March 2, 2015

February Favorites.

I think you guys have figured it out by now but I'm not a favorites person. I don't make a monthly favorites post simply because favorites don't change and I don't see the point in making the same post every month. I know some bloggers out there do this and I'm not hating on them.. It's just not my thing. 

However, this month I've decided to do one because I actually have some really good finds to share with you guys. I know I've been lacking on the beauty/makeup posts lately and there's not really an excuse to that other than lack of inspiration so if you've been missing some beauty content I've got you covered today. 

In this post I'll be only sharing things that I've discovered or rediscovered this past month so if you'd like to see another post with my all time favorite products (the things that never change in my routine or some fashion staples) just let me know on the comments and I'll gladly do that for you guys. 

House Of Lies
I know I've said I had you guys covered with the makeup and beauty today but I need to begin with this amazing show. After I've finished Newsroom I thought I would never fall in love again (besides Pretty Little Liars, my guilty pleasure) but it looks like I found love again. 

When I say this show is a favorite I'm clearly underestimating it. I have literally watched an entire season in two days.. I know I should have been working on my final thesis for college but this show completely sucked me in and I found myself watching chapter after chapter. 

I don't want to ruin it for you but it's basically about a group of consultants and their day to day life in the crazy business world. I know that when I say it doesn't seem as good as it actually is so I'd suggest you watch the first chapter and come over here to thank me later. 

Fire After Dark
I bought this book during the crazy Black Friday sales last year and since then I got completely busy with school work and forgot that I even had this on my bookshelf until I've decided to do some major cleaning in my room and I'm very glad I did. I wouldn't recommend this to everyone because it does have some pretty sexy scenes but if you're ok with that like me I think you'll really enjoy it.

It has a great plot and although I haven't finished it yet(because I've been dividing my time between House Of Lies and my final project) I've been really enjoying reading this before bed or whenever I find myself overwhelmed with school stuff. I don't want to say this but.. To me it's like Fifty Shades Of Grey but better, a little more down to earth and realistic.  

Nivea Daily Moisturizer Aqua Effect SPF 15
I have mentioned this moisturizer in a previous haul but I've only really given it a try this past month and I have to say that it's pretty good. I was using the Clean&Clear Morning Glow and I still like it but this Nivea moisturizer is better in my opinion. It's ticker and more nourishing without looking greasy on your skin and it also works pretty well under makeup. 

The only thing I would change about this one is the SPF 'cause I do wish it was a little higher but since I normally apply a CC Cream from Avon on a daily basis and that has an SPF 50 it's not a very big deal for me and I menage to make that work. So if you live in a very sunny place like me I think you shouldn't rely on a SPF 15 to protect your face either. 

Garnier BB Cream in Medium
Also featured on a my last haul and I have to say that I'm impress. I already had high hopes for this products but it still surprised me. I loved the coverage and the light consistency which makes the perfect base for my MAC Studio Fix powder foundation that I so dearly love.  

I don't actually use this every single day because I've been trying to use up some other BB Creams and whatnot but this products is great and if you haven't tried it yet.. What are you doing with your life ?

L'ORÉAL Colour Richie Balm
I've had these lip products for a while now but I've recently rediscovered them this month. They were all the way back in my makeup drawer and after I did some major cleaning in my room we were finally reunited. I think calling them a lip balm is an understatement. 

They are super moisturizing, smell great and have the most perfect hint of color. I think they are perfect for those situations where you want to wear makeup but your just too lazy (like when you have to go to class at 7a.m.)or for touch ups during day because you can easily apply them without a mirror and not look like a clown. 

Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in "Carried Away"
Hi, my name is Michele and I'm addicted to Body Sprays or Fragrance Mists, however you want to call them. I have a problem and the last time I've counted them all I discovered that I have 12 of these little bottles in my collection so I'm making it my mission for 2015 to actually go through at least half of them. I have already included one of the big bottles on my Project Pan (post coming soon!) but it's a work in progress.  

This month I selected two to focus on and I fell in love all over again with this scent. It's just perfect for hot weather (which we have been experience here) because it's very light but it still lasts on your skin for a decent amount of time. In Summer and in Spring wearing actual perfumes gives me headache so fragrance mists are the way to go for me. 

My New Hair Cut
I went a little crazy this month and chopped off my hair. It was too hot outside to be dealing with long hair and it just kept getting in the way so I just got some scissors on a lazy afternoon and cut cut cut. I'm actually really happy with the results and if you'd also like to cut your hair by yourself you can check out this post where I explain the method to my madness. 

What are your favorites this moth ? Have you tried any of the products ? 
Did you like my new hair ?

Thank you so much for reading.


  1. Love the new hair, Michele! I'm been wanting to cut my hair that length too but have yet to find the time to make appointment, you look really great with the new hair!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Your hair looks amazing! And I might check out the Garnier BB Cream because I still haven't found the right BB Cream


    1. Thank you ! :) You should definitely try the BB Cream and after you tell me your thoughts about it !

  3. Your hair came out really cute! I can't believe you were so brave to do it yourself. Once in high school, my friend had me cut her hair and it kept being uneven so I had to cut more on the left, then more on the right. Then finally I said, OK I give up you have to go to the salon before you are bald. Her hair was SO SHORT! Ha ha ha!
    :) Alice