it, it just feels like something is missing. 

A weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I really hate having to deal with car trouble but it's just one of the many joys adulthood brings to you. Another thing is that I've never realized how much I rely on my car.. I don't even know how to get the bus anymore, honestly. I do everything with my car and being without it for the past weeks has been close to torture. Glad it's all good now. 
Me and my friends finally got together last weekend and it was so good. We got to catch up on each other's lives, gossip and eat some good food. I was even contemplating posting a picture of that night here on the blog but I'm not so sure they'd be comfortable with it. 

I stayed hidden in my house for so long that I kinda forgot how good it is to just get out and talk to people. Seriously, the past weekends have been spent watching Netflix, studying or reading and eating the new healthy banana bread that I've found on Pinterest (also add browsing on Pinterest to that list). I think internet offers so much entertainment and opportunities to be social that we (at least me) sometimes forget to just get out of the house, be active and see people.    

This a total fail. I know that being busy is not an excuse because we can always make time for what we want but I got caught up with my final project and other things and I completely forgot to even try. The plan was (and still is) to participate in those twitter blogger chats and get more involved in the whole blogging community, but now I guess I'll just pass this one along to the next month. 
Guys, I donated a TON of clothes. I did a major spring clean in my entire room and it felt so good to get rid of stuff that was just collecting dust over here. There were so many clothes that didn't even fit me anymore, jewelry that was broken or completely ruined and even some old books that I'm sure I won't read anymore. I know I just cleaned my room but I really feel better, like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders.. Is it weird ?  

Like I said, my final project took over my life this month and I just didn't have time or energy to go out and try new things. The only thing I did was to change the work outs I've been doing at the gym but I guess this doesn't count. Next month I'll be on it and if I get around to doing something fun and different I'll let you guys know.. Maybe I'll go on a picnic.. I always wanted to do that.

And that's a wrap for March guys ! I don't know if you feel like this too but as I'm looking back and thinking about everything I did in this month I'm realizing that I haven't done much. I know I have responsibilities and things that need to be done but I don't know.. Sometimes it feels like I'm not living my life to the fullest and I would like to change that. I hope that by continuing to do this posts I'll keep myself on track and just force myself to live more, if that makes any sense. Have you ever felt like that or am I just really weird ?

How was your month ? Did you do anything fun ? 
Are you setting goals for April ?
Please let me know your answers and thoughts on the comments. I missed you guys and I would really like to hear from you.

Thanks so much for stopping by !

March 23, 2015

How "Private" Is The Internet ?

It isn't, let's just start with that. The internet is a public place so if you don't feel comfortable doing something in public I strongly suggest that you don't do it on the internet, this will save you a lot of trouble in the future. I feel like we're constantly seeing people's lives ruined by the internet and nobody seems to learn from it. Sex tapes, leaked naked pictures, cyber bullying.. and the list goes on and on.

We're living in a time where almost everyone shares their lives on the internet and some people even make money out of it. The lines get blurred and sometimes we can't see how much is too much. It's ok for me to share a picture in a bikini.. so why not also post one wearing bra, it's pretty much the same thing, right ? NO ! When your debating in your head if you should post a certain picture or not you probably shouldn't. Just follow one very simple guideline: If you don't want your mom or your boss to see it, don't post it. 

It's ok to get a little drunk (sometimes), wear a bikini and even gossip a little bit about people's lives (we all do it at some level) but you don't need to document it online. Once it's on the internet that's it, you cannot take it back and everybody gets to see it. The idea of online privacy is not real. 

I don't know if you guys have heard about it and I'm not even quite sure how the story goes but a school teacher send a picture through snapchat to someone "privately" just to sow her students that nothing is really private when it comes to internet. The pictures ended on all sorts of social media outlet receiving over 20.000 shares and comments. Read more about it here.    

I think a lot of the bad things happen because the majority of people don't actually realize the consequences of their actions and also because they feel like it'll never happen to them. They feel like they can trust whomever it is they are sending things to. And you know what, maybe they do - but you need to keep in mind that old saying: "shit happens" and sometimes you can't control it

Maybe someone is playing with your boyfriend's phone and sees your "sexy picture", maybe your boyfriend becomes a crazy asshole, maybe your friends post a picture of you completely drunk by accident because she looks super cute in it or maybe your phone gets racked and the entire world gets to see your booty on social media - and even if you're Jennifer Lawrence there's not much you can do about. 

We're all entitled to our privacy and I, by no means, think that people who gets their photos leaked or something else deserves it, but until we figure out the blurred lines of internet and social media we need to be careful and protect ourselves. Social media is supposed to be something fun and entertaining but unfortunately it has lethal power of it's own.

I know most countries have laws that dictate good conduct and punishment for those who infringe the law but as I said before it's all still quite new and sometimes there isn't really much you can do it about. Just be safe and take of yourself and you integrity. 

What are your thoughts on this topic ? 
I would love to hear what you have to say. You guys always impress me with your opinions and thoughts so please let's get the discussion going !

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon ! 


March 22, 2015

Links I'm Loving.

I'm here today with another installment of Links I'm Loving. It's been quite a awhile since I've done one of this posts and since I spend waaaay too much time on the internet (yes, I'm working on that) I always have new things to talk about and new links I think you guys will really enjoy. I'm completely aware that spending too much on the computer and being introvert is actually quite bad for you but sometimes I just can't help it. After a full day of doing things I don't actually enjoy I feel like I've earned a couple of hours browsing on the internet.

I think it's not news to anyone that I'm a little bit obsessed with YouTube. So today, besides the usual links I also have a couple of videos to talk about and two new channels in particular that I think you guys will really like. I honestly think I only have two websites.. all the other links are related to YouTube. 

I discovered this channel by browsing through YouTube (something that I do a lot apparently) and I really like it. I don't know about you guys but I'm not the most skilled person at the kitchen so this comes in as a big help. The make complicated dishes in an easy way and use mostly ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge. My favorite recipe so far is Nachos In The Oven and when I did it here in my house my family really enjoyed it.

This girl is my new favorite. But first let me talk about here channel.. She makes videos about relationship advice to girls and she's always ON POINT with her advice. Her videos always start with a scenario and every scenario that she talks about I believe every girl (including me) has gone though.. The guy doesn't call you back or you don't know if you like him or not or my favorite on so far, you can't stop thinking about boys. I have to admit that lately I've not been relating as much to her advice simply because I've been dating Sebastian for almost 2 years now (time really flies) and it's mostly targeted to the whole "dating/getting to know each other thing" but I still love it and she gives AMAZING advice.

Someone that I follow on social media (can't remeber who) was saying great things about this online store so I decided to take a look. They basically sell makeup on a more affordable price (which already caught my attention) but what really won me over is the fact that they ship worldwide. You guys cannot believe what I pain it is to shop online when you live in Brazil.. seriously just a few store actually ship here and when they do they charge you almost the same price of the product. 

I'm yet to place an order simply because I've been trying to go through my makeup collection and cut down a little bit on the spending, but their prices are actually pretty good. As soon as I'm over this whole #nobuy vibe I'll definitely do some more browsing around this website.

I don't know if this is blog or a lifestyle website (I think it's a little mixture of both).. All I know is that I love it. They talk about fitness, book and they also offer free downloads to help you to stay organized and all that cool stuff. I found out about this website yesterday and I spent most of my night reading articles and just browsing around. If you're looking for new blogs to follow I highly suggest this one. 

Ok, I admit it.. I'm obsessed with books. It all started because I wanted to keep myself motivate with my Reading Challenge and I ended up getting a little overboard with all the book stuff. I've seen a lot of people talk about this challenge in particular but I've never bothered to check it out before because I don't like to set rules or guidelines to follow.. It makes it less fun for me when it becomes an obligation. 

But I decided to check it out this week because I was a little stuck and I wanted to branch out from the genres I'm always reaching for, like Young Adult or Fiction. This gave me some great ideas and if you haven't seen this before and you enjoy reading, you should definitely take a look.

Again on the book topic, sorry guys but I can't help it. I actually found this website through Pinterest. It's actually a very simple concept - you just go over there and type in some books that you've already read and enjoyed and they'll suggest you another book based on your preferences. When I finished Maybe Someday (I felt so many feeling reading this) I got a little stuck and had no idea of what I wanted to read next so I did a little browsing over there and found some read suggestions. 

What are some of the links that you're loving ?

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on the next one ! 



March 19, 2015

Are you lost ? So am I.

I've already written a couple of posts about college here on the blog but I still had a couple more things to say about this topic. I know I keep repeating myself over and over again (probably because I'm so excited about it) but I'm currently on my last semester of college and as the whole "growing up" situation keeps getting closer and closer my anxiety has been reaching the highest levels ever recorded in history.

In my weird mind finishing college marks the beginning of adult life. I know I'm already considered an adult (I'm 22 years old) everywhere in the world but in my head I'm still a student, crossing over into adulthood and hanging on to the last bits of my young adult life. At the end of this semester I'll be a "full on adult" having to find a job, a house and start living by myself. Wait, I don't want you guys to get me wrong, my parents are not kicking me out of the house or anything.. If it was up to my mom I'd be living with her for the rest of my life. 

This is all me. I don't know if it's because of "society" or whatever you wanna call it but to me finishing college is a little slap in the face telling you: GROW UP and BE A WOMAN. And I'm terrified about it.. Seriously, I have NO idea of what the heck I wanna do with my life. And everyone keeps telling me: You'll be fine ! You have a good degree from a good university ! It's normal to feel this way ! Everybody has felt this way is their tweenties ! - But if everyone has already been there and done that why the hell nobody gives you the answer or tells you how to make a decision and choose a direction ? When I figure out my life I'll create a life coaching business for young woman..

Some of you guys might be laughing at me right now, some of you might be thinking I'm stupid and some of you might actually understand what I'm going through. Choosing my major in college was already hard for me, now imagine choosing what I want to do for the rest of my life. As you can see, I have problems making big decisions. I have a million questions racing through my mind: What if I don't find a job ? What if I find a horrible job ? What if I pick the wrong career ? What if I don't want any career and want to just be a stay at home mom ? What if I chose the wrong college major ? - I don't even know what I want to eat for lunch today.. How am I supposed to make so many decisions ?

I've always believed that everything works out in the end but right now I'm not so sure and my many doubts are eating me inside out. I know I'm very lucky to have the privilege of being able to have those doubts and that a lot of people in the world don't even have the possibility to go to college. And trust me when I say that I'm beyond grateful for being able to pursue higher education and for having choices, I'm aware a lot of people don't have them.

I don't want to whine but nobody said life was going to be so hard. I miss being certain about things, like in high school when I was certain I wanted to go to college. I've always been indecisive but I thought that if I just focused on the next step ahead and figured out one thing at a time I'd be fine but now I'm completely stuck and cannot figure out my next step. 

I mean, I could always keep working on my education and go for a master degree and after a PhD but I want o start working and making my own money so I can move out. But when I start thinking about all of this I panic and cannot make a single move.. Why can't I just stay in my bedroom watching Pretty Little liars with my cat ? (BTW, any clues about who is A ?)

But coming back to the topic in discussion, this is everything that has been going on in mind recently. I'm pretty sure that feeling lost is natural at this age but it becomes so frustrating sometimes that you feel like nobody in the world can understand you. I thought writing this post might help me clear up my mind or at least put my thoughts in order but I'm still as lost as I was when I started writing. So for now, I'll just stick to my own advice and enjoy the confusion trusting that everything will work out at the end. 

What are your thoughts in this matter ?
Do you have any good advice ?
Have you ever been through this ? If so, does it get better ?
Please feel free to share your wisdom on the comments below.

Thank you so much for stopping by. 



March 16, 2015

Do You Really Need Blogging Advice ?

To be honest with you guys I don't even know if I have an answer to this question but I thought it was a good topic for discussion and as always I would really like to know your opinion about this so please feel free to join the discussion after you read everything. I'm a little torn between the two sides (yes or no) but there are a couple of things that have been on my mind about this so I decided to share my opinion on this post and we'll go from there.

Having read more them a couple of posts about "blogging advice" myself I feel like not every piece of advice you find on the internet is actually helpful. I'm not talking about sharing tips and tricks of HTML or other little gadgets you can incorporate to your blog to make it better - I actually think those are beyond helpful and I try to always share with you guys a couple of things that I've learned throughout my limited blogging experience.  

I'm talking about posts like: "1O MIRACULOUS WAYS TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG", "HOW TO GET 100 FOLLOWERS TODAY" or "100 NEW IDEAS FOR BLOG POSTS". I'm sure plenty of the new bloggers out there have stumbled across this posts and to be honest I don't think they are very helpful. You should focus on creating your own content and not get to caught up in what everybody else is doing. 

I believe blogging is something personal. You can have a thousand beauty bloggers in the world but they will all be different somehow even if they are writing about the same topic. The readers come to you because of the subject you're blogging about, but they stay for you personality. And because of that, I don't think you should take too much advice from anyone, just listen to your readers and try to change a couple of things accordingly to their feedback. 

People get tired of reading over and over about the same things (at least I do), so if you really want good advice, stay away from those posts and do something unique. Morning routine, night time routine, spring routine.. Routines don't change, guys ! Blogging is about you, writing about what you enjoy and having fun while doing it, you don't need to stick to a certain kind of post or do what everybody else is doing.      

Another thing that I don't like is advice on growing your blog. Growing your blog is difficult and it takes time. I don't think that there are any miraculous hidden shortcuts out there. You just need to be consistent and keep going (I pretty sure I just said the same thing twice). But anyway, it's true. Using certain words, certain meta tags or any other SEO trick they will try to sell you can only take you so far. People will not keep coming back for more if they don't like the way you write or something else, so I think you should just stay true to yourself and believe that everything has their own time, if it's meant to happen it will happen. 

You should also keep in mind is that having a blog is a little different than having a full on website. I know a lot of those tips are targeted to people who run a website. Of course you should use SEO tools if you have a online store or something like that because you're trying to attract possible customers. But a blog is not a business, at least not in the beginning. You obviously need to grow your readers if you want it to turn it into a business but I don't think that using SEO is the best way to go in this case. Blogging is all about creating a connection with the person who is on the other side of the screen, so why not start with that ?

One thing that I've also been seeing a lot these days is posts about organization and creating a post schedule or something like that. I'm all over those ones as they are not really telling you what to write or what to do, they're just advising you in how to stay on top of things. 

All in all, I think the best blogging advice someone can give you is be yourself. Some people will like you and come back for more and some will not. I really think the best bloggers out there are so successful in what they do because they show off their personality and let the reader decide if they like them or not. There is not a mold you should fit in, just like in life.

I hope you guys got the idea behind this post and what I was actually trying to say. When I write posts like this I tend to ramble a lot and not make a lot of sense but I tried to do my best on this one. If you have any doubts or something was not clear please let know so I can explain explain it better.  

This is my personal opinion about this topic. I want you guys to feel more than welcomed to join in the discussion. Even if you don't agree with me, I'm still very curious to know your opinion. 

Thank you so much for reading. 


March 14, 2015

My Monthly Makeup Basket.

I've first heard of the concept of a "weekly makeup basket" a long time ago on Beauty Broadcast and I thought it was such a cool idea. But back then, I didn't have a lot of makeup so I didn't see the point in making it myself because basically, all the makeup that owned could fit in just one little basket, I believe I only had a foundation, some single eye shadows, an Avon blush and a MAC lipstick in Angel, which I still have.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people doing this kind of post and the idea came back to my mind so I decided try it out for myself. I thought it'd be a good way to focus on some products we sometimes forget to use in our collections and also help me to use up the products that are on my Project Pan a little faster 'cause honestly, I need all the help that I can get over here. I was mostly inspired by Pretty Pistol 86's videos on YouTube, she does them every single week and she uses up so many products that I just had to try it for myself.  

I know most people make this a more frequent habit and they change up their products on a weekly basis but I've not been using makeup that often simply because I have not been leaving the house that often so I thought I'd make this a monthly thing. Nowadays the only daily appointment I have is with the gym and I'm not one of those people who wears makeup to gym, if you're one of them no judgement, it's just not for me. 

This product is in my current Project Pan and I'm desperately trying to use it up so I can finally put it in my "Back to MAC" pile. If you don't know what "Back to MAC" is, it's a little program they have in which you get a free lipstick if you return to the store six MAC used products, they don't have to be empty but I just don't feel comfortable in returning it if it's not completely used up.

But this blush is beautiful and it's completely matte with no shimmer, perfect for pairing it with a highlighter. I think this is one of those universal shades and will flatter everyone's skin tone. I just want to use it up because I've had this for so long in my collection that I'm already tired of it. 
Also one my Project Pan and I looooove this. It's the best BB Cream I've ever tried, granted that I've not yet tried that many. But you know when you find a product that just works for ? That one that blends perfectly with your skin and gives just the right amount of coverage ? That's what this BB Cream does for me. And as soon as I'm done with it I'm buying a another one.
This is a good powder, not great but good. It works over foundations because it's very light and doesn't add too much color to your face. I wouldn't recommend wearing it on it's own because it can wash you out and make you look a lit bit like a ghost. I mainly pair this one with the BB Cream I've mentioned before and I'm pretty please with the finished look.
Also in my Project Pan and I can't wait for the day when I'll be throwing this one out. I just don't like to wear lip gloss on my lips. I don't like the stickiness and that whole situation when you get out of the house with your makeup on point and the wind comes and makes your hair stick to the lip gloss. You get what I'm saying, right ? 
I love this lipstick so much. I've never found a nude shade that actually looked good on me and the formula is also amazing. It's very moisturizing and almost matte on the lips. I chose this one for this month's basket because it goes with pretty much any look I could possibly want to do and it makes a good lip combo with that Victoria's Secret lip gloss..
Like the name says, this mascara is great for defining and separating the lashes when they all stick together. I don't really like to use it alone because it doesn't give a lot of volume or length to the lashes but for on an everyday basis I can make it work since I don't really go all out with my daily makeup.

I've had this one for quite a while now and I don't know how makeup gurus use up mascaras so fast. It really takes me almost 8 month to finish the entire thing. I'm not quite sure if you should keep a mascara for that long, but that's just what I do. 
I haven't used this pallet in so long so I decided to add it to the basket this month to see if I can change that. To be honest, I kinda forgot I even I had it in my collection and I can't, for the life of me, remember when or where I got it. Weird, right ?

I think I haven't got much use out of this one because the shades are not very neutral and I always go for neutrals, day or night. I'm trying to change that and maybe incorporate some color into my looks so we'll see how that goes this moth.

These are the products I'll be focusing on this month. Let me know what you guys think about this whole "makeup basket" thing and I'm also curious to know if you guys do it too. 
What's on your current makeup basket ? 
How often do you change the products ?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next one !

March 12, 2015

8 Tips For Getting More Reading Done.

Ever since I've started my Reading Challenge this year I've been a little bit obsessed about everything reading related, from BookTube channels to a rediscovered love I've always felt for my Kindle. I've been trying to discover new books and new authors as well as venturing myself away the typical genres I gravitate to, like Young Adult Fantasy and Romance, and into more different ones like Mystery. Let's not forget that I'm focusing a lot of time in reading blogs.. can't help it.

But since the biggest and hardest part of the challenge is sitting down and actually reading the books I know things can get a little stressful. By now most of you already know that I'm a college student majoring in International Relations, but what you guys probably don't know is that my major requires a lot of mandatory reading (we're talking about 3 to 4 textbooks for each subject) so I had no other choice other than sitting my booty down and read read read. So I thought I would share with you guys today some of the tips and tricks I've mastered along the way to read not only faster but in a more productive way.

1. Choose a quite place

Your room, a library, the bathroom, a coffee shop or even a bookstore. It doesn't matter where you are as long as it's a quite place and you can concentrate there. In my first semester of college I used to take the bus to get to class and since it was a one and a half hour ride I used to get a lot of reading done during that time. It was a way to make time go by quicker and also to be a little more productive.

I also really like to read in coffee shops. I feel like it's a good way to get out of the house and see people as well as getting more reading done. When I read in my house I feel like there's always someone talking with me, noise and a lot of distractions like TV and my laptop. So when I go to a coffee shop it's just me, my book and my coffee. The perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon.   

2. Read something you enjoy

Obviously sometimes we don't have much of a choice and have to read stuff for school but when you do have a choice you should always choose something you enjoy. I know a lot of people (including me) tend to go with the hype and if everyone is talking about a certain book we must read it or we feel a little left out and the same thing goes with classics. 

But at least in my case, when I'm reading something I don't enjoy I tend to take twice as long to finish the book and when I'm done I don't feel like reading anything else. So to prevent this situation stick to books that you actually enjoy and if you're not feeling the book drop it and start fresh with a new one. 

3. Have books you look forward to reading

This is a great way to motivate yourself go through the book you're currently reading quicker and that way you'll just read more book in a shorter period of time. A good way to get inspired and excited about reading new book is watching BookTube channels and blogs about books. And I don't know about you guys but every time a watch those videos my reading list gets twice as large. 

4. Skip the movie

If you're planning on reading the book, DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE. I know that this tip only works for books that were turned into movies but it works nonetheless. If you already know the story you'll be less excited about reading the book and if you actually get yourself to start the book you'll be even less excited to finish it. For me books are all about sparking imagination and putting me in a different world or a different situation so if I already know how everything is and how it all works out in the end, why would I finish reading ? 

And also, this way you'll be able to work your imagination and create everything inside your mind and after, with the movie, you can compare and see if it all turned out to be as you expected. It's just more fun this way. 

5. Cut down on TV time

TV is time machine. I sit down to watch something during lunch time and 4 hours later I find myself watching a documentary about alligators in Florida that I don't find interesting at all. And it's the same way with YouTube and Netflix, so if you're planning on getting a lot of reading done just skip the TV or monitor yourself very strictly. 

I tend to put set the stopwatch on my phone for 30 minutes during lunch time because I can't eat without TV (I know it's bad habit but I just can't change it) and then when the time is over I grab a book for the next 30 minutes to finish my one hour lunch break. That way I still menage to get a little bit of TV time and also some reading done.  

6. Read together

Why not try to make a little book club with your friends ? This way you guys can motivate each other, spend more time together and you'll always have someone to talk to about the book. I know that when I finish "The Summer I Turned Pretty" (my favorite books) I desperately wanted someone to talk to and discuss the things that happened but NO ONE that I knew had read it so I just kept my feelings to myself and those books made me feel all the feels. 

7. Set a goal 

You don't have to start a Reading Challenge and post it all over the internet or anything like that but setting a personal goal could really help you out on this one. Just go by your normal pace and set a realistic go - keeping in mind your schedule and everything. This way the chances of you being disappointed at the end are lower and you won't put too much pressure on yourself.

8. Don't pressure yourself

All I know is that when I feel pressured I tend to drop whatever it is that I'm doing and just quite so I need to take thing slower - baby steps. Reading more is all about creating a habit and sticking with it so you need to things in order to keep yourself going and not give up. Read at your own pace and enjoy the books, this is not a competition.

Do you have any tips ? What are you currently reading ?
Thank you so much for stopping by.

March 10, 2015

10 Things I Want To Accomplish In March.

I'm gonna be very honest with you guys, I SUCK AT SETTING GOALS. I'm seriously the worst person in the world with planning and getting things done. I've tried everything from writing things down on a planner, to apps and to-do list on my phone. I just write things down and forget to even look at it after so when the end of the day rolls around I haven't done anything I planned on doing. So today, I'm trying out a different approach and I'm putting it on the Internet to make it official and also as a last attempt to keep myself on track. 

These past few days I've not been going to class as often as I used too so my days are lacking structure and even though I have a lot of time on my hands I end up doing practically nothing productive. So instead of making a daily to-do list I decided to set myself some bigger goals and see if by keeping them in mind during the month I can make myself more productive. 

So here are my March Goals !    

1. Finish the first chapter of my final project

I know I've talked about it a lot but for those of you who still don't know all I need to do to graduate collage is this final project. And still killing me. It's supposed to be a big and in depth study of a subject of my choice and although I have six months to do it, just the thought of taking the first step into actually writing it is driving me crazy. 

I've already done a lot of research and a lot of reading on the subject but when I start writing things down I have some sort of blockage and I can't write anything for the life of me. I don't know about you guys but I do this quite often. When I have to do something that I don't enjoy I keep postponing it as much as I can and end up doing everything last minute. But things are going to change this month and I intend to do some major progress in this project. 

2. Finish 3 books

I've recently done a post about my Reading Challenge for 2015 and according to GoodReads I'm already behind schedule. My goal is to read 30 books by the end of the year and I've only read 3 so far so I want to do some progress on that area too. If you follow me on Twitter you probably already but I've just finished reading "Fire After Dark" by Sadie Matthews and after I'm planning on reading "We Were Liars" by E. Lockhart and "City Of Bones" by Cassandra Clare, the first book of the Mortal Instruments Series. 

3. Work out 5 days a week

I joined the gym last month and although I've been going very frequently, I want to put a little more effort into working out. I feel like this will be a great way to bring back some structure into my days and start my morning in a good and positive way, working out always gets me more motivated to do stuff.

4. Do a blog makeover

In one of my last posts I asked for your opinions and suggestions on things I should change on the blog and I really appreciate all of your comments but I've not had time (or made time) yet to actually implement everything. I already have some ideas and a couple of things are already done and saved on my computer just waiting for the right time.  

5. Make a posting schedule

I know that this blog is supposed to be a hobby and everything but I feel like a posting schedule will not only give me some more structure on my day but it'll also make this blog better. You guys will have a actual date to expect new posts and not have to keep checking in without anything new to see. 

I've been really enjoying blogging and capturing little pieces of my life and things that I love here so I can come back sometime in the future and look back at it. It's funny how sharing my life with you guys has made me enjoy more and also be more grateful for the things and experiences that I've had in my life. I was not expecting this but connecting with you guys is the best thing about this experience and I think a blogging schedule will make this whole thing better.  

6. Fix car trouble

Uuuugh, this thing has been hunting me like a nightmare. If you have a car I think you'll relate to this when I say: Having car trouble is the worst thing ever. I hate going to the shop and waiting around for hours in a dirty environment full of people who really just take their time in fixing your car like you don't have anything else to do with your day. I've been postponing fixing this for weeks now and my dad keeps asking me every single morning if I've taken care of it. 

7. Make more time for my friends

Since I don't use my time in the most productive way, I'm always busy and I never have time to go out with my friends. It's true that they always go out at night and I'm more of a afternoon Starbucks run kind of person, but I still need to make time for them.   

8. Be a more active blogger

In this case being a more active blogger has nothing to do with posts. It has to do with all the other blogging things besides the actual writing process. Is about connecting with you guys via social media, responding to comments and participating in all those blogger chats. I suck at this mostly because I'm still a little self-conscious with social media and everything but I'm hoping this will change this month. 

9. Organize my closet

I have no idea why I have so many clothes in my closet but this situation needs to change asap. I need to make some time this month to organize everything, make a donation pile and rediscover some items that are buried in the back. I keep complaining that I never have anything to wear but I'm pretty sure I don't even remember everything that I own. I'm also gonna try to make this habit and every six month or so I'm gonna try to reorganize everything just so I can remember the pieces that I have and this way I'll hopefully cut down on the spending. 

10. Try out new things 

I'm a creature of habit and I would really like to change that. Sometimes I feel like I'm always doing the same things and going to the same places and that's entirely my fault. I live in a HUGE city and haven't explored much outside my neighborhood. This month I want to change that even if it's just by changing my regular coffee shop or going to a new neighborhood for dinner.

What are you planning to accomplish this month ?
Please let know on the comments 'cause I'm really curious 
to know what are your plans for this month.

Thank you so much for stopping by.