April 4, 2015

You're NEVER Gonna Fell Like It.


I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise to any of you that I'm in a constant struggle with productivity. Getting things done, sticking to goals and meeting deadlines are specially hard for me since I tend to get distracted very easily and sometimes even forget to do that things that I said would do or that I have to do. Procrastination doesn't even begin to describe my situation.  

I know a lot of people struggle with this and that I'm probably (and hopefully) not the only one, but with my college life coming to an end and the pressure of getting my life together, this issue has been getting bigger and bigger in my life and I need to find a freaking solution. I even considered going to psychiatrist to talk about it (I know it helps a lot of people) but just the thought of looking for one that I actually like and having to deal with the whole health insurance crap made me decide to put some effort into it and least try to make things work on my own.   

So, just like any other time I find myself in distress, I paged Dr. Google. This time he didn't diagnosed me with any lethal disease and was actually quite helpful. After I went through a lot of self-help bullshit (nothing against self-help books or videos but some of them just piss me off and always talk about the same thing over and over again- I already know I'm the master of future, now just tell how to get there..), I finally found something that caught my attention and made me look twice. 

I found a YouTube video of Mel Robbins. It was a clip of her presentation in a conference in San Francisco and if you'd like to watch the video (which I think you should, everybody should) you can just click here. She talked about a couple of things and after she went through some of the "typical self-help stuff" (they all do) she started saying a couple of things that really hit close to home for me. The most important thing that I took with me from her speech was the sentence "You're never gonna feel like it".

I don't know about you guys and I can really only speak for myself but I frequently find myself avoiding to do the tasks that I just don't wanna do. I'll wake up super early and feeling super productive, sit on my desk and start making my to-do list for the day. And just after that I start to auto sabotage myself. For example, if I have work out, study, do laundry and go the grocery store on my list, I'll just begin with the things that are not so bad like "going to the grocery store" and leave studying for the end of the day. That way I'm already tired when it's time to get to it and push it to the next day and tomorrow everything happens all over again. Because I didn't feel like studying and I decided to postpone it until tomorrow in the hopes of feeling more motivated the next day. 

But truth is, I will never feel like studying because (in my opinion) studying is boring and doing anything else will always be more appealing and seem more interesting, so it doesn't matter how long I postpone doing something I will never feel more motivated than I am right now to do it. 

And if you start your day with that mindset things really get a lot easier because you stop fighting with yourself and trying to find excuses. Because the only thing that I had to justify my lack of productivity was my lack of motivation at the moment, if I take that out of the picture there's nothing else left I can use. 

Trust me, I know that struggling with productivity is hard and challenging. You start blaming yourself for being lazy and putting yourself down, but if you face your problems up front you end up having nothing/no one else to blame. You just need to be honest with yourself and realize that you really are your worst enemy. I know.. I just sounded like the "typical self-help stuff" that I hate but it's true. 

This post is not supposed to give you tips on how to stay organized, getting things done or anything like that, because I the last person you should be taking advice from on that matter, at least for now. The whole point was to share this little sentence that made a big impact on my life and that, hopefully, will help you too. And I think it can be used on every aspect of your life you're trying to improve. Because, we all want to be successful and live a great and fulfilled life but most of the times we REALLY don't feel like doing the things that need to be done to get there, but the sooner you put in your head that you'll NEVER feel like it the sooner you'll get there.

To finish it up, I just wanted to say that this was all based on my personal experience and things I felt and thought after watching Mel Robbins video. I'm not an expert in this kind of thing.. I'm not an expert in anything to be exact, not yet. But I do know that lack of productivity can be a symptom of bigger issues like depression or severe anxiety so if you can I would suggest you go see a doctor and not try to solve your problem online like me.

Now, I want to hear from you !
Have you ever struggled with lack of productivity ? 
Do you have any tips for us ?
Please do not hesitate to share your wisdom and join the discussion. 
I would love to hear your opinion about it.

Thank you so much for reading and come back soon.


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