May 7, 2015

How I Come Up With Post Ideas.

I don't know if you guys even remember it, but a while ago I went on a little rant over here about blog posts that give you lists of ideas for content. Since I'm a very opinionated person (that's how I like to describe myself) I wrote quite a lot of things and went off topic multiple times. 

I've recently went back and read some of my older posts ('cause that's what I do when I can't sleep at night) and upon rereading it I realized that I rambled and went on and on into the issue without giving a viable solution. 

So that's what I'm going to do here today. I decided it would be fun to share with you guys my creative process (that sounds waaay fancier than reality) and how I go about finding inspiration and turning it into new content for the blog. The whole thing is actually quite simple and if I got your hopes up thinking that I'll share some magical solution for "writers block" I'm deeply sorry. 

Talk about you

I feel like I say this all the time but I can't stress this enough: Blogging is extremely PERSONAL. In my opinion the most important thing about blogging is the blogger's personality. Everything can be on point, from the design to the pictures, but if I don't like your personality or the way that you write I won't be sticking around.

And that is completely fine because we can't please everyone and you shouldn't pay too much attention to my opinion. Just because I'm not feeling your vibe doesn't mean the others won't and that's the beauty of it. 

If I start following your blog is because I wanna know about you. I wanna know what you've been up to, I wanna know your opinion, I wanna know more about your sense of style and your favorite makeup products. So if you're going to at least take one thing from this post I want you to remember to be yourself and don't try to please everybody. 

Talk about the world around

This goes on the same line as the previous topic. I take a lot of ideas from things that happening around me. For example, last month a very close friend of mine went through a terrible breakup so I wrote the post: How To Get Over A Terrible Breakup. See what I did there ?

Even if you feel like your life is not interesting enough to share it online (my case for example), maybe you have a friend who is super interesting, maybe a new store opened on your neighborhood or your cousin is going on vacation and share some awesome tips with you. Everything counts. There's always something going on around you and if there isn't make things happen. Which brings me to my next topic.. 

Have new experiences 

This not so much a tip for blogging as well as for life. The time doesn't slow down when you're sitting on your bed wishing cool things would happen to you (I do this all the time). Get up, get out and try new things.. And after go home and write about them.  

Browse the internet

I have a love and hate relationship with the internet. I hate how much I love it and it's becoming a problem. I spend so much time on it that I've actually started to share my finds on some posts named Links I'm Loving. I'm not telling you to do the same thing (if you want you can).. I'm telling you to go find some inspiration.

Read some blogs that you like, watch some videos and get the creative juices flowing. I always do a little browsing before writing my own posts because I follow I lot of cool blogs and they never fail to inspire me. Don't copy what they are doing.. Just get your juices flowing, leave a comment and go turn all that creativity into something cool, different and more you.

Wait, I even got a little confused reading what I just wrote so let me give you an example. Let's say someone wrote a post about their favorite summer pieces and they shared some really cool sunglasses that you love. You're obsessed with sunglasses and know all the tricks to find the perfect shape for your face. Do you see where I'm going with this ? You took something from what you just read and made it completely your own according to your skills. BOOM !  

Share your opinion

This is my favorite. I love writing about things that I'm passionate about and sharing my own opinion. Some people might call me bitchy.. I see it as being opinionated. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for everything, right ? I think so too.. 

So just think about what you like ? What sparks your interest ? What did you think about the book you read last week ? What drives you crazy ? Last year, I was living with my parents and they were driving me absolutely insane so I wrote about that.

I completely understand when people say that they have some sort of block and can't come up with new ideas because once you've been creating content for years and years your brain can feel a little drained. It's not my case (I've only been blogging for a little over a year) but I get it, I feel this way sometimes with college papers and things like that. But if you think about it, you can write about everything and anything. From your childhood memories to what you put on your face in the morning. 

And also, whenever you feel overwhelmed and like you have nothing else on your brain "blog worthy" just take a break. We all feel like this sometimes and a break may be exactly what you need to let your creativity flourish. 

How do you come up with post ideas ? 
What do you like to read about ?

Thanks so much for reading. 

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  1. I tend to just jot down ideas or on the contary sometimes flashes of inspiration strike. x