June 13, 2015

HOW TO: Find Motivation When Needed.

I don't know about you guys but I've always needed a little extra push to get things going. It's not that I'm lazy or anything.. It's just that sometimes I find it really hard to find within myself the motivation to just get out of my bed, go ahead and do it. Once I start and get the wheels rolling I'm unstoppable, it just takes a little time to get there.

You guys know me.. I'm all about girl power and being an independent woman and I also truly believe that your own strength should come from inside but sometimes it's just hard.. 

Here in the real world things don't always come out as planned. My bed is too cozy, the weather is too cold and there's always something good on Netflix or YouTube. So, when your own motivation fails and you cannot find a reason to get up and go, here are some things that may help you out with that and put on the right track to conquer the world. 

Just keep in mind that all of these suggestions are based solely on me. This is what works for me and since I'm kind of a weird human being they might not work out for you.. But hey, it's worth the shot and what do you have to loose ? 

1. Start your day Pinning

We already know you spend waaaay too much time on Pinterest (ooh you don't ? Is it really just me ?), so why not get that positive and motivational vibe going before getting out of bed ? If you're anything like me, you also start your day by going through your phone and checking it for any notifications or emails, right ? In that case, the only thing you'll have to change is the kind of content you're looking at first thing in the morning.

I know some people like to read the Bible App and I'm not judging, whatever works for you, boo. But to me, reading the Bible in the morning is just too much and my brain is not even working when I wake up so I need something more simple and direct.. Honestly, one word sentences is what works best for me.

And Pinterest gives me just what I need. I just type in "motivation" or "inspirational quotes" or something along those lines and I get bombarded by simple but powerful little quotes that send the right message across in the most effective way possible to get me in the right mindset for the day.

It may sound silly to some of you but don't judge it before you try it out yourself. It really works. I mean.. If you keep reading over and over again that YOU CAN DO IT it's going to go in your brain and you'll actually start to believe it. Trust me, it's science.    

2. Crank up some Beyoncé (or any inspirational jams you might like)

I specifically said Beyoncé because that woman is pure inspiration to me and to the world. You cannot listen to on of her songs without feeling a rush of inspiration and motivation. Guys, whenever I hear "All the women who make a living.." my mind just go BOOM and I'm ready to work my ass of because I wanna be able to scream to the world "The car I'm driving I've bought it.. I depend on me".. Like I said, my mind works in weird ways. 

But if you don't like Beyoncé, you can also rock some "Can't hold us" by Macklemore, "Roar" by Katy Perry, whatever works for you. Just make sure  it's an upbeat song with motivational lyrics cause you wanna get pumped up and feel like you can run the world, because you can.   

3. Read about someone inspiring

This is not a quick fix like the previous ones but I feel like it's the most effective. Reading about someone that I admire has really put things into perspective for me and made me realize that nothing comes easy and you really need to work for everything you want in life. 

I think that getting to read about all the struggles that a person has gone through to get where they are at the moment makes you realize that you're not the only one fighting and that if that person made it, so can you. It also shows that hard work really pays off and that you just need to trust the process and in yourself whenever you find some bumps on the road. One day you'll be glad you didn't give up. 

4. Picture yourself in the future

I do that ALL the time. I picture all the cool things I'll be doing in the future, the career opportunities that will appear in my path, the life I wanna have.. Even the house I want to live and the car I want to see in my garage. That makes me happy and makes me realize that I can have all those things if I only work for them. This is not about not appreciating what you already have, it's about aspiring to grow and to improve, not just yourself but everyone around you.

It also makes me realize that I'm the only one standing between me and the life I want to create for myself and the bright future I picture on mind. If that doesn't get you motivated to keep going, I don't know what will.  

5. Do what you love (and do it for you)

This is a tricky one. I know that not everyone has the luxury of doing what they love for a living but I'm not going to go on that road here, at least not today. But if you're not able do that, try to squeeze in some time to do something that you love during the day. 

Find a hobby (I suggest blogging), volunteer or watch a movie or something. Just dedicate a couple of minutes to do something that you love. That way, if you're job doesn't give you that feeling of fulfillment, you'll still have something to look forward to every single day.     

6. Work out

Working out realizes endorphin and endorphin makes you happy and motivated, you can check it, it's science. I'm also speaking from experience, after just going for simple jog I feel like I should start training for marathon or something. 

And I've also noticed that the days I go to the gym are the days when I get more things done. I know it's weird.. You'd think that I'd be getting less things done because of the time I "wasted" at the gym and I can't really explain it to you how it works but that's what happens.     

7. Celebrate your victories

Here in my family we celebrate everything.. Seriously, anything remotely noteworthy is a reason to go out for dinner and get the party going. I swear to you guys, my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate the fact that I was in the school play in middle school and I didn't even had to audition or anything.. I just went there and signed my name on a piece of paper.

But anyway, I'm not saying that you need to take things to the extreme (like my crazy and amazing) family, just celebrate your wins. I feel like we all need to remind ourselves sometimes of how far we've come and take a time to appreciate where we are at the moment.

You don't need to do anything crazy or throw party for yourself. Just grab your significant other, a friend or your parents and go out. Eat somewhere nice, go have drink or just do something out of the ordinary.. Like going to the beach or something. Celebrating your victories gives you a very big sense of accomplishment and leaves you wanting more. 

How do you find motivation ?
Please let me know your answers on the comments.
I love hearing from you.

Thanks so much for reading.     


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