April 21, 2015

Book Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

I was a little torn about reviewing this book because I think you should start reading it without knowing anything about it. But since I really enjoyed this story I really wanted to share it with you guys and give my own opinion on it. This is a very mysterious book and quite different from what I'm used to reading.

The story is told by the main character, Cadance Sinclair. She is part of a very wealthy and dysfunctional family and they spend every summer on their personal island. She spends most of her time there with her cousins, Johnny and Mirren, and a friend of theirs called, Gatt. Their little group is called the Liars and to be honest with you I still haven't figure out why.. It's not like they lie that often and even after the whole mystery unfolds I still don't feel like calling them the Liars makes a lot of sense. 

Anyway, in one of the summers they get together on the island an accident happens and Cadence is found alone unconscious at the beach at night. After she goes though a lot of medical exams, the doctors diagnose her with some sort of post traumatic disorder and she starts having very strong migraines. 

Until she can go back to island and talk to the Liars in the summer, she starts sending them emails and little gifts and they all seem to ignore her. But the summer after her accident her mom decided that instead of going to the island, she was going to spend the summer traveling with her dad. While she is traveling with her dad she keeps sending email to the Liars but she still doesn't get any answers.

During all this time she has no recollection of what happened that summer and why she was found at the beach alone that night. The next year she is allowed to go to the island again where she finally gets to see the Liars. Her entire family was instructed to not talk about the accident with her since the doctors thought it would better if the memory came to her in her own time.

While she's in the island she tries to put the pieces back together and remember what happened. And by being there and talking with the Liars her memories start to come back and she finally remembers the whole thing. 

Now that we covered the story let me share some of my thoughts. First of all, I need to say that I loved the book. It's a great story and read everything is one sitting. I could not put the book down and I just needed to know what happened. 

One the other hand, I wasn't really a big fan of E. Lockhart's writing style. Once you read the book you'll realize what I'm talking about. His writing reminds of poetry, with short and repeated sentence. I'm no expert in literature but I'm pretty sure he use it for a reason, to make you feel the emotions the characters were going throw and to immerse you in the book. 

Another thing that really stood out to me was the way he used metaphors. They were really strong and confusing at times. Confusing to a point where I needed to take a step back and reread the sentence again to check if that was really happening or not. 

But at the end, the book is great and I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries. There's also some romance going on and the author touches on quite important subjects such as discrimination and the way some families crumble over money and power. I gave is a 4 out of 5 stars in GoodReads.

Have you read it already ? 
If so, what did you think about it ?

Thanks so much for reading.



  1. That book sounds really interesting! xx

    1. It really is, Elizabeth. You should totally check it out when you have the chance ! :)