May 16, 2015

My Journey To Minimalism.

First of all, I just wanted to say that I used the word "journey" on the title for the lack of a better word. I really don't like it when people refer to these types of things as a journey 'cause nobody is going anywhere around here. I'm just trying out a new thing and incorporating some new habits into my life to see how it goes.

I was first introduced to this lifestyle on the internet (just like anything else in my life) and after watching a couple of videos and reading some articles and blog posts I started to really get into it. I love the idea of just keeping the things that we actually use. That way we avoid waste (money wise as well), we can appreciate more the things that we do own and we can also help others by donating the extra things you don't need anymore. 

This all started because I was feeling very overwhelmed with the things that I owned. One day I decided to clean up my desk and shelves and I menage to get rid off 3 trash bags of random stuff, from essays I wrote in middle school to 12 dried up markers. After that, I started to look around everything else that wasn't trash but I had no use for, like old text books and notebooks. 

I couldn't justify in my head having 8 brand new notebooks that I would never get around to using so I decided to donate them. This "donating vibe" started to spread around my room and when I realized I was going through my clothes, shoes, old bags and even Victoria's Secret Body Mists (I had 12 of them, don't judge me).

But before you start thinking that I became a hippie and decided to go live in the woods, let me clear some things out.. I only got rid off the things that I haven't used for years and the things that I'm sure I will not use/need in the future. I still kept a lot of things, but I'm 100% sure I'll get a lot of use out of them.

I also tried something different with my beauty products. Since a lot of them are very expensive and almost full, I just couldn't throw them out. So I got all of the "extras" and the things that I didn't need at the moment and put them in a box under my bathroom counter. That way I don't have clutter in my closet anymore and I can replace the products as soon as I run out of them.

And guys, it feels so good. I love having a clean space and I can even think better. All the clutter is gone which makes everything easier. I no longer need 30 minutes to find something to wear in the morning or organize my room everything single day. Everything has a proper place now and I can make sure that I'm using my makeup/skin/hair products and know that they're not getting expired.

As for the things I've decided to part with, first I tried to find them a good home and see if my friends or family members wanted them. And for the things that they didn't want I donated to my local church where I know they will be able to find good homes for them as well. I also had a ton of old paper (old college papers and that kind of stuff) which I took to a recycling center in my neighborhood. 

Recycling is also something I want to do more often. I live in an apartment and I know my building sorts out the trash and all of that but I'm not sure they take it to the a proper recycling place. I'll have to get back to you on that.

As you can see, I took minimalism and adapted to my own life. I'm not gonna throw away everything I own. My approach is focused on keeping around only what I know I'll use and from that try to cut down my buying/hoarding habits. Because to be honest, I don't need 3 different foundations, 15 lipsticks and 7 pairs of jeans (keeping in mind that those numbers are after I donated a lot of things). But I paid for them and I know I will use/wear them. So I'll just go through the things that I already have and make sure I won't make the same mistakes in the future.

I hope this made sense. Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways and things only seem logical to me. But in case you're considering doing something like this and decluttering your life I think you should totally do it. If you're not using something I'm sure you'll find someone who needs it and who will really appreciate having it.

Let me know if you guys would like to see some updates showing the things I've been going throw and donating. I'm already planning on doing those so just make sure to tell me if you'd be interested in reading more about it. 

What to do you think about this ? Do you think I'm insane ? 

Thanks so much for reading.



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