May 15, 2015

I'm Back !

I'm finally back to blogging, guys ! Don't really know if anyone missed me but I sure missed you. When blogging became part of my schedule I started taking it for granted and only saw the hard work and time I had to put into it. This break made me realize how much I love having this little space to share my thoughts and explore my creativity.

Being a college student (not for long now), I have to say that sometimes I don't feel like my opinion matters that much since I'm only asked to reproduced someone else's thoughts in papers and whatnot.. But here I can talk about whatever I want and feel free to really share what's on my mind. 

I didn't know if you guys were expecting a "normal post" or a little update of my time away so I opted for this chatty ramble and tomorrow we're going back to the swing of things since I finally got my life in order. 

I decided not to take the English teacher position I've mentioned before because I'm extremely busy with my final dissertation and the new course I decided to take. This week was filled with required readings, sending out job applications and working on the dissertation.. Very boring, I know. The only fun thing I did was going to the mall by myself to buy some books that I needed and I did a little detour to Forever21 and also got myself some Chai Latte from Starbucks.

I promise that tomorrow's post is going to be a little more interesting. From now on we're going to stick to the schedule and I'm gonna to put up at least 3 posts every week. So, I guess that's all I had to explain to you guys.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow !


  1. I definitely missed your posts! welcome back! xx