March 12, 2015

8 Tips For Getting More Reading Done.

Ever since I've started my Reading Challenge this year I've been a little bit obsessed about everything reading related, from BookTube channels to a rediscovered love I've always felt for my Kindle. I've been trying to discover new books and new authors as well as venturing myself away the typical genres I gravitate to, like Young Adult Fantasy and Romance, and into more different ones like Mystery. Let's not forget that I'm focusing a lot of time in reading blogs.. can't help it.

But since the biggest and hardest part of the challenge is sitting down and actually reading the books I know things can get a little stressful. By now most of you already know that I'm a college student majoring in International Relations, but what you guys probably don't know is that my major requires a lot of mandatory reading (we're talking about 3 to 4 textbooks for each subject) so I had no other choice other than sitting my booty down and read read read. So I thought I would share with you guys today some of the tips and tricks I've mastered along the way to read not only faster but in a more productive way.

1. Choose a quite place

Your room, a library, the bathroom, a coffee shop or even a bookstore. It doesn't matter where you are as long as it's a quite place and you can concentrate there. In my first semester of college I used to take the bus to get to class and since it was a one and a half hour ride I used to get a lot of reading done during that time. It was a way to make time go by quicker and also to be a little more productive.

I also really like to read in coffee shops. I feel like it's a good way to get out of the house and see people as well as getting more reading done. When I read in my house I feel like there's always someone talking with me, noise and a lot of distractions like TV and my laptop. So when I go to a coffee shop it's just me, my book and my coffee. The perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon.   

2. Read something you enjoy

Obviously sometimes we don't have much of a choice and have to read stuff for school but when you do have a choice you should always choose something you enjoy. I know a lot of people (including me) tend to go with the hype and if everyone is talking about a certain book we must read it or we feel a little left out and the same thing goes with classics. 

But at least in my case, when I'm reading something I don't enjoy I tend to take twice as long to finish the book and when I'm done I don't feel like reading anything else. So to prevent this situation stick to books that you actually enjoy and if you're not feeling the book drop it and start fresh with a new one. 

3. Have books you look forward to reading

This is a great way to motivate yourself go through the book you're currently reading quicker and that way you'll just read more book in a shorter period of time. A good way to get inspired and excited about reading new book is watching BookTube channels and blogs about books. And I don't know about you guys but every time a watch those videos my reading list gets twice as large. 

4. Skip the movie

If you're planning on reading the book, DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE. I know that this tip only works for books that were turned into movies but it works nonetheless. If you already know the story you'll be less excited about reading the book and if you actually get yourself to start the book you'll be even less excited to finish it. For me books are all about sparking imagination and putting me in a different world or a different situation so if I already know how everything is and how it all works out in the end, why would I finish reading ? 

And also, this way you'll be able to work your imagination and create everything inside your mind and after, with the movie, you can compare and see if it all turned out to be as you expected. It's just more fun this way. 

5. Cut down on TV time

TV is time machine. I sit down to watch something during lunch time and 4 hours later I find myself watching a documentary about alligators in Florida that I don't find interesting at all. And it's the same way with YouTube and Netflix, so if you're planning on getting a lot of reading done just skip the TV or monitor yourself very strictly. 

I tend to put set the stopwatch on my phone for 30 minutes during lunch time because I can't eat without TV (I know it's bad habit but I just can't change it) and then when the time is over I grab a book for the next 30 minutes to finish my one hour lunch break. That way I still menage to get a little bit of TV time and also some reading done.  

6. Read together

Why not try to make a little book club with your friends ? This way you guys can motivate each other, spend more time together and you'll always have someone to talk to about the book. I know that when I finish "The Summer I Turned Pretty" (my favorite books) I desperately wanted someone to talk to and discuss the things that happened but NO ONE that I knew had read it so I just kept my feelings to myself and those books made me feel all the feels. 

7. Set a goal 

You don't have to start a Reading Challenge and post it all over the internet or anything like that but setting a personal goal could really help you out on this one. Just go by your normal pace and set a realistic go - keeping in mind your schedule and everything. This way the chances of you being disappointed at the end are lower and you won't put too much pressure on yourself.

8. Don't pressure yourself

All I know is that when I feel pressured I tend to drop whatever it is that I'm doing and just quite so I need to take thing slower - baby steps. Reading more is all about creating a habit and sticking with it so you need to things in order to keep yourself going and not give up. Read at your own pace and enjoy the books, this is not a competition.

Do you have any tips ? What are you currently reading ?
Thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. Great tips - quiet space and especially a comfy space is always a winner for me. I always swear by something an old English teacher said once in school - if you don't get into a book by the second or third chapter say, then pass it up. You aren't going to like every book and there's far, far too many enjoyable one out there to spend wasting times on the ones you aren't enjoying.

    1. Your teacher was so right, Rachel ! There's really no point in making yourself finish a book if you're not enjoying it ! :)

  2. Reading books you enjoy and having more books you enjoy waiting for you. Yes. That's on point. Haha I haven't been reading as much lately either, literally only reading one chapter a night. I haven't gotten into a book in around a month now, which is just sad. Oh, and I've read the Summer I Turned Pretty!! Although I don't really remember much of it because I honestly didn't like it that much (sorry!). You should read To All the Boys I Loved Before though! It's also by Jenny Han and it's absolutely amazing and adorable. I finished that one in two days ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks for the tip, M ! I'm gonna try to read To All the Boys I Loved Before next ! :)

  3. great tips I definatly need to read more I watch way to much tv and youtube.!

    1. Thanks, girl ! And I was also watching waaaay too much TV but I've been a little bit bettr since I've started the reading challenge.