March 7, 2015

Project 10 Pan.

Today I'm finally doing a post about my Project Pan. I know I kept saying that the post was coming soon and I'm really sorry for those of you who were actually looking forward to it. I just had a couple of posts that were planned to go up before this one and, as always, I was kinda busy. I know I'm not the only busy one around here and that everybody has things going on in their lives but sometimes blogging and simply living my life is just too much. But I'm here today and if you would still like to know about my Project Pan just keep reading. 

I got on the whole Project Pan bandwagon because of YouTube. I admit.. YouTube made me do it. I was also feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of makeup that I have and getting ready in the morning became a stressful scavenger hunt. I don't really have a lot of makeup (I do have more than I'm capable of using) but I also don't have a lot of storage space in my apartment so for my current situation it is a little too much.

I also have a couple of products which I've had for a while and I'm scared they'll go bad or get expired. This whole thing is about reminding myself of the makeup that I have and realizing how long it takes me to actually go through an entire product so I'll cut back on the makeup shopping for a while. 

I decided on including ten products on this project because that's more or less the number of products I want gone and that I feel like I can actually use up on a reasonable amount of time. I'm not sure yet the amount of time I'll give myself to use this products up because I'm not going to school or work at the moment so I hardly ever use makeup. We'll just see how it goes and on the first update I make I'll tell you guys my deadline. 

Here are the chosen ones !

MAC Powder Blush in Mocha
This is the first MAC product I've bought for myself, I've had other ones before but this was the first one I bought with my own money. I've had this for so long and I just need it gone. I know it looks like this will be a quick one to use up but you guys have no idea how pigmented this blush is and unfortunately (in our current situation) I just need to use a tiny little amount of product on my cheek. I love the color but I'm just tired of looking at it. I feel like it's just taking up space now and I do have pretty similar colors to this one so it won't missed. 

MAC Selected Sheer Pressed Powder in NW43
I originally bought this to be my everyday setting powder but I don't know what I was thinking at the store. This is extremely dark on my skin and I was never able to use this all over the face without looking like a Dorito. To put in perspective I'm a NW30 in the Summer. I ended up making this work as a bronzer and I actually quite like it. It gives a more natural look when I contour and I think from now on I'll be using a darker shade of face powder instead of bronzer to contour. I think this one will go out quickly 'cause I can use it not only to contour but also to warm up my face and as an eyeshadow if I get too desperate to finish.

Avon BB Cream in Natural Beige
I actually love this product. It was the first BB Cream I've ever bought and I really saw a difference in my skin after using this consistently. It's very moisturizing and it looks very natural on the skin. I'm putting this on the project because I've already got 2 other BB Creams (and one CC Cream) in my collection so I don't need this one anymore but I still want to finish it. I can't see how much product there's still inside but I'm hoping this will be gone by the end of the month.

Avon True Color Blush in Medium Rose
I don't know what's going on with this blush but this thing DOES NOT END. I've had this for almost 4 years now and I can't use this up.. I just can't. This is my last hope to finish this product and if I cannot used this up by the end of the project I'll just throw it out because it's very old and I don't want to give old stuff away.

ELF Contouring Bush and Bronzer
I bought this because I saw a lot of positive reviews on blogs and a lot of people were saying that it was a dupe for the NARS one (don't really know the name). But I don't know if I bought the wrong one or something but I didn't like this product. Both shades have a lot of shimmer and are not very pigmented. I don't like shimmer on blushes or bronzers so this thing didn't do anything for me. It's just a another product collecting dust on my closet and I would like to see it gone asap.   

I have quite a bit of pan showing on the blush because it was the only one I took with me when I was studying abroad and I didn't want to spend money on makeup when I was already spending so much just to keep a roof over my head and food on my fridge. But after I came back I hardly ever reached for it and I also prefer using my MAC Selected Sheer Powder as a bronzer like I said before.

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle
I'm actually kinda embarrassed to admit how old this product is. I bought it right when they came out so I'll just let you do the math. I actually love Revlon's Lip Butter but I just have waaay too many of them for my own good and I need to start using them up. 

This is a beautiful "dark rose" shade and it looks really good on my skin tone. I don't think it'll take a lot of time to finish this 'cause I really enjoy wearing it on my lips and it makes them super smooth and moisturized. Now that I'm really focusing on it I think it'll take me maybe 2 or 3 weeks to finish it. 

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Grapefruit Blast
I've also had this one for a long time. Lip gloss is just not my thing and since I don't have a lot of them I can't tell you if this is good or not. It's actually very moisturizing but I just don't like glossy lips. I don't really know why but it takes me back to my early teenage years when I used to think I was sooo cool for wearing lip gloss to school. It makes a good lip combo with the Kiko lipstick that's also on this project so I think I'll just wear them together on a everyday basis. 

Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Amber Romance
Another product that doesn't end. Seriously.. I think they put some sort of magic spell on these body mists. I've had this for ages and have been using this particular one for two years every single day I went to school. I really like the scent and all but I just can't stand this product anymore so I'll be working very hard on this one. I'm sorry for this picture 'cause you can't really see m progress on it but I promise I'll do better on my updates.

Kiko's Lipstick in 92
I love Kiko's products, specially their lipstick. I really like this shade and it's the perfect pinky nude on my skin, perfect for everyday makeup. I don't know how long it'll take me to finish this one up because I've only ever finished one lipstick before in my entire life and it took me quite a while. But since I'm strictly focusing on it for the next couple of months I hope it'll be a little faster this time. 

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara in Very Black
Love this mascara but I already have other ones in my collection that I want to use up too so this is just taking up space. You can never really tell with mascara but I don't think there's a lot of product in there so I'm think this one you'll be the first one to go. 

Are you doing a Project Pan ? Have you ever done one ? 
Do you have any tips ?
Please let me know your answers and your thoughts on the comments.
I love hearing from you guys !

Thanks so much for reading.





  1. Love the idea of this post! Has gotten me inspired to do one of my own too. It's good to know that the elf bronzer/blush isn't all that because I was going to go buy it soon. Great post lovely! x

    1. I'm glad you liked the post, Holly ! :)

  2. Shamefully I have to say I probably will never hit pan with most of my products because I have soooo many! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know that feeling, Shireen ! I'm sure someday if you want to you will. It's just a matter of focusing on a couple of products each time ! :)