March 3, 2015

Reading Challenge For 2015.

Some people might think it's too late to start setting goals for this year because we're already in March but I'm not one of those people. In my opinion it's never too late to set goals and try to improve yourself and that's exactly what I'll be doing today. 

I don't know about you guys but I feel like I'm watching waaay too much TV. It all started with Pretty Little Liars, and then came Newsroom and now I'm currently obsessed with House Of Lies. And to top all of that I still have cable and that means thousands of movie channels and HBO, which make watching TV so freaking appealing. 

Before my love affair with TV became a slight addiction I used to be an avid reader.. Talking about reading an entire book in a couple of hours and I'd like to go back to that rhythm. Although I still do a lot of reading for school, I miss reading simply for the pleasure of reading on my down time and this challenge is supposed to put me back on that reading mode.

I'm not gonna stipulate a list of books that I want to read in advance (I'll just go with the flow) and I'll definitely count the books I'm reading for school purposes although I won't get into too much detail on those ones because I don't think most of you guys will be interested in Brazilian economy or International Law. I'm not sure about how often I'll be posting updates so if you guys have any suggestions please let me know but I'm thinking maybe every month or every couple of months. 

I've been rambling for a couple of minutes now and I still haven't talked about the challenge itself. So the whole thing is actually pretty simple, I'll just set a numbers of books I would like to read until the end of the year and I'll be doing it through my Goodreads account so if you'd like to keep track of my challenge you can follow me over there and if you're also doing this challenge please let me know so we can encourage ourselves and stay on track together. 

I'm gonna challenge myself to read 30 books this year. I know that it's not a lot for some people but just to put it in perspective, we only have 12 months in the year so that means I'll have to read more than two books a month just to stay on track. I'll probably take it slow now during this first semester just because of school and when I start my so called "vacation" I'll get a good rhythm.  

If I'm reading for fun I can usually go through an entire book in more or less 6 or 7 hours so I think we'll do alright at the end. As I said before I'm not gonna set the books I want to read before hand but I do have a couple on my must read list that I've purchase let year and still have not finished yet. 

I'm currently reading Fire Before Dark by Sadie Matthews as I've mentioned on my last post. But I also want to read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and I've got to finish I am Malala, I began this book in the end of last year and still haven't finished. As for the rest we'll just see how it goes and I'll definitely keep you guys posted here on the blog.

I think this challenge is great idea to push yourself to read more because it kinda makes it like a little game. I hope you guys get a chance to do this with me even if you're not much of a reader, just set a lower number of books and let's get to it.

Have you ever done a challenge like this ? 
What books do you recommend ?
Please leave any books recommendations in the comments 
because I'll need any help that I can get.

Thank you so much for stopping by !


  1. 30 books sounds like it's a lot but it's certainly do-able, good luck! I'm also doing the 2015 reading challenge, I've written a post about it here:
    I've set myself the challenge to read 26 books, which is half of the 52 books of the 2015 reading challenge list. There is no way I could read that many! You should try and finish 'I am Malala' I've read it this year and think it's pretty good. I look forward to reading your reviews!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Emily ! I'll go take a look at your post right now ! Best of luck to you on your challenge ! :)

  2. I'm on Goodreads, too! (I just added you.) I definitely think you can hit 30 books, especially if you are counting school books, which you totally should, because they are books!
    :) Alice

    1. Thanks for following me, Alice. I'm a little stupid when it comes to social media but I'll go check it out and discover how I can follow you back over there - I'm still learning ! hahahaha
      And you're damn right I'll be counting my school book they are HUGE and should count for something ! hahahaha

  3. Hi Michele,

    I was browsing randomly, when I came across your post and landed here. I agree with you about it not being too late to set a goal for the year. There are no timelines for personal growth. I am on goodreads too and have set a goal of 40 books. I am pretty sure I can get it done, however even if it is not achieved, I am thoroughly enjoying the process :) Also, free range reading works best for me. I have a broad idea of what I would like to accomplish this year- read a few classics that I have not read and read more diversely. I make a note of the next couple of books that I want to read but not beyond that--it gets very intimidating after that. I also decided to document my reading on my blog by the way of book reviews, so that is something that keeps me on track. You could either do individual book reviews or a monthly update- whatever suits you. Will drop by to check out your updates. Good luck with your reading challenge. Happy Reading! :)